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"Candidate 87 and Senior Candidate 01, will be battling….again…." Azuma, the instructor announced to the rest of the class. "So today's lesson will not be carried out, we will watch the battle and you will all take notes on it." The class wined and Wrecka piped in "Do the repairers have to as well!?" The instructor quickly shot back, "YES! Everyone will take notes!" The class groaned as Azuma told them to shut up and follow him to the simulation room. The four pairs sat on the benches in the back with their papers and pencils ready, Kinza looked down to see Ikhny setting up her partner's standards. "Ikhny!" Kinza called out, Ikhny looked up and smiled weakly and turned her head back to the keyboard. Kinza took her seat again and wished her good luck.

Ikhny on the other hand wasn't wishing for good luck in the battle, she knew Hiead would win, he did in the last fights with the senior candidate Force. But she was praying, praying with all her heart that she, the repairer, wouldn't screw up. She would do anything to keep Hiead happy, as long as she wouldn't have to take in more of his abuse. She looked out to the window to see the space field ready and set, soon her partner would be out there fighting again…She took a deep breath and checked her scans again. 'EX rate up 89%, energy system ready and set, back up fuel stored and ready to use any time. Let's see…Healing preparations on stand by, oxygen tanks full…Zero gravity, no problem there…' Her thoughts were cut as Azuma shouted out to the repairers. "ONE MINUTE LEFT! Check everything one last time!" Force's partner nodded her head quickly, showing that she was done. Carres, smirked and looked over at Ikhny and walked over to her. "Hey there, well we meet again! It looks like our partners really go at it. Now don't take it the wrong way, I've got nothing against you personally but this is a battle and I'll tell you now…I could be a bit of a bitch. Ya see I'll do anything that Force tells me to, I'm his partner…Then again why am I telling you this? You're also a partner, so you know how I feel." Carres smiled and Ikhny looked up at her, "Yes I do understand you, but maybe too much for even you to understand…Good luck…" Carres blinked and walked away to her post, "Well that girl is a bit…well she's dedicated…" Azuma cleared his throat, "REPAIRERS! Ready your Pilot's launch!" Ikhny pressed some buttons and finally her intercome to Hiead, "Hiead…Launch is on 15 seconds, good luck…15,14,13,12,11,10…" As Inkhny counted down Hiead shot a small reply, "I don't need the luck…" 5,4,3,2,1! Hiead was shot out into space along with Force. "Well rookie…I'll get you now!" Force took his shots and Hiead does his dodging.

On and on the battle went on, rounds being shot, sword clashing. Carres and Ikhny stood that their positions checking every single detail, "Gravitation is normal. Ex conditions, normal. Oxygen…" Ikhny gasped, "INSTRUCTOR! REQUEST TO END BATTLE!" Azuma looked at the repairer, "Why?" he asked, Ikhny felt her heart drop, "Sir my pilot's oxygen is dropping dramatically! He has only one minute left of oxygen!" Carres stopped what she was doing, and took her voice on intercome, "FORCE! Stop it! Stop the fight right now! We've got a problem!" Ikhny eyeing Carres knew she would need to do the same, he put herself on Hiead's intercome. "Hiead! Please stop the battle! You don't have much time of oxygen! Only about…30 seconds! Hiead!?" She heard the sound of a swift curse, "Not yet! Not until I finish him!" Hiead yelled, "BUT HIEAD!" Ikhny shouted, "NO! YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO CHECK THE TANKS! AND I'M NOT LEAVING UNTIL I WIN!" Ikhny looked over to Azuma, "Instructor! Please can't we bring them back in!?" Azuma nodded, "We can, but only Force his machine isn't moving…If 87 continues this he's just going to have to stay out." Ikhny felt her eyes give away, his 30 second were up and he was holding his breath… "HIEAD STOP!!!!!!" She cried out loudly, but Hiead was holding to his breath and kept fighting until Force was finally shot down. Carres gasped, "But…Holding his breath…FORCE!" She cried out to him…A slow breath came over to her… "I'm fine Carres." She sighed in relief. Ikhny was pressing her keyboard like mad, finally being able to bring in Hiead. As the 87 Pro-ing mecha came into base Ikhny ran over to it opening the door. To her surprise she found Hiead there with his eyes open and not even gasping for air. He shifted, stood up and walked past her before she could say anything. He stood in his little corner watching his surrondings. Ikhny walked over to Azuma, "I don't know what I did wrong…And it almost took my partners life…Fail me, drop me to the bottom of grades he doesn't deserve it…" Azuma looked at her then to Carres who walked over to her, and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey I looked over your keyboard and the oxygen calculations are higher then it is in the tanks. It's not your fault. You were going by what was told to you, it's the programming that screwed up…Not you…" Ikhny shook off the hand on her shoulder and walked over to Hiead.

He was in his corner watching her come his way, "Pathetic…" Hiead whispered Ikhny walked to him, head hanging low. "Hiead…Oh Hiead I'm sorry…I was wrong with the oxygen tanks…I'm sorry, I just don't know how to"- He let out a small laugh, cutting her off. "Sorry…Is that all you could say? What a partner…A partner who doesn't even no what she's doing…" He pierced her heart with his gazing crimson eyes. She's heard this kind of speech from him almost every battle…In almost every battle she screwed up, and when she didn't he would just give her a cold glare, or maybe he would go past her at the end of class and tell her, "Weak…You could have done better…Just so weak…" She would hear these things over and over again and yet they still hurt. He managed to change his words every time, but they always seemed to be the same thing to Ikhny. "You're just so weak and screw up no matter what you do. You're just no good to be my partner even when it comes to the simplest things…" He never said it that way, for the simple fact that he was only able to give her these talks when everyone else was around, but that's what he meant every time.

He shook his head at her and shoved her out of the way. Ikhny was left to stare at the wall in self-pity. Hiead stood away from her as the other partners looked at the two, so far apart from each other. "Look here, it wasn't her fault! So give her a break rookie, people make mistakes!" Force said, finally breaking the silence. Force's face was so grim, he knew he could be heartless in battle but this new rookie and they way he abused his partner was way too much. Hiead smirked slightly, "Give her a break? Hah, why should I? People make mistakes? Well, let me tell you this: She doesn't make mistakes once and a while, its every time I'm with her she screws up!" Still facing the wall and listening to Hiead, Ikhny gasped… 'He hates me…He hates me…' Her eyes brimmed with tears she tried to hold them back, listening to him continue, "She's not the even a good repairer…she's the worst! She"- Kinza had enough and stood up and shouted, "YOU BASTARD! Ikhny is the best! She does her best and that should be good enough! She's here to help and become your partner! You're such a fool! I wish I"- Kinza was quickly hushed as Hiead laughed cruelly. "Here to help!? If you ask me she needs the help not me! She's only here to make me a pilot and that's it…and isn't doing a very good job about it…" Ikhny couldn't stand anymore, her eyes let lose of her tears and she let out a small whimper, Hiead turned his head to the noise. "See…She so weak she cries…" Force felt his fist clench, "YOU CAN'T BLAME HER FOR AN ASS OF A PARTNER!" he shouted. It was a blow to the heart…Ikhny felt it…it was a blow to her heart. As much as Hiead said things and cursed at her she was still his partner, and couldn't bare the thought of him being badmouthed. Ikhny turned around quickly and gathered as much of her voice as she could. "STOP IT! Stop it please!" her voice lowered, "this was between just me and Hiead…Please I beg of you all keep out of it…" Hiead smirked quickly, "Well the weakling speaks…And what a shock said something right. Keep out of this all of you! This is just between her and me! Well Allecto, you at LEAST you did something right…" Ikhny wasn't sure to take it was a compliment or another verbal abuse…But her heart knew what to do: Cry and run...again. Ikhny let the tears fall freely in front of them all and ran out of the room.

Her footsteps ran quickly down the hall, the echoing of crying or cries of pain shot into the halls. She ran and kept running to the point where she couldn't anymore…And to her surprise had stopped in front relaxation room. She stepped in and found the light blinding, her sight finally came to and she could see the bright colors of the grass, trees, and the flowers. This place was so colorful and seemed so cheerful, she sighed. Feelings she probably won't have in a long time. This place didn't fit her…

"87! Do you have any idea what you just did!?" Azuma yelled. Hiead didn't say anything he just stood there. He didn't really care. Azuma sighed at the boy's stubbornness, walked up to him and punched him hard on the face. "That's it 87! Get your ass in gear and go apologize to her. She's put up enough with your bull shit! NOW GO!" Azuma pointed his finger to the door and Hiead walked out slowly and quietly.

"The observatory…" Ikhny said quietly, she stepped in to see the shadows possessed on everything. 'The dark, the shadows, the coldness, this room is always lonely and left alone…Just like me…' Ikhny took a seat on a bench and looked at the stars. The stars twinkled, as Ikhny was lost in her thoughts…

'No one really sees the significance of the stars…People just see them and then shrug it off...I guess I'm like that…Constantly shrugged off…' She let her tears fall again. 'I can't do anything right! Just like Hiead said I'm weak! I'm not good! I can't be his partner; I'm to weak and stupid. I screw up on the simplest of things…I screw it all up! No matter how much I try I still screw up! MY best is Hiead's worst! I'm his worst…I'm his screw up…his annoying whining partner. Who always cries and never does anything right…How can I please him? How can I make him happy? I know he wants to become a pilot, but if I screw things up like this all the time, how can he become one? How can I help him without screwing up…?' Ikhny looked up again and saw a shooting star disappear… 'Disappear…' Ikhny searched her memory of the old "speeches" Hiead had given her. His angry was enough to shake Zion in two, that one day…

She had not made on mistake during that day of training, but she did say the wrong thing. As Hiead came out of the simulation test Ikhny greeted him on his way out. "Oh Hiead that was a great performance! Just wonderful! But Hiead…Hiead, I know I'm not suppose to get into your head but…" He turned around in a flash and pushed her up against the wall, pinning her wrist. "I've told you before…Never get into my head or notice the vision that run through them during the simulations…You know better. Then again, you never do…If you want to get into my head you just should disappear…" With that he let go of her wrist and walked out of the room.

'Disappear…' She thought… 'I guess if I just vanish he'd be happy…Hiead would get a new partner. A better one. One that wouldn't screw up as much, one that will do things right and do them the way he need them to be done. But how do I vanish…I can't quit the repairer job…it's to late in the semester…I can't go home, my parents would be upset and disappointed! How do I vanish…How do I make him happy to have me gone? How...?' She looked up again to where she saw the star… 'The world is so dark…and I'm the darker part of it…It's all my fault…everything is…How do I vanish from him? How do I leave to make him happy…I could leave like a star…Fall out of existence…die…Oh God…To leave, vanish, I have to die…It's the only way to make him happy…HE deserves better than me…Everything that happened this year is my fault…I guess…I just have to die…I have to commit myself to suicide…'

Footsteps came from behind her, Ikhny did not take notice…not until an arm grabbed her waist, pushed her down in the bench, and a hand covered her mouth…..

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