Nepeta crouched in a dense clump of tall grass, silent as a graveyard at night. Her olive green trench coat helped her melt completely into the plant life spectacularly, rendering her almost impossible to be spotted by any passing prey. Silently, she waited, listening out for any telltale rustlings of prey that she could hunt. Wide eyed, she gazed out at the tall grass sparsely dotted around the sandy terrain.

Suddenly, she spotted it! A flash of gold between the green strands of grass. Focusing her eyes and tensing her muscles, she concentrated on calculating the distance between her and the manebeast, how fast she could run in this terrain and weather, and the plan of action; kill it as quickly as possible, or chase it until either her or it were tired? Killing it quickly, she decided was the best course of action, meaning she didn't run the risk of losing her lusus' meal.

The manebeast was quietly resting stretched out in the grass, blissfully unaware of its impending fate. Like a bullet, Nepeta sprang out of hiding and sprinted towards it. The manebeast bolted, hearing her coming, powerful legs propelling it forward.

"Damn!" Nepeta yelled in her head as she gave chase. As she had a headstart, she was gaining quickly on it, and soon was within pouncing distance. Without hesitation, she sprang onto its back, metal claws unsheathed. They jabbed into its skin, spoiling it's silky fur. The manebeast roared, thrashing about to try and be rid of its assailant. Calmly, Nepeta sliced the back of it's neck with accuracy, blood spurting onto her clothes and its golden fur.

Giving a final roar, the manebeast's legs buckled and it fell to the ground with a thwump. Its head was spinning and it had lost too much blood to continue battling to live. Carefully, Nepeta climbed off and crouched next to it, looking down sadly.

"I'm so sorry, furend," she whispered then stabbed it again, ending its pain, lethal claws easily slicing through its skin. Slowly, its eyes closed and Nepeta sheathed her claws before taking its front paws in her own and started dragging its limp body to the west, where her cave was, and where Pounce de Leon would be waiting, hungry.