The Fox in the Doghouse
Naruto x Hana
Story Start



Two voices echoed into the sky, the voices carried throughout the expanse known as the Valley of the End. The fight between Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto hat come to it's climax. The two attacks almost clashed, before Naruto pulled back at the last possible moment. His reward was a hole in the chest, curtsey of the last Uchiha, his formerly "best friend and brother".

"As I told you before Uzuamki, you'll never beat me. This is the last time we'll see each other dead last...farewell.''Smirking one last time at the blood covered form of his opponent, Sasuke turned and left to serve his new master the Snake Sannin Orochimaru.

"Sasuke..." Naruto muttered before he was enveloped by darkness.

Unknown to both combatants, they were watched the entire time. The Kyuubi had taken an interest in it's vessels fight and had provided him with it's chakra. But now it had a problem. The injuries Naruto had taken were very severe, but nothing it could not heal. The villagers had done a lot worse on him, when he was young and defenseless. But now, Naruto was experiencing an emotional trauma, caused by the betrayal of his best friend. Because of that, Kyuubi was unable to heal the hole in his chest properly and he would have surely died, if the demon had not found a solution to the problem. Kyuubi did not like the solution very much, but it was better than dyeing. So the demon set to work immediately in order to save the life of the orange clad boy.

"At least this will make things a lot more interesting around here. I have missed the smell of the fresh air for so long…."

Meanwhile Kakashi had arrived on the scene. One glance at Naruto's almost lifeless form told him all he needed to know. So he did the most logical thing he could do, which would be picking up his student and running at high speed back towards Konoha. All the way the copy-cat nin was beating himself up internally for his past failures. He knew he had favored Sasuke over Naruto and Sakura, but he kept telling himself he did so for the sake of his dead teammate Obito. But now he was finally coming to terms with reality. The sole reason why he had ignored Naruto was because he blamed him for the death of his sensei, the Yondaime Hokage. A stupid selfish reason, which put the genius ninja on the same level as most of the villagers. Kakashi came to the conclusion that if Naruto survived, he would do anything in his power to help him in order to make up for his lack of attention until now.

While he was dwelling on these things he had come near the gates of Konoha. Since time was of essence, he ignored the guard and rushed to the hospital, blasting everyone in his path away. At last he arrived at the hospital. Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, seemed to have anticipated what had happened to Naruto and had already prepared an emergency surgery for him. She rushed immediately towards Kakashi when she caught site of him. She took Naruto out of his arms and placed him on the provided stretcher. But before she could ask Kakashi what the brat's condition was or call for her assistants, Naruto suddenly started to glow in an eerie red light. Before the eyes of the surprised and confused Tsunade and Kakashi, Naruto's wounds started to heal.

But what happened next, scared both spectators out of their minds. From Naruto's stomach a red mass of chakra erupted, taking the form of a fox. The mass circled around him and he started to change. His once human ears moved upwards and took the shape of fox ears. His nails grew longer, as did his already pronounced canines. Finally he grew a long fox tail which was the same color as his now shoulder length golden hair. But the most disturbing thing, at least to Tsunade and Kakashi, happened after the changes on Naruto. The red fox shaped mass stopped circling him and instead started to settle on his stomach. The seal, which once held the Kyuubi, disappeared and instead of the red mass there suddenly sat a cute little fox with 9 tails. It looked around and noticed the two terrified ninjas in the room. There was a long silence until the fox did something very unexpected.

"Greetings Mortals! Bow down before greatness!"

The only reaction it got was a loud thump as both the Godaime and Kakashi hit the floor, unconscious.

"This presents a problem." the fox sighed.

The sight that greeted Naruto when he awoke moments later was somewhat disturbing: A cute little fox with nine tails that seemed to be trying to revive both Tsunade and Kakashi. What made it even more disturbing was the fact, that the fox was speaking while doing so.

"Wake up you to insolent humans! We have some things to discuss! You humans and your faint of heart! No wonder you're always being eaten by a creature that trumps you in size!''

The creature then noticed the stirring Naruto and turned to address him:

"Aah, at last you have awaken Uzumaki. Since you seem to be in prime condition my survival is insured as well. How do you like your new features? It was the only option other to death, so please don't be too upset."

"Ano… do I know you? And what new features are you talking about? And why is it so loud and smelly in here? And why does my tail feel so clammed up? Wait a moment… my tail? What did that baka kitsune do this time?"

"That "baka kitsune" saved your worthless live Uzumaki, so stuff it. I didn't like the prospect of dying, so deal with it. Ah, it seems your Hokage and your sensei are starting to come to their senses, about time."

Indeed, the two ninjas were slowly starting to wake up.

"God, I should stop drinking so much sake it's effecting my brain. I was dreaming Kyuubi escaped from the seal, turned Naruto into something fox-like and then talked…" Tsunade muttered as she returned to the world of consciousness.

"Interesting Tsunade-sama, I had the exact same dream." Kakashi commented as he came too.

"You mortals are so quick to deny whatever your tiny minds can not comprehend. This is no dream; I, the great Kyuubi no Yoko am no longer bound to a child. As you can see I am an intelligent being capable of speech and...''the great Kyuubi could not finish the speech as the shinobi were panicking in the background.

"Naruto you idiot! How could you let it escape? Now it will finish what it started 14 years ago!"

"Itai! Why must you always hit me Tsunade-baachan?" was the only reply she got after yelling at him and bonking him on the head.

"Hush your incessant hollering and antics humans! I am NOT going to harm your beloved village! Now shut up and listen!"

This snapped the shinobi to attention, albeit they were still wary.

"Much better. Now let's get down to business. First off, as I said, in order to save Uzumaki and myself from depth I channeled a great deal of power into him and as a result he has turned into a half-demon fox. I don't know how or why that even occurred. To be honest I'm just as stomped as you all are, but this is not without it's benefit. As I loathe to admit my power is probably equivalent to one of your elite and in case you have any funny ideas on killing me I can't die permanently. So even if I am weakened from death to the power of a newborn one-tail I can just regain power in the underworld and reek revenge on your village. If you have anyone to blame for this then blame that damnable Uchiha; just like his ancestor giving into the thirst for a dark power. The Uchiha's assassination technique nearly killed Uzumaki which was the cause of all this. Now, any questions?''

"Actually yeah, why does your voice sound so feminine all of the sudden? I thought you're a guy." Naruto stupidly asked as the Kyuubi let out a growl.

''I'm a vixen you simpleton. I merely disguise my scent and appearance as male to avoid unwarranted attempts to mate with my person. Unfortunately that did not keep my mind for being tampered with. Going through all the trouble I did to obtain a physical body only to have that damnable bastardize eye of the sage. The man you should hold responsible is Uchiha Madara.''

''That's impossible? Even if Madara was still alive he would be in his hundreds!'' Kakashi always was skeptical about things like that.

''You humans are always so conceited in arrogant. You believe only what you know and prove are irrefutable facts! Do you really think I would bother myself with such foolish and unbefitting things like a common brainless beast?''

"So all this time, this was a coordinated attack by a missing-nin?'' Tsunade wondered, still a bit doubtful.

''Trust me Ningen if I was lying I would get myself killed and began regaining my power to raze your village to the ground.'' the Kyuubi turned to Naruto. ''Uzumaki I hope we can end this relationship of antagonism. I had no intent on ruining your life and I hope you realize there is no need of negative feelings between us.''

Naruto picked up on what the Yoko was trying to say. This was her way, her very prideful way of apologizing. ''I forgive you Kyuubi. You're not the enemy so I have no reason to hate you.''

Kyuubi then shocked everyone present by jumping into the hanyou's arms and cuddling against his chest.

"I graciously accept mortal. This pleases me and I can't help but admit being sealed in you for so long thought me humility and other humanoid conceptions of feelings. I suppose being in tune with a person's goodness instead of just using mortals to fill my every whim is a new experience and considering your life-span, even as a Hanyou this temporary tryst would amuse me quite so.''

"Sorry to interrupt your touching moment. But where do we go from here? How will I explain Naruto's changes to the council and the rest of Konoha?"

Tsunade's question pretty much sobered both Naruto and Kyuubi.

"I could care less what those less then trash humanoids view and think. After all they have done to my jailer they should count themselves bless I do not stain the streets with their blood. ''

"That may be true, but what about my friends? Will they abandon me, now that I really am what the villagers call me, a demon? Well at least a half-demon…"came the saddened whisper from Naruto.

Tsunade couldn't see her self-proclaimed brother suffer any longer. She went over to his stretcher that he had not left during the whole conversation and embraced him.

"We will work out something Naruto. Don't worry, nobody will think differently of you, okay?"

"Uzumaki Naruto think of the positives of your new situation. I will begin to explain the benefits of your new form. By changing you into a hanyou, your stamina has increased to even more insane levels. Also your chakra reserve is beyond most humans along with access of youki based techniques. Because of the change your body is better suited to handle your age reserves, but you'll have to spend some time training to break in your new body. I can as well bargain with the fox summons I know of to create a contract like you humans have with other summons. I will also fight by your side, like those dogs for the Inuzuka, only with about a thousand years worth of experience under my belt. Furthermore I will help you to gain control of your new powers and will help you in any way I can, how does that sound?"

"Agreed!" came the instant reply from our favorite knucklehead.

"Baka! At least wait until she tells you about what she wants from you."

"Don't worry Tsunade-baachan, there's nothing she can ask from me that I wouldn't give for what she's offering. It can't be worse than everything what happened up until now can it?"

Tsunade sighed. She knew he was right. "Okay, Kyuubi what do you want from Naruto?"

"Nothing much. Number one: I want him to kill Uchiha Madara for not only controlling me, but for killing my mate and kits decades prior. And two, quite simply Uzumaki I want you to stop being a fool and embrace your darkness. No more suppressing your dark impulses and hiding away your intelligence.''

Naruto gulped at the last condition. Kakashi and Tsunade blinked and Kakashi decided to ask:"What is she talking about Naruto?"

The boy in question had started sweating until he finally sighed. His face turned into a serious expression and when he looked into the eyes of the other two shinobi, both had to gasp. His blue eyes, which up until now had held unbounded happiness and cheerfulness, suddenly had unlimited sadness and pain in them. Pain caused by the hate of 14 years of abuse. Naruto drew a deep breath and started to speak:"I have been keeping something from both of you…the Naruto you know isn't the real Naruto…."