That Christmas was one that none of them ever forgot. It was spent in one of Utoland's finest hotels, after only a few hours of sleep, and yet somehow Santa found them just the same. They awoke to find a large tree in their suite, surrounded by a mountain of presents. It was a real tree, and the sharp scent of pine only added to the miraculous feel of the holiday. In addition to the clothing and books that had appeared under the tree, Ken had been treated to a new set of model plane kits and associated supplies, while Joe had acquired the latest model of Playstation and a number of games.

But the best present of all came a week later, on New Year's Day, when Dr. Nambu took them for a drive out to the other side of the city. The road wound along the ocean coastline, giving them a fabulous view of the water from the top of the cliffs. After perhaps an hour, the Doctor pulled over at a small road leading off into the wilderness.

"Why are we stopping here, Hakase?" Ken asked.

"Because this is our new home." Dr. Nambu smiled.

He continued up the driveway, moving slowly until the massive white, Mediterranean style villa came into view, its red tile roof bright against the morning sun. Both boys gaped in awe, barely noticing the high security gates or the platoon of guards roaming the perimeter.

"We get to live here?" Joe asked, his eyes taking in the view of the ocean below the house.

"We get to do more than live here." the Doctor told them seriously. "Ken, Joe, I really admire the way you boys worked together while I was gone. You were a team, doing whatever you had to do to protect what you thought was most important. You were able to deal with a full on assault by eight grown men, and safeguard important data, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands."

The boys nodded, uncertain where this was leading, yet sensing that something important was about to happen.

"I've spoken with Subdirector Anderson, and he agrees with what I have in mind." Dr. Nambu went on. "How would you boys like to be trained… properly trained… to fight? To learn how to defeat Galactor?"

"We've already defeated Galactor!" Joe bragged.

"But they'll be back." the Doctor told him. "Joe, you understand that Galactor is a far bigger organization than the few men who approached the other house. You will need more training, and better weapons, if you are to defeat them."

"I'll do whatever it takes to defeat Galactor." Joe agreed.

"Me too. I owe it to my father." Ken concurred.

"Then boys, welcome to your new home." Dr. Nambu smiled. He rose to a stand, taking one of their hands in each of his, and together they entered their new house, and their new lives.

None of them would be left alone ever again.

The End