Back in 2011, a twelve year old girl was at her friend's house and they were discussing various things during one of those classic four AM conversations that aren't usually remembered the next morning. They came to the topic of fanfiction, and the girl's friend suggested that she write a story about a girl that falls in love with an Enderman. A great idea, but because that girl was lazy and doesn't like to do things that other people suggest, it was not given much of a second thought.

Months later, that girl's little cousin was visiting her for the day, and they played Minecraft together. Little Adeline was terrified of the tall black creatures with purple eyes that would chase her around. But when offered to turn the monsters off, she politely declined, saying she was brave enough to face them herself. Touched and inspired by Adeline's courage, that girl started writing a story about a blonde-haired heroine that opened up Minecraft one day only to have Herobrine suck her into her computer.

Of course, that was only the first draft of The Miner's Destiny, and didn't really go anywhere farther than a page and a half. Eventually the heroine's hair turned brown, then red, then auburn, and on December of that same year, Chapter One of The Miner's Destiny was hesitantly posted on Fanfiction, not expected to get more than ten reviews.

This was back when the highest number of reviews in the Minecraft archive was seventy-two, and the fanbase has grown considerably since then. That girl, now fourteen, never even dreamed of having seven hundred plus reviews!

What I mean is... I could never have even completed this story if you guys didn't help. :) Every review meant so much to me and helped me improve my writing, gain more confidence in it, and keep me motivated enough to continue writing! So to try and pay back a little bit, I've written an acknowledgements page. Of course... it might not be much to a majority of you, since I can't write something for every single person that has ever reviewed, but I hope it's good enough. :)

I have to thank jetray790 first, of course. Jetray/Lance, you were my first reviewer and my first fan. :D I didn't think my story would get ANY reviews until a few chapters in, but you told me that my story was awesome and I needed to continue it! Thank you! :)

Next, I'd like to thank Have A Little Feith for being one of the only users to give me criticism that I still follow today. :3 You are one of the reasons that my goal for every chapter is eight thousand words!

Next up is SpartaMan222. You gave me the idea to create an OC contest, and that created so many new characters that I could never have come up with myself! Thank you! :3

Gah. I'm looking through all of my amazing reviews and don't really have much to say to everybody. DX After SpartaMan is StarsOfMagic for giving me long reviews that made me smile like an idiot, and also providing criticism that I used and will be using when I rewrite this story. c:

Assuming all of the reviews by 7 are the same person, I'd like to thank 7/Wierdko for keeping tabs on my laziness through the whole story. Although when you told me to get back on schedule and that you expected to see the last chapters in a month it ticked me off a bit, but at the same time reminded me to stop being lazy. :3 So thank you for that.

Next is Curtisimo! How could I forget? Thank you so much for making such a lovable character! Will is almost everybody's favorite and although I brought him to life, you created his foundations. :) I could never have created Will myself had you not sent me his entry. Thanks for being an amazing writer and a kind person! c:

Mellifluousness, where do I start...? Even though I had to make you a couple of times, you always provided a long review that always made me smile because it was full of nice things! :) I never thought you would introduce me to the Skype group and end up being one of my closest friends! You know some things even my outernet friends don't know! XD Thank you for being you!

Next up is exb756, of course. Like Flu, you always wrote nice reviews and always tried to be the hundredth reviewer, even though you failed twice. XD I always look forward to going on Skype every night and talking to you and Flu. Thanks for being an awesome author and an awesome friend!

MechanixAngel, I haven't heard from you in a long time. You were probably one of the first friends I made on FanFiction, and you still are, assuming you aren't dead. Thank you for making an awesome character, being an awesome writer and being a great - although maybe not as close now - friend. :)

Up next is SeaOfFire. Even though your reviews didn't really say anything sometimes, I still looked forward to them. ^_^ Thanks for making a character that will be made a lot more relevant in the rewrite and being a great server friend! Even though I don't go on A'Therys anymore. :)

I almost forgot about HarryPotterEncyclopedia24! How could I? I loved your reviews full of capital letters and shrieking, even though sometimes I was a little freaked out by how much you could fangirl. XD You are an amazing artist and a great author. Thanks for being a good friend too. c:

Next is xoxLEXIxox. Lexi, you were one of my first fans, and even though I don't hear that much from you anymore, I always loved your long reviews! I hope you don't sail that one ship anymore, because it is sunk, but other than that you're a great friend and an awesome writer! :)

Even though katnissbraid and bowtiesarecool99's reviews didn't make much sense, you guys helped me keep writing in real life with your constant harassment at school. ^_^ No, bowties, I'm not bringing Will back to life, no matter how much you demand it. Thanks for your, er, "support".

And now, a humongous thank you to every single other other person who ever reviewed, sent me a PM, or both, that I have not mentioned. :) I don't think I could come up with anything other than a "thank you" to all of the short reviews, but that doesn't mean I don't care! Every one of you motivated me to finish this story and I can't say thank you enough because it will never be enough to cover the massive amount of support all of you save me. :DDD

Thank you all SO SO SO much! Now that TMD is over I'll be writing stuff again shortly. ^_^ Please follow my DeviantART page if you want to know my plans and/or talk to me, and I hope to post things on here again soon!

FullMoonFlygon :3