The story takes place between gfc 1 and 2. The snowkids has received an invitation from the Shiloh pirates for a special celebration in the aftermath of the Snowkids successful victory and to celebrate that the pirates managed to free their beloved leader. Please read on how the week spent on Shiloh went on for some of our friends and how D'Jok and Sonny learn of eachothers

Chapter 1: The invitation.

Clamp was busy working on the holotrainer. No matter how god the thing was never happy about was always room for improvement he tought. This time was no had only just connected things together when a beeping signal,indicating incoming calls,made him slam his head in the board.

"Auch,it's the third time this evening",said the old man as he stood up to check who was calling. It was the secure frequency.

Clamp hadn't heard from Sonny directly since he took off with the Metaflux,in a second attempt to destroy it.

The first had failed,and caused the glaciation of Akillian,This second time Sonny had gotten away with it,but Bleylock had found out a secret that gave him the upper hand on Sonny: D'Jok,The snowkids starstriker was Sonny's son. Sonny himself had only found out days earlier,and was trying to adjust to the couldn't be easy,as the 15 years that had passed would take time to work trough. Bleylock had kidnaped D'Jok and forced Sonny to return the Metaflux to him,personally. The pirates had all seen the trap,even Sonny had,but still,he had lost his wife,he was not about to give up on his son,and despite Corso and the other pirates attempt to hold Sonny back,he had made it back to Genesis with the had released D'Jok,as agreed,but as Sonny had suspected,it wasn't going to be quite as easy as that. And sure enough. Bleylock had abducted Sonny and had him taken to the reservoirs in Genesis,where he had intended to eventually kill Sonny. Only an unlikely union between the pirates and the Technoid had ensured Sonny to be freed at the last minute.

Clamp had not heard from Sonny personally,but Corso had told him that Sonny had been found and was safe and Clamp scrambled the frequency, and up came Sonny's image.

"Good evening Clamp old buddy,up working on your machines?", it was a standard joke,one they used to run back in the lab when they were working together. "Yes,Sonny,you know me," Clamp laughed. "How are you doing after the rescue? Did Bleylock injure you in any way?", Sonny smiled " Nope, he had planned on killing me any way so there was no real need for that"," how's D'Jok handling things?"

From the pirate leaders face,Clamp could tell that Sonny was determined to make an effort towards his son now and being a father to him.

" Aarch talked to him,he's pretty much back to his old self,but I get a feeling he'd like to talk more to you". Sonny nodded when he heard had expected that much. So far,he had only had a few hasty words with his son in the hallway of the snowkids hotel in Genesis,revealing his identity and the familybond between them.D'Jok had put the final piece of the puzzle that had troubled Sonny for years in it's place. His wife had survived the crash,and she had given birth to their son,only to pass after that. Sonny hadn't realized that he had gotten his hopes up when he had seen D'Jok in that interwiew with Callie Mystie on Holotv,seen the bracelet and realized the truth,that his life had changed,he didn't have just himself to worry about had taken time to get a chance to talk with D'jok,but Sonny had finally found an opourtunity to talk to had been brief,but the message had shone world had changed dramatically for D'Jok after that,as well as for Sonny. To D'Jok it meant that he had a father,someone to identify with, to Sonny,it meant a second chance,to get to know the son he tought had died with his mother. But it had also left Sonny off course Bleylock had found out and taken advantage of result had been near destruction of all the fluxes and a new war,and Sonny almost drowning. But Corso and the pirates had made an unlikely union with Duke Madox and managed to save Sonny at the last possible minute. Sonny had chased Bleylock and managed to secure the collected metaflux and taken it somewhere to be destroyed. Since hadn't heard from him. Now,Sonny was on screen with a looked tired,like the last weeks had taken it's toll on him,but happy.

"Yes,I know,maybe I should have contacted him sooner,but there has been other things that came first,things that threatened the galaxy".

"I know Sonny,you look like you could need some rest,have you slept at all?" Clamp asked his old friend worried.

" I plan to,after this conversation. We're headed to Shiloh. The reason I contact you now is to invite all the snowkids and the technical staff for a week of fun and recreation on Shiloh. It'll give the two of us time to catch up on things,I get some time with D'Jok, wich to me it sounds like is needed,and we get to share a few surprises with you all too".

"Surprises you say? I like the sound of that" said Clamp.

"Still like a big kid on christmas eve aren't you Clamp?" Sonny laughed.

"Always,will you download the videoinvitation and send it to me? I'll make sure that the snowkids has it tomorrow morning".

" Clamp,it's already waiting for you to open it". Sonny was smiling.

"Thanks Sonny,I'll make sure to deliver it.D'Jok's gonna be happy about it".

"Thanks Clamp,I'm headed to bed now,I'm about to crash".

"You get some Sleep,I'll talk to you soon".

As Sonny logged off, Clamp sat down and watched the video. It was Sonny personally that invited them all to Shiloh,but Clamp had a good idea that he had gotten help from Artie to mix the backgrounds. Even in the invitation,Sonny looked tired,but Clamp knew that whereever the pirates were,Sonny was safe,and probobly sound was surrounded by people that relied on him,and took care of was like a family. Clamp had noticed the close bonds Sonny had with Artie,Bennet and in particular Corso. Clamp also knew that Micro- Ice had been with the pirates for a trip,when Sonny had come to stop him from extracting the snowkids metaflux for Bleylock. Clamp still got goosebumps down his back when he tought of had come so close to capture the both of them. But Sonny had managed to get away, Clamp didn't fear what would have happened to him,Sonny was the one that held the process of manufacturing the metaflux,an if Bleylock had gotten him,Clamp feared what Bleylock could have done to Sonny. But Clamp had to admit that tough shocking,it had been a relief to find that I'Son was alive. Getting used to I'Son and Sonny beeing one and the same had been easy. Clamp looked forward to meeting Sonny,and spend some time with him. It had been too long. Clamp got the invitation copied over to a floppy disk and went to bed.

The following morning,Aarch called everyone to an early morning meeting. Clamp also seemed extremely happy. D'Jok was a bit crossed over beeing woken up so early,and was in a real bad mood. Clamp smiled at him when he saw that.

"Cheer up D'Jok,I got something here to show you that is bound to cheer you up".

"If it involves me getting back to my bed to sleep,you really made my day" D'Jok mutterd.

"You're gonna like this D'Jok,it's a greeting from Shiloh,and your father".

"From Dad?" All of a sudden D'Jok was wide awake.

Without saying anymore,Clamp put the floppy disk in the holotv and seconds later Sonny appeared on screen.

"Wow,I can't belive it,it's Sonny Blackbones" yelled Micro- up and down in excitement.

"He looks exhausted,is he allright" asked Mei,worried for her boyfriends father.

"No,He's just tired,I hope he's gotten some sleep after this recording" said D'Jok with his eyes glued to his father.

"I talked to Sonny last night,he was really tired,but Corso relieved him of duty,to make sure he got to sleep,I'm sure he's still sound asleep" said Clamp.

" Well,he's in the best possible place,with the pirates to keep him safe" said D'Jok. "As long as they're in flight,Dad's safe,but as soon as they land anywhere,they're still looking to capture him,I just wish they'd leave him be".

" Too cool, an invitation to a full week on shiloh,that sounds like heaven to me" said Thran.

"Do you think we get to meet Sonny Blackbones?" asked Tia.

"We've already met him,but it would be nice to meet him under different circumstances" said Rocket.

" you'll get to meet him,and the rest of the pirates too" promised Clamp.

"How do you know that?" wonderd D'Jok.

"Sonny said to greet us personally upon arrival,and the way I know your father D'Jok,he's not one to go back on a promise like that" smiled Clamp.

"I'm happy to hear that" said D'Jok toughtfully. "I've been worried about him ever since Bleylock and his robots took him. I just don't hope they hurt him in any would be the absolutely worst thing of all" said D'Jok.

"He's ok from what I could tell. Deadtired,but fine. I saw Corso was right in the background,so clearly Sonny was using the last of his strength to send that message. I told him to get some rest,and clearly he was planning to, so now Corso is running the ship until Sonny's rested again. By the way D'Jok. Sonny's made some arrangements regarding sleeping this time. Aarch,Dame Simbai,I and the snowkids will stay in the hotel wich has been upgraded. Sonny requested you'll be living with him during the bout that?"

"Re..really? Why,I'd love to stay with Dad" D'Jok cheerd. " I can hardly wait to see him again".

"Good,cause you all need to start packing right away,we're leaving this afternoon" said Aarch with a smile. He was happy about this seldom showed it,but he had the greatest admiration for the pirates and their playstyle. Since Clamp and Sonny had informed the snowkids of the synthetic metaflux they had in their bodies,Aarch also felt a deep respect and admiration for Sonny Blackbones. After Aarch had learned that Sonny was D'Jok's father,Aarch had felt even more admiration for the a leader for the pirates and trying to combine that with the role of fatherhood was by no means easy,still,when the shock had settled,Sonny seemingly dealth with it in a good way. Aarch could feel the love from a father reaching out to his son in this invitation to Shiloh.

"Clamp,I need to ask you,how well connected are you with the pirates?" asked Aarch.

"I stay in contact with them,mainly with Sonny,why,is there a problem?" asked the old man with a worried expression on his face.

"No,none at all,I just want to make sure we don't attract Technoid in any way,D'Jok needs time alone with Sonny,but if Technoid is to show up,we all know they won't stop until they capture Sonny and place him in prison".

"I'm not so sure that's the case anymore Aarch,Sonny did mention a few surprises to come during our stay,so I feel confident it's some good news on the stairs" said Clamp.

"How come? Did Sonny tell you anything he didn't say in the message?" asked Dame Simbai.

"No,he really didn't say much,and Artie helped him make the videomessage,but if you need to know,I can make contact with Corso and ask,but I'd rather not disturb Sonny right now,he really needs to rest".

"He looked exhausted,like he hadn't slept for weeks", dame Simbai sounded worried.

"To be honest,I don't think he has Dame Simbai. The problem that the metaflux caused had him worried,and the way I know him,he probobly worked around the clock to neutralize it.I hope he's gonna tell us more about that when we get to shiloh".

"Well,pass on a message to Corso about where we need a guide into the archipellago,and ask him to give Sonny our best".

"I will do,but I'll wait till the morning,I might not be quite as tired as Sonny,but I'm close" Clamp said.

"That's what you get for staying up all night working on your machines" laughed Aarch,"Go get packed,we leave in two hours".

Two hours later,the snowkids snuck onboard their ship to depart for Shiloh. They managed to get away unseen and soon they were in space looking for the Shiloh archipellago. It didn't take long until a small pirateship connected with the snowkids wessel and Bennet and Artie jumped trough the hatch in the roof.

Artie smiled as he saw Micro-Ice fooling around his usual way. "Micro- Ice,you're still joker number one aren't you?"

"Artie?" Micro- Ice lost balance and fell on his back,causing everyone to laugh.

"Now now kid,don't hurt yourself, you'll make Tin- Can cry if you bruise your pretty face" laughed Bennet,well knowing that the kitchen robot loved to make fun of Micro- Ice.

" ha ha,very funny" Micro- Ice got on his feets and brushed some invisible dust of his jacket.

"I tought dad was coming to greet us?" D'Jok asked Bennet who was the more adult of the two.

" sorry bout that D'Jok,but Sonny's completely exhausted. Corso set his sleeping device to 4 extra hours. If you saw the videomessage he and Artie created,you saw how tired he was".

" He looked tired,is everything ok with him?" asked D'Jok worried. Bennet placed a hand reassuringly on D'Jok's shoulder.

"Sonny's ok,he isn't injured in any way D'Jok,he just hasn't slept at all the last conciderd giving him a sleeping agent to help him,but Sonny was in deep sleep when I saw to him just as we left,here have a look yourself" said Bennet and showed D'Jok a minicam. D'Jok looked at the time,it was done just a couple of hours showed Sonny lying on a bed,in deep sleep as Corso used a device to check his vitals. "How is he?" a voice in the video said. Corso kneeled beside Sonny's bed,and smiled at the camera. "He's fine,he's just in deep sleep.I'll set the time on the sleeping device to a few extra hours,he needs it" said Corso and picked up a small device that looked like a holowatch and set 4 extra hours before he carefully placed the device around Sonny's wrist."Now let's leave him be". Corso hushed everybody out of the room,closed the door and hung a do not disturb sign on the door. Then the video ended.

"Thank you for taking such good care of him" D'Jok's voice was nothing more than a whisper.

"don't you worry D'Jok,we do these kind of things all the time,sometimes Sonny needs some taking care of,sometimes he's the one taking care of of that changes from time to time" said Bennet.

"We're approaching the archipellago" said Aarch.

"Don't worry about it,I'll guide us in safe and sound" said Artie as he took the controls." You guys wanna meet the pirates team and just chill while we wait for Corso and Sonny?"

"Sure" all the snowkids were excited. The pirates were a mystical team,they had cool suits and gadgets that allowed them to make quick escapes. They had no flux,or if they had,they never played with it. Wich made them definite underdogs,but still they had plenty of fans and always put on a good show. As they landed,D'Jok couldn't help notice the neighbouring ship.

"Bennet,isn't that The Black Manta?" D'Jok asked to make sure his eyes weren't fooling him.

"It is,Sonny told us to park your ship D'Jok,I get that you'd rather see Sonny as soon as possible,even tough he's sleeping,so Artie will take the rest,you follow me over to the Black Manta. I'm sure Corso will understand".

The hatch of The Black Manta opend as Bennet punched in a secret code.D'Jok wasn't surprised at that. The pirates needed to protect themselves and then they needed to make sure unwanted passengers couldn't get any acess. Bennet lead D'Jok indoors and closed the hatch.

"Follow me D'Jok,we need to inform Corso that you're onboard or an alarm in Sonny's room will go off,and most likely create havock and wake Sonny before he's rested enough".

"Will Corso get mad if that happened?" asked D'Jok.

"He wouldn't get mad,he'd be furious,he is extremely protective of Sonny,and if Sonny is injured or for other reasons needs rest,Corso will watch the door to Sonny's room like hawk,he'll do whatever to keep Sonny safe" said Bennet.

"I see" said D'Jok as he followed Bennet to the commandcenter of the ship. Corso was watching the screens and controlling the cargo offload when Bennet approached him.

"Sorry to bother you Corso,but we have a visitor here".

Corso looked a little annoyed at Bennet,untill he noticed D'Jok.

"Nice to see you again kid,I guess you're looking for Sonny?"

"I know he's a sleep" said D'Jok in a calm voice,there was something about Corso that was frightening him.

"Sonny said to bring you to his room no matter what,so if you feel like resting,you can lie down next to him,the bed is wide enough for that". Corso smiled at D'Jok. The kid was very much alike his father. Sonny couldn't possibly have lied his way out out of that fatherhood.

"I'd love to,thank you Corso. How is he?" D'Jok asked.

" He's tired,but other than that he's fine", Corso looked at D'Jok for a long while. " you haven't heard from him since you won the cup have you?",D'Jok tried to turn away,but Corso cought him in the act.

"I should have pushed him harder on that matter,I'm sorry D'Jok,you must have been worried sick about him,now that you just found him".

" I have worried,and hoped he would make contact,but I never heard anything",D'Jok's voice was sad,and Corso didn't fail to notice it.

"I'm sorry for that D'Jok,all I can say in his defense is that it's all as new to him as it is to had a real shock when he learned the truth about you and your sent him on a guilt trip,as he felt he didn't do enough to try to find over with him,please,and get to know him while you're here. You'll find that he is great to hang out with"

Corso stoped in front of a door and punced a code. Silently the door slid open and revealed Sonny sleeping in his bed. Corso carefully checked the timer on the sleeping device.

"He'll wake up in about two hours D'Jok,you lie down next to him and get yourself some rest,you look like you need it,I'll leave you two alone ok?" Corso smiled,and waved at D'Jok as he left the room.

D'Jok smiled and stretched out next to his father and soon feel asleep himself too.

I tought that was a nice ending to the first chapter. The next ones will carry lots of Sonny/D'Jok situations where father and son grow closer and start to bond,and we will learn more of Sonny's life on Shiloh,his hideaway,and generally how the piratechief lives when he's not hunted down by Technoid. Enjoy and keep reading. I'd love for you to send me a rewiew too.