A/N: This is still an Alec/Renesmee story but, Renesmee is completely different than how she is in 101 Ways To Annoy Your Parents. Any who, enjoy

Renesmee's POV

If you don't stand for something, you fall for anything.

I opened the door that led into my apartment. It was a complete shit hole, but it was what I called shelter. I shut the door and leaned against it. My eyes narrowed, it was quiet, too quiet

"Em? You home?" I shouted, taking off my shoulder bag and putting it down on the floor

"I'm in my room" Emmett shouted back. Emmett was my older brother. He's 25 and he still can't be pissed to live in his own house. I on the other hand, am very different. I'm 17 and well, we all have our secrets. Mine are complicated.

My parents were murdered when I was eleven and I was forced to live with my older brother. I'm wanted by the British government for attempting to kill the prime minster back in 2005. I work for a secret government agency called D.A.M. which stands for Dangerous And Moving.

I sat down on the sofa and switched on the telly. I channel flicked until I found The Vampire Diaries. My phone started ringing; I looked at the caller id. Unknown caller

"Hello?" I said, getting up from the sofa and lighting a cigarette

"Renesmee Cullen? Is that you?" A voice asked

"Who wants to know?" I answered

"My name's Alec Volturi, I wanted to ask you a few questions about a little incident that happened in 2005" Alec said.


"And they are?" I said, taking a drag

"Were you involved with the attempt assassination?" Alec asked

"Yes" I replied simply

"How were you involved?" He asked

"I was the one trying to kill him" I replied and hung up. This is about to get interesting. Very interesting. I took another drag and sat back down on the sofa

"You know you can't smoke in the house right?" Emmett said from behind me

"Who put you in charge?" I asked, smiling

"The law" Emmett replied, taking the cigarette out of my mouth and throwing it out of the window

I heard a knock on the door "I got it" I said, getting up from the sofa and fast walking to the front door. My walking slowed when I heard voices

"Are you sure she lives here?" The voice asked. I knew that voice, it was Alec Volturi

I opened the door. My heart missed a beat. I looked at his big dark blue eyes. His perfect dark brown, silky hair that was practically begging me to touch it. To grab it during sex. I shivered, I've got to get those thoughts out of my head "What do you want, Alec?" I asked, trying to keep my cool

"So, you're the infamous Renesmee Cullen. The only girl who made it out of the assassination alive"

I smirked "Yeah, that's me. Now what do you want?" I asked

"I wanted to know if you wanted to team up" Alec offered

"I don't know you and you want to team up out of the blue" I said

"Nessie, are you ok?" Emmett asked, coming up behind me

"No I'm not fucking ok!" I shouted "Alec here is trying to fucking team up with me"

"Alec, I don't know who you are. But leave my sister alone" Emmett told him

"I was only asking" Alec shrugged

I sighed "Alec, I'm sorry. Look, do you want to come in for a drink?" I offered

"Sure" Alec answered, walking inside

I closed the door behind him and led him into the kitchen "What do you want? Coke, Fanta, sprite, water?" I asked, getting out two glasses

"I'll have coke" Alec replied

"Sure" I muttered, getting out two coke cans and sitting down

"Do you want the real reason why I'm here?" Alec asked. I nodded my head "I'm risking everything to see you but, you're in danger, we're all in danger. They know your secret. London for you is no longer safe"

"Where do we go?" I asked

"I own a place in the countryside. We'll hide there until its safe" Alec replied

"What about my brother?" I asked

"I'm sorry. We have to leave as soon as we can" Alec replied

"Alec, I need my brother. He means everything to me" I croaked, tears were threatening to spill down my cheeks

"Renesmee, we have to do this. Please do it" Alec said, holding my hands

I got out of his grip "No. I'm not leaving him" I told him, getting up. I heard Alec get up behind me, but I didn't turn around.

Alec pushed me against the wall and put his hand over my mouth "Now, will you come with me and save all our lives? Or will you kill all of us and stay here?" He asked

"Fine, I'll tell him" I hissed and walked into the living room "Em, there's something I need to tell you" I mumbled

"What is it, Nessie-bear?" Emmett asked

"I need to get away from London. If I don't, we're all history" I replied

"Did your precious little Alec tell you that?" Emmett snapped

"No he didn't. I have to do this" I said

"I don't care! You're not going anywhere!" Emmett told me

"I not a fucking child anymore, Emmett! If I don't go with Alec, we all die" I shouted. I hated to hurt Emmett, to see the pain in his eyes was too much to bear. I ran into my room and locked the door behind me. I tripped and fell flat on my face on the floor. I didn't bother getting up; I just lay there, crying my eyes out. I hadn't cried this much since my parents died

I heard a knock on the door "GO AWAY!" I screamed

"Renesmee, its Alec. Please let me in" Alec said quietly

I got up off the floor and unlocked the door "Fine you can come in" I whispered

Alec came in and sat down on a chair beside my desk "Do you have any weapons?" He asked

I nodded my head and brought out a small box from under my bed. I opened it to reveal, a small gun and three grenades "It's not much but it's something" I replied

"It's perfect" Alec breathed

"When do we leave?" I asked

"Tonight" He replied "I'm gonna go, meet me by the eye at 8"

I nodded my head fast and Alec left. My heart was beating slowly. Why do I feel sad? Why? Tell me that Jesus.

I can't tell Emmett anything. That could endanger us all. I promised my parents that I would protect Emmett. No matter what the cost.

I picked up a small backpack and packed: 2 pairs of jeans, 3 t-shirts, 4 pairs of underwear, a pair of black converse, my iPod, my phone, a pack of cigarettes, my lighter and my gun and grenades. I looked at the clock. 6:58 PM. It would take me about half an hour to get there. I'm going to need some kind of cover.

I got my phone out and called my cover, Jacob Black "Jake? It's me. I need you" I said

"Tell me the time and place, babe and I'm there" Jacob said

"Meet me outside my place as soon as possible" I told him and hung up. I took a deep breath, picked up my bag and walked into the living room "Em, I'm going out" I announced

"Ok, be back by 11" Emmett said. I knew he wasn't fully listening. He was too busy on the XBOX

I quietly shut the front door and waited for Jacob. I leaned against the wall beside the door. I heard feet walking up the stairs and there was my best friend, my protector, my cover, my ticket out of here, there was Jacob

"You took your time" I joked, walking towards him

"Nessie, please" Jacob answered "Now, why did you want me?"

"I'm not save here in London. I need to get out of here"

"How are you planning on getting out of here?"

"I need you to be my cover so I can get to the London eye and get my ticket out of here"

"Who is your ticket out of here exactly?"

"His name is Alec, Alec Volturi" My heart skipped a beat when I said his name

Jake must have noticed "You like him don't you" He guessed

I shook my head "No I don't!" I joked and jumped on the banisters "Last one down's a rotten egg!" I shouted, going down

"You're so dead, Nessie!" Jake shouted behind me

"Oh, I'm scared!" I laughed and jumped off by the front door "I win!"

"No fair! You started first" Jake jumped down and landed beside me

"Come on. I'm going to be late" I took Jake's hand and lead him towards the tube station

We arrived at the eye and I decided to light a cigarette "You want one?" I asked

Jake shook his head "No. You see unlike you, I want to actually take care of myself"

I looked around "Where the fuck is he?" I asked "Its 8:05"

"Looking for me?" Alec asked behind me

"Yes. Alec, this is my friend and cover Jacob Black, Jake this is my ticket out of here Alec Volturi" I said

"So you're the guy trying to take Nessie away from me" Jake said, shaking Alec's hand

"Jake, what are you talking about?" I asked, looking at him

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Nessie. I mean, that fuck we had last week must have been a hint"

"Jake, just go. We have to go" I told him firmly, tears were starting to form in my eyes

"Renesmee, what is he talking about?" Alec asked

"Nothing" I muttered "Let's go before I get done"

"Thank you for bringing her safely to me, Jacob. I will be eternally grateful" Alec told Jake, taking my hand and walking off. I looked behind me; Jake had disappeared into the darkness.

I was alone.

"Alec, can we stop. Please" I said quietly

Alec stopped at looked at me "What's wrong, Renesmee?" He asked

I couldn't stop the tears from dripping down my face. I held on to him tightly and sobbed into his chest. His soft hands were stroking my hair

"Renesmee, calm down. Please tell me what's wrong" Alec whispered. I shook my head. There was just too much I had to explain "Come on. How about we check into a hotel tonight and travel to the house tomorrow?" He took my hand and led me to a nearby hotel.

We checked in and I dropped my bag on the floor "I'm sorry about earlier" I said, sitting down on the double bed

"No problem. We all feel that way when we lose someone close to us" Alec sat down beside me. I looked at him. For the first time in my life I felt, at home with him. I didn't have to hide anything from him.