Who teaches us what's real? And how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we'll die to defend? Who chains us? And who holds the key that can set us free... It's you. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.

4 years later

I had settled down well for my new life in Japan. It was tough at first, I mean, being any distance away from everyone I knew, especially Alec, was as tough as anything I'd ever have to overcome, the language was hard too. But I had mastered it.

Walking through the busy streets of Tokyo, kind of reminded me of home. Although London was a distant memory to me now, all the memories, the heart-breaks, the disappointments, the pain, they're all gone.

I've changed my name as well. It's Vanessa Wolfe now, no more Renesmee Cullen. She was assassinated four years ago in London. Just like I told Seth before I left.

I've dyed my hair too, from my natural dark brown hair to black.


It started raining so I put up my umbrella and carried on walking though the busy streets of Tokyo. I put my headphones in and let my mind drift to my past.

My phone went off and brought me back to reality. I took my headphones out and answered.

"Hello? Vanessa Wolfe here" I said.

"I'm sorry. I must have the wrong number" The voice said. The voice made my heart skip a beat. It was the voice I'd been waiting four years to hear again. Alec's "I'm looking for anyone who knew Renesmee Cullen, did you know her?"

"Alec? It's me, Renesmee" I said quietly.

"Renesmee? Where are you? Everyone's saying you've died. I didn't believe it for a minute. I'll pick you up. Where in London are you?"

My heart skipped another beat "I'm not in London, Alec. Or in Europe actually"

"Where are you then?"

"6 thousand miles away, on the other side of the world. I'm in Japan, Alec. Tokyo to be exact"

"Why Japan, Renesmee? Why?" Alec demanded. I could hear the anger in his voice.

"I couldn't stay in Europe, Alec. They'd find me. I couldn't risk you, me or us, Alec. I'm in Japan and I'm not moving. And no amount of ranting from you will ever change my mind" I sighed.

"I don't care, Renesmee. I'm coming to get you. Meet me at Haneda Airport tomorrow afternoon" And with that Alec was gone. I put my phone in my pocket and continued to walk down the streets. I stopped when the thought dawned on me.

After four years of hiding and living in secret, I'm finally getting to see Alec.

I decided to walk home and prepare myself for Alec when he comes. I know I know it's slightly stupid for me to see him. But I want to. I've missed him.

I got into my flat and dumped everything on the floor. I looked at the pictures on the wall; I only had a few pictures from my past. Emmett and I at my first day at school, Seth and I rock climbing on holiday in California, Jake and I in high school together, and last and most painful to remember, the last picture of me, mum, dad and Emmett. Taken two minutes before they died.

"I failed you. I promised I'd avenge your death. And I failed you all. I'm so sorry" I whispered "I tried so hard. I did. And it all burned down all because of Alec. I am so sorry, mummy and daddy. And Em, I really did try, I tried my hardest to avenge you. But, like mum and dad, I also failed you" The tears fell fast down my face.

It was true. If I didn't meet Alec, none of this would have happened. Em would still be alive and I would be carrying on with my life as normal.

I decided to go to bed. Since, right now. It was my only form of comfort and security. I kicked my shoes off, climbed onto my bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Calm down, Vanessa. It's no big deal. You can always say no, and walk away.

I tried to contain myself as I waited at the airport for Alec to arrive. Had to admit, I was nervous about it, I mean, I haven't seen him or talked to him in four years. That's tough, dude. I mean, really tough. I don't think anyone expects how hard it really is.

I looked at all the arrivals walking through and none of them fitted Alec. Then I wondered if he would recognize me. I mean, I've changed a lot in four years.

I gave up waiting after about five minutes and called him, tapping my foot on the floor as I waited for him to pick up.

After trying three times to get through to him, I hung up and threw my phone into my bag. I wanted to kill him when I got my hands on him, but I can't. I had left all of my weapons back in England and even then I'm not sure that they are still there.

I looked at the arrivals again, and there he was. He looked almost exactly as I remembered him. My heart skipped a beat when our eyes met.

I couldn't hold back then. I ran toward him, crying uncontrollably. When I reached him and held him close and refused to let go.

"Renesmeeā€¦" He breathed "You're here" He stroked my hair and put his arms around me.

"Yes, I'm alive. Do you honestly think I would be that stupid and go into London?" I joked, smiling widely.

Alec smiled back "No, I guess not"

"Right, let's get you home" I smiled, took his hand and led him outside to my car. I put his suitcase in the boot and walked around to the front of the car "You get to ride shotgun. Just this once" I smiled.

Alec smiled back and got into the car. I got in the driver's seat and started the car.

"So, what's it like in Japan?" Alec asked, obviously trying to starts a conversation.

I smirked "It's different. It's a great place, I mean, the food, the culture, the language. All of it is just amazing" I answered.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it here" Alec smiled.

I smiled back "What's London like, without me?" I asked.

"It's quiet without you" Alec answered quietly "I've missed you, so much"

I sighed. Coming to think about it, I haven't missed Alec as much as I thought I would. Actually, no, I take that back. I haven't missed him at all "Alec, listen I-" My gaze went to the car behind me "Shit" I muttered.

"What? What's going on?"

"Alec, here's some advice" I told him "Put your seatbelt on, hold on and shut the fuck up"

I picked up speed and quickly unbuckled my seatbelt "Right, in a few seconds. I'm going to get out of the car. I need you to take the wheel for me and not get out of the car, okay?"

Alec nodded his head and unbuckled his seatbelt. He tried to put his hands on the wheel but I slapped them away.

"Now!" I shouted. I opened the door, turned the car into a sharp right turn and jumped out of the car. I walked down the street, toward the car behind us. The car stopped in front of me and the driver got out. Riley Biers and his little fuck buddy, Bree Tanner got out of the car.

"Well, well, well, Renesmee Cullen lives on. Back from the dead, are we?" Riley sneered.

"What the fuck do you want?" I demanded "I thought we agreed. We would never see each other again"

"Ah, I do remember that deal we had, Renesmee. But that was four years ago. Times have changed since then" Riley answered.

"Why are you here? That part of my life is dead" My hands started shaking lightly.

"Ask your boyfriend. He was the one who organized this whole operation" Bree told me.

I turned around, back to Alec in my car. The car had stopped and Alec was sitting inside, looking at us.

I stormed toward him and pulled him out of the car "Get out. Go to Bree and Riley now before I kill you" I shouted at him. Alec nodded his head and walked over to Bree and Riley.

I walked around to the boot of the car and took out Alec's suitcase. I moved back around to the front of the car and put it on the hood. I unlocked it and opened it fully. I rummaged around in his suitcase and my fingers found a gun. Not just any gun.

My gun.

I knew it was mine because it had my initials engraved on it, R.C.C.

That fucking liar.

I emptied his suitcase out and found some of my stuff inside. My white shirt, my black and white wristband with my name on it and the most painful item of all; my pendant with a picture of me and my mother when I was a baby. It meant the world to me; I had left it completely by accident.

I held my gun in my hand and walked up behind him "Turn around, Alec" I told him. When he didn't respond, I screamed at him "Turn the fuck around, mother fucker! I'm not fucking playing here!"

Alec turned around to face me "Now, Renesmee, put the gun down and no-one gets hurt" His voice was calm, unlike mine.

"You took my things and started this bullshit again, Alec! Why? Why did you do that, huh?" I demanded.

"I-I" Alec stuttered over his words.

"Tell you what? I'm done here, I'm so done. I came here to start a new life and forget about the past, but no, you wanted to find me and bring me back into the life I tried to escape from. It's killing me, it kills me, Alec. To know that you want me to be a monster, a cold, heartless monster that cares about no-one and nothing" I started crying then "I don't want to be a monster. I want this so be over. Let me go, Alec. Let Renesmee Cullen die. She deserves a death"

I threw the gun down and walked back to my car. I turned around and saw Riley with my gun in his hand, walking toward me.

"It's time I finished this one and for all. Now Renesmee Cullen gets the death she deserves" He put the gun against the side of my head, above my ear.

"Go on then, kill me. I don't care. My life is over anyway" I spat.

"Very well, goodbye, Renesmee Cullen" Riley smirked and pulled the trigger. Then I fell into a world of darkness.

Everyone has an angel, a guardian who watches over us. We can't know what form they'll take one day, old man, next day, little girl. But don't let appearances fool you; they can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they're not here to fight our battles. But to whisper from our hearts. Reminding that it's us. It's every one of us who holds power over the world we create. You can deny angels exist, convince ourselves they can't be real. But they show up anyway, at strange places and at strange times. They can speak through any character we can imagine. They'll shout through demons if they have to. Daring us, challenging us to fight.

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