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The man known as The Doctor was, surprisingly, bored. After restoring the Princes of Papalagus to power and stopping the kidnapping of all children in Raxacoricofallapatorius, he decided it was time to make a stop at - where else? - Earth.

Earth. It had all the troubles in the Universe and yet it was one of the most fascinating places to visit, and that says a lot, if you take the Universe into account.

'Wonderfully naive people, so many fond memories, all the disasters I helped to avoid...' - arguably, some would say he was the cause of a large portion of them - 'Earth'. He caught himself thinking in the past, how strange it was to grow old and feel so young at the same time!

All the shaking around stopped suddenly. Centuries ago, that would have startled him, but he was now many regenerations wiser. Well, not a lot wiser. A little wiser, definitely. Quirkier and eager, that's for sure. He knew that, wherever he was at the moment, it was for a reason. "Time to go for a walk, you reckon?", he asked aloud, no answer given back.

The door of TARDIS flew open and he put his head outside. The smell of 21st century Earth was always so nice, he had grown used to it, these last few years.

- Oh, good. - he said to no one in particular, fixing his ever-criticized, but always fashionable bow tie. - This is definitely Earth, but where? Oh! I hope its New Zealand! I love New Zealanders!

He locked the door and gave a small, almost imperceptible tickle at the knob. 'Sexy', he called her. Sexyalways knew where to drop him off after every adventure. He only wished he knew it too before hand. But that was a rare wish. Knowing spoiled the fun.

And now what?The Doctor expanded his conscience, trying to sense something, something wrong in the distance.

There was really something bothering him, but he could not pinpoint it. Something was definitely not right.

And then he felt it. Something inside of him. Deep inside. An urge.

"Oh!", he suddenly realized. He was hungry!


"I beg your pardon?", asked the teenager at the counter.

"I asked where is this place and if I can have some of those chips, large size?" The Doctor asked with a smile.

"Oh, right, sir", said the lad, creeped out by the man's look and really happy attitude. "Don't know where you are? You lost?"

"Oh, yes and no, I mean, I had to stop here, wasn't my call, but I can't say I don't like this."

"So you ARE lost, sir, is that it?"

"Of course I am! But it is not being lost if you're supposed to be there, right? Finding out what's wrong with the Universe and trying to figure out how to set it right. Or less wrong. It depends on the case, like this one time in Egypt..."

"Hm", he said, not really caring. It had been a slow day and he desperately wanted to close the shop and go home, and now he had to listen to some weird guy wearing a tweed and (lord-almighty) a bow tie.

" ... and, what do you know, people actually preferred it without the nose!"

Bag paid, bag received. The young man turned to check if there was still enough salt left when he noticed the strange man was still there, staring at the large bag of chips, a frown in his face.

"What, something wrong, sir?"

The man stared at the bag, quizzically.

"Oh, yes, no, I mean, not wrong with your chips. They look splendid!", he added. "It's that... I don't like them."

"You don't like the chips?"

"Yes, I guess I don't like chips. Not anymore, anyway."

'So why the hell did you buy them in the first place?', was the natural question that came to his mind.

"I mean, I used to bloody love them, but today I am not a chips-guy. Don't now, it's always the little things you discover in the long run. 'Out with the chip, in with the fish fingers'. Thank goodness, jelly babies are still all right, it would be such a shame to suddenly dislike them."

The young man just nodded, while the man still yapped and yapped.

'That is the strangest customer ever', he thought, with good reason.

"You know what, you can keep it for you, they look delicious, not to me, but you look like you eat chips, you eat them?" The smile never stopped. "You probably do. Eat them, it's 'on the house', so they say!"

The man left the stand, and walked away. The teenager at the counter just stared at the strange man, walking away, and the bag of potato chips he had now in his hands.


The Doctor wondered if he had been rude with the boy, given the look in his face. Maybe the lad did not like chips after all.

He remembered how rude and obnoxious he used to be with other people, not that long ago. Privately, he suspected he got that way after figuring out he was not a ginger. But he changed his ways, yet again (still not a ginger, though). Gingers were cool.

Maybe he needed an ice cream. Did he want an ice cream? 'Do I scream?', he humored. Ice cream were for hot days. It wasn't hot or sunny. He looked up in the sky. It was late afternoon - or maybe early evening. Definitely late for... ice-creams...

The Doctor froze. He could not believe what he was seeing.

He felt awkward in his boots. He was having a strange feeling, probably after reminiscing so much about his previous form. It was stuck in his throat - would he dare say it out-loud? It seemed childish, but still, he had to.

He stared at them, and they were impossible.

So he asked anyway.

- What? - he said.

He looked around, saw people walking by, and nobody was looking up like him. Why were they not looking at the sky? How was it possible? Did they not know yet?

- WHAT? - he said it for the second time.

He drew the sonic screwdriver out of his inner pockets - "It can't be!"-, pointed it straight up - "An illusion! A hologram!"-, waited the buzzing noise stop after a couple of seconds - "Feels much longer, right now..." - and took the measurements.

It was not an illusion.

It was real and they were up there, staring right back at him.

Two full moons in the sky.


(roll credits, theme song)

Matt Smith


"The Second Moon"

by Songue

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