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The Doctor paced, Harrold keeping up – as best as he could – right behind him.

"Okay, Mr. Harrold. Right now, we're being followed by some unknown armed force that has got some connection with that new moon in the sky. What we need now is some alternative way to get there, seeing as, obviously, they, whoever they may be, are now in possession of the TARDIS. My TARDIS!"

Harrold took a moment to take in all the things the man – 'The Doctor' – had said, without so much of a stop to breathe. He could only articulate a "Look, man. Can you just give me a moment and explain…"

"No, can't do it, sorry", the Doctor said, looking sideways and checking the closed shops' windows. "Normally, this would be the perfect time to drop the human weight, but, as you may have noticed, those who are looking for me now see you as a target as well."


"Yes. Sorry about that, chap, terribly sorry."

"'Sorry'? You're saying there are people out there, wanting to kill me, because of YOU?"

"Yes, yes, I already told you I'm sorry", the Doctor said, annoyed. "Do tell me, do you have some sort of habit of repeating all that is said to you? It's getting annoying really fast, mind you."

The Doctor turned around, seeing Harrold with low eyebrows and open-mouthed.

The strange man took a second, his whole face showing a bit of regret now. "Oh. I was being rude again, thought I had outgrown that decades ago, yes. Sorry about that, I'm truly sorry. I just got so excited about this whole 'moony-copy-thingy' and someone had to start shooting at innocent humans because of me. Again!"

'Humans?', Harrold noticed the way the Doctor used the word, unnatural, like it was pejorative, or maybe excluding himself from the others.

"Don't worry about it, though, a-ha!", the Doctor said, cheerfully, spotting a hardware store and almost pulling Harrold with him. The man, he noticed, was surprisingly strong for his physique. "Now, I have both time to think and a whole lot of hardware to mess around with!"

"You know this is a crime, right, Doctor?", Harrold asked, pulling a wooden chair and sitting.

The Doctor was at a welding station, tearing apart an alarm clock and a blender. Harrold followed along, as the Doctor buzzed at the back door and got inside the store, like he did not care about their 'breaking and entering'.

"Why?", the Doctor grinned as he passed by, taking a power drill from a shelf and a couple of plungers from another aisle. "Since I am leaving money for everything I'm using, you could say I'm just a peculiarly desperate buyer who happened to need some very specific tools for a rather unspecific life-or-death kind of situation. Which is exactly what I am."

Indeed, the Doctor left a good amount of pounds on a counter, more than enough to actually buy the store, Harrold thought.

He also wondered how the hell the man just casually – and physically – carried around such an amount of money in his pockets.

The Doctor was now dismantling a stapler and a nail-gun, picking pieces from each and putting them in a bucket.

"So,", he started, while pulling apart a Magpie Electricals landmower at such a speed Harrold could not dare blink or he would miss the movement of the man's hands, "what do we know, yet? One: big second moon that should not be, is", he pointed upwards.

"'B', all attempts made to scan it are either botched or get fuzzy-woozy", he shook the penlight, as to demonstrate his point, as he was examining some engine candles.

"'Fuzzy-woozy'", Harrold said, in a straight face.

"Layman's terms", the Doctor commented, the motherboard of one of the shop's computers in his hand. "Don't have the whole night to actually explaining it."

Harrold sat down and stared at the man.

The Doctor didn't seem to notice him, as he started buzzing his green penlight around many of the scrambled parts.

"And third", as he kept his strange line of thought, "we got chased tonight by people wielding heat blasting weaponry. And I know, for a fact, that those were clearly cah-lien-waves, and preterplasmic technology is not only fascinating as it is peculiar, didn't think any race used that stuff anymore. That is vintage, even for one like myself."

The Doctor was silent, for a change, lost in thoughts.

Harrold too.

Some really strange thoughts were forming in his head and, usually, he would simply discard them from his mind.

Tonight, however, since he was having a pretty usual boring chips-selling day, then there was running, screaming and a lamppost literally turned into a puddle of burning metal.

Well… he was not so eager to exclude strange thoughts off his mind. In fact, the more he thought about it, less absurd they seemed and closer to the realm of possibility they got.

"You sound crazy", Harrold finally said.

"Pish-posh!", the Doctor blurted, and already felt so old. "I sound genius, that is!"

"Genius? Yeah, maybe, but there is something you are not."

The Doctor gave a peek, out of curiosity.

"You are not human."

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