This is for PrincessPearl's Shades of Colour challenge over at the Next Gen Fanatics forum.

"Hey Luce," Roxanne calls, hanging out of the door to talk to her cousin.
"Hey Rox," Lucy says, without looking up from her painting. She's covered in splashes of ink, and there's purple running through her hair.
"What are you painting?"

Lucy waves her hand as if to indicate the surrounding world. Roxi leans over to see the canvas, and whistles.
"Woah. That's pretty... Wow."
"You think it's good?" Lucy says, doubtfully. "I think it needs some more red. Can you pass me it?"
"Sure," Roxanne says. Her fingers scrape a bottle marked 'red - red' and Lucy shrieks a warning;
"Wait Roxi it's still open!"

It's too late though, and the paint flies everywhere, spattering both girls in red-red paint. They stare at each other for a long moment.
"Um... Sorry?" Roxi says, trying to smother laughter because Lucy looks ridiculous. The corner of the smaller girl's lips twitch, and then she giggles. Roxi starts to grin as well, and then they both start laughing and they can't stop. They clutch their stomachs, each other; Roxi grabs the doorknob for support (and ends up getting red handprints over it), and when Percy comes out to find where the girls have got to he almost throws a fit at the state of Lucy's room, with its smears of red everywhere.

"This," Roxi reflects, as she and Lucy scrub it off the carpet after dinner. "Almost looks like –"
"Blood?" Lucy suggests, her brown eyes sparkling. "I know."

They meet each other's eyes and snigger again.

Is this alright Pearl? It isn't too short or anything? :/