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"Demyx, this is not what I thought you meant by going out dancing."

His friend grinned at him wickedly. "I know."

After wasting a Saturday on video games until they were both pretty bored with the console, Roxas and Demyx had been tossing about ideas of what to do. Demyx wanted to do karaoke. Roxas didn't sing. Roxas wanted to play poker and drink a bit. Demyx hated all card games, most of all poker, and couldn't stomach beer – he was a self-proclaimed "girl" when it came to alcoholic drinks.

At a seeming impasse, Demyx then suggested a bit of clubbing. Roxas was wary of "the club scene," but Demyx promised he knew a good place – one with not-too-expensive drinks, not-too-deafening music, and "dancing." They both liked dancing from time to time, so Roxas agreed.

Of course, Roxas had assumed they would be the ones dancing. How wrong he was.

The central feature of this club was the large, raised, circular stage in the center of the room – and the shining silver pole in the middle of that. Boys in skimpy costumes strutted around this and several side stages. As Roxas and Demyx were seated, the boys were jumping down from the stage one by one, hooking up with customers looking for a lap dance. Roxas swallowed, eyes wide, and Demyx shoved a beer into his hand. "I want you to know," he calmly informed his friend, who had apparently planned this all along, "that I'm by no means feeling comfortable with this right now."

"I know," Demyx patted his hand, smiling. "But you're the one who always says you should get outside your comfort zone and try new things. And it's time you started seeing what's out there. Coming out to me is a good first step, but eventually you have to take another one." Roxas opened his mouth to complain a bit about Demyx's choice for his "next step," but his friend continued. "And besides, this is totally no pressure. You can just sit here and watch if you want. No one's going to bother you unless you ask them to. And," he winked, "if you do wanna ask them to, I can wait around for as long as you like. And they won't do anything you don't like. Everyone who works here is a pro." He sat back, smiling. "So just…relax, and enjoy the show."

Much as he still didn't feel at ease with the whole strip club idea, Roxas was a little comforted by the new information. It put to rest some of the worries that had sprung to mind at first. And, if he was perfectly honest with himself, Roxas had to admit that he was curious. Coming out – a little bit – hadn't exactly made him open in general, and everyone here was exactly that – very open. Sometimes a little shockingly so…but at least that meant that the most outrageous thing Roxas could see himself doing would pass unnoticed in this crowd. And…well, there were the boys. Most of the ones leaving the stage right now looked a little too skinny and young for him, but it was still a little bit breathtaking to see all the beautiful male bodies in revealing outfits.

So Roxas took a deep breath, quickly polished off his first beer, and let himself…watch the show.

The last three boys stepped down from the stage, heading toward waiting customers, and the lights slowly dimmed until the room was almost pitch black. Roxas glanced around nervously, wondering for a moment what was coming next. He jumped slightly in his seat when a deep voice came booming over the sound system.

"Gentlemen, prepare to sweat! Lucky Thirteen proudly presents…the star of the center stage…please welcome…Emberrrrs!"

As the voice let the name linger in a long growl, jets of flame erupted at the edge of the stage, and the ceiling around the pole opened up and the new dancer slowly slid down it, pausing before his feet touched the floor. He leaned far back, away from the pole, bending his body and displaying remarkable muscle and control as he stepped down.

What struck Roxas first – after the violently red hair – what that he was fully clothed. He was wearing something like a men's black suit…although, from what Roxas knew of suits, real ones didn't fit like that. Real suits didn't cling to the body that way, and they certainly weren't meant to look tight. Not spandex-tight…but just tight enough to make Roxas think about the guy taking it off. For comfort's sake, of course.

"Embers" didn't look uncomfortable, though. He looked like he owned the center stage, and he added to that impression by walking away from the pole and strutting around the edge of the stage, smirking confidently as his audience, who seemed to know what was coming. Roxas had never heard cheering like that for someone who was still fully clothed. Then again…he hadn't seen many guys who looked that…amazing.

As Embers strutted around the stage, then turned inward and did it again, one hand trailing up and down the silver pole, Roxas could only stare. That was one damned attractive face. And he looked tall and skinny…or slender? Roxas found his imagination trying to get ahead of the show, and snapped back to the present. After all, he'd probably find out in a minute what Embers looked like under his clothes, so he really didn't need to be picturing it now.

As pounding bass reverberated through the club, Embers swayed and bent his body, hands trailing over his hips, his stomach, chest, shoulders, up his neck and into his hair, arching back with a tantalizing look on his face. Roxas swallowed, and watched those nimble-looking fingers slip into the loose knot of his tie and drag the thing off, running silk through his hands over and over again. The tie, once off, became a temporary prop, and Embers spun around the pole, grinning at the crowd cheering for more.

Then the tie was tossed into the crowd, and the stripper was teasingly sliding off his suit jacket. One shoulder off, then back on. Both shoulders off, gliding down his back like rippling water…then pulled back up a bit, and a naughty grin at the cries of protest. Finally, another circuit of the stage, strutting as the jacket came off one inch at a time – this time for good.

A clinging silk shirt made it obvious that the stripper was going to be a treat to look at – Roxas could tell he was fit, broad shouldered, flat stomach…and it made him breathless to actually see it. Not that Roxas normally got all eager to see guys get naked – he normally didn't let himself think about it, at least not in public, and most guys weren't quite this exciting anyway – but watching a guy dance, putting his body on display while still keeping it covered, with the promise lingering in the air of that moment when it wouldn't be covered anymore… It was exciting. More than exciting. It was thrilling.

And Embers was unbuttoning his shirt.

He fiddled with the top button, rolling it in his fingers and then glancing at people in the audience with a flirty look in his eyes. The curve of his lips and the glint in his riveting green eyes silently asked, You want it? You want it? The audience clearly did, and the stripper knew it.

Then his eyes looked straight at Roxas, and Roxas' heart froze for a moment that felt like forever. The teasing green gaze tore right through him and said, Oh, you want it. And Roxas could help himself – he did want it. He wanted to see this man so badly, and he nodded slightly as he stared back at Embers. The stripper let his top button pop open, and his fingers slid down to the next…and he ripped the entire shirt open with one powerful yank. Flames leaped up around the edge of the stage again, rising with the audience's cheers.

Maybe it was the heat from the fire…Roxas was sweating a little. Embers had the most perfectly gorgeous chest he'd ever seen in person, rather than airbrushed on a magazine page. The silk shirt flowed loosely around him as the stripper walked again, letting everyone see, and then he took hold of the pole with a strong, confident grasp and began to move. His spine arched and his hips rolled as smoothly as water, and the hanging silk shirt slipped off more and more as he danced and put himself on display. When he finally let the silk garment fall completely off – throwing it away with a swift fling and leaving his entire upper body bare – the flames jumped up again. The heat was climbing, and it must have been even worse onstage, under the spotlights and surrounded by fire, because sweat was visibly shining on the stripper's skin.

Bending against the pole, Embers let one hand stray below the belt, then the other, caressing down the front of his hips and over his thighs, making Roxas instantly anticipate what was coming off next. Pants. Tight, ass-flaunting pants…but still fabric that concealed, and was about to go.

Breathing hard, Roxas watched every motion of those hands, imagining every place they touched – and he bit his lip when they stroked over the stripper's concealed groin. Rubbing, rubbing…and Roxas' libido responded to the suggestion as if it were happening to him. He was momentarily shocked and mortified to realize he was getting hard from watching this – but then, it was dark, no one could see, and Embers was still swaying and dancing, and Roxas couldn't focus on fighting down his erection when there was something like that to see…

And then, after only a little teasing this time, the stripper took hold of his pants and ripped them straight off. They came apart all down the sides, just like they'd been designed to, and Embers was suddenly wearing nothing but a little black thong. He might as well have been naked. His ass was virtually bare, and when he turned and bent at the waist, dragging his arms down the pole, his back arching…Roxas could see almost everything. The little bit of black fabric in front barely concealed the finer details of the man's package – just enough to leave Roxas guessing, wondering. It was…an impressive bulge, too. Embers wrapped his legs around the pole and rubbed himself up and down it, and Roxas felt saliva pooling in his mouth. Sweat trickled down the side of his face. The man was so irresistible, so attractive, and so good at making Roxas want him. He was already breathing hard, trying to control himself so it wasn't obvious, but unable to think of anything else but touching everything he was seeing. And the show wasn't even close to finished.

Now that the stripper was about as stripped as he was going to get, he started really using the pole. He wrapped arms and legs around it and lifted himself off the ground, arching his body in midair to display skin, skin, and more skin, and to make his muscles ripple and flex with the effort. He was incredibly well-built. His body wasn't bulky – that would have limited his flexibility. Instead, it was toned and strong – all solid, lean muscle, gorgeous to watch. And he could bend, too. His tricks with the pole just made Roxas imagine over and over how that could be used in bed. Or how Embers would wrap himself around Roxas and thrust against him, or how he'd arch his back if Roxas' sucked on those dark little nipples, or how those big hands would caress agonizing pleasure into him if they'd just touch him the way the stripper touched the pole, or himself, or…

The mouth-wateringly beautiful man left the pole and made another circuit of the stage – slowly. He let everyone get a good, close look at him as he rolled his hips and moved his body. When he was closest to Roxas, the stripper found him again in the crowd, and Roxas jumped slightly, his heart pounding as Embers looked into his eyes and made a production of licking his own lips. Then he arched his eyebrows insinuatingly and puckered his lips in a quick kiss – then, with a grin, he was moving on again.

Roxas was trembling a bit. Thank everything the show was ending. The stripper headed back to his pole, flames leapt up again, and this time the floor opened up to allow him to glide down, out of sight, as the audience roared their adoration. Roxas buried his face in his hands, half relieved it was over, half dying for it to all happen again.

"Hey man, you okay?" Demyx's voice reached him over the noise. Roxas just nodded, hoping Demyx wouldn't push it. He needed a chance to get his body back under control.


"All right, who wants me today?" The stripper cheerfully asked backstage, slipping into a bathrobe and grabbing a bottle of water.

The manager, Marluxia, handed over a list of names and figures. "These are the ones who asked about you and their offers."

Green eyes flashed over the list with little interest. "Are any of these guys, by chance, a cute little towhead?"

"A who-what?" Marluxia frowned at him.

The stripper tapped the paper. "A blond, I mean. A young guy with bright blond hair. Pretty face. Red t-shirt."

A deeper frown. "Mmmmm…no. No, I don't remember anyone like that asking."

"Tsk." The stripper tossed the list back. "Then make them all wait. No wait, forget that, just turn them down."

"You don't want to see any of them?" The manager seemed surprised, and a little disappointed. He had no right to pressure the stripper to sleep with anyone – it was always his decision, because he was Embers – but the guy was one horny son of a bitch. He usually wanted to fuck after a show. Making a little extra – or a lot extra – from that was becoming routine. "Not even this one?" He pointed to a name, followed by the simple designation – 1K all night.

Embers glanced over it, unimpressed. "He can go fuck himself with his thousand. I'm not in the mood." Then he smirked at Marluxia. "The only one I'm in the mood to fuck right now is a cute little blond in a red shirt. So if you want to sell me, try to get him to buy."

Sighing and shrugging, the manager turned to go. Embers could be ridiculously willful sometimes, and he'd learned to put up with it. "Whatever you say," he mumbled, opening the door.

A hand was planted on the doorframe, and hot breath brushed though strands of dyed pink hair by Marluxia's ear. "Actually…just find him," he murmured. "Find him, if he hasn't left yet, and just bring him to my dressing room. Then I'll see if he's interested. Don't you say anything to him. You'll just scare him off."

Swatting the stripper away, the manager eyed him skeptically. "I'll scare him off? Please, I'm discreet. It's only my job."

Stepping back, the stripper smirked. "I know you are. Just trust me this time. It's my job to read people."

"I thought it was your job to get naked and dance."

"That," Embers stretched, "and read people. Get in their heads. Know what they want." He grinned. "That's why I'm the best."

"Uh huh. And this blond guy in a red shirt wants to be brought to your dressing room." A skeptical eyebrow arched at him.

"Well," the stripper snorted, "who doesn't?"

Giving up the conversation at that point, the manager left. He had a blond guy to find.


"I'm gonna get another drink before the next show, you want anything Roxas?"

"Um, just water if you could…"

"Excuse me." A tap on his shoulder made Roxas turn and Demyx pause before heading to the bar. A tall, pink-haired man stood there, smiling politely. "Welcome to Lucky Thirteen. I'm the manager, Marluxia. Are you enjoying the show?"

Roxas stalled for words, and Demyx stepped in quickly with a smile. "We are, yeah. I told him this place was excellent!"

Nodding, the man asked in a mild, professional tone, "Did you get a chance to see our star performer, Embers?"

"Yeah, just now," Demyx chatted. "He was amazing."

Unexpectedly, the man turned to Roxas. "And your thoughts?"

Thrown off by the question, Roxas blanked. As if on cue, a vivid memory of the stripper in question appeared and filled his blank mind. "He was…" Roxas swallowed. "Yeah. Amazing."

A slight upward curl made the manager's smile a little more than disinterested and professional. "I'm glad to hear it. You know…" his voice dropped slightly and he stepped closer to be heard. "Embers is available for private shows as well." Roxas glanced at Demyx who looked back at him with raised eyebrows and a grin. Marluxia continued, when neither of them responded. "Normally he's fairly difficult to schedule time with, but it just so happens that his schedule is clear for tonight. Would you," he met Roxas' eyes specifically, "be interested in meeting him?"

"Meeting him? You mean like…"

"Nice," Demyx interrupted, mumbling near Roxas' ear, "A private show? You should do it." He winked. "And no pressure, but if you want to do it, I'll tell you right now I already saw someone I'm seriously considering getting a lap dance from. But I won't abandon you if you wanna stay out here."

The manager added, "A meeting is whatever you and Embers decide to make of it. Obviously, with your wishes being the most important." He bowed slightly. "We aim to please here at Lucky Thirteen."

Roxas was torn. He hadn't expected something like this to happen, and in a sense, it was all out of the question. Roxas was not a person who hung out with strippers. He wasn't even sure he'd know what to say to a stripper. He certainly wasn't a person who went out and slept with one. Then again, after a show like that…and his body still felt a bit overheated, a little wanting. And after all, Demyx wanted to go…enjoy his night out. Roxas should really try to be cool about all this and make himself scarce for a bit, for his friend.

And really, he didn't need to worry about talking to a stripper. Even if he was the sexiest, most beautiful male Roxas had even laid eyes on, that didn't mean Roxas needed to worry about making a good impression or anything. He probably wouldn't see the guy again, so it didn't matter, right?

"Okay…I mean, yes, thank you. I'd like to meet him." He turned to Demyx. "You have fun. I'll be back, um, later. And be safe," he frowned. He felt like a nagging mother, but sometimes Demyx was a little too airheaded to remember normal precautions when he was enjoying something.

Laughing, Demyx ruffled his hair. "Right, right. Of course, Mom. You be safe, too."

With that, Roxas was following the manager of Lucky Thirteen, just hoping he wasn't making a huge mistake.


The hallway was narrow, and the door the manager opened looked just like all the others to Roxas. The room beyond was small – none of this looked like the sort of area where Roxas imagined most guests would be entertained privately. He really seemed to be in the backstage, functional area of the club.

And he stopped wondering about it when he saw the stripper.

Embers was wearing a bathrobe, sprawled on a couch – the only furniture in the small room. At least, that's where he was when the door opened. He looked up immediately, and as soon as he saw Roxas, a big grin spread over his face and he stood.

"You found him. You're wonderful, boss." The man's long legs had already brought him to the door, and the manager was stepping back. Roxas didn't even have time to flinch before his hands were lifted and he was gently pulled further into the room. "Come on in, Cutie. Don't be nervous…"

"You owe me, you know…" the manager's voice came from behind Roxas, by the door.

"Absolutely, darling, now kindly fuck off, okay?" Embers answered without taking his eyes from Roxas' face, without breaking his smile or raising his voice. A door clicked. "Hi." Embers licked his lips and smiled wider, still holding Roxas' hands. He was standing so close, still staring into his eyes… "What's your name?"

"Um." A swallow. "Roxas…"

A big hand lifted to brush Roxas' hair back from his face. "Roxas…that's a sweet name." He smiled as Roxas flinched away from his hand slightly. "Don't worry, sweetheart, there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm just kind of a touchy guy. Don't mind it, okay?" He didn't wait for a response – which was good, because Roxas didn't really have one, and only managed a weak nod – before he tugged Roxas forward again by the hand he still held, drawing him to the couch to sit down.

Roxas was trying very, very hard to act normally. Up close and personal, the star of the center stage was so much hotter. Terrycloth bathrobe and all – Embers was gorgeous. His face was perfect, masculine and angular. His hair looked like the kind of hair Roxas would want to spend hours playing with, running his hands though. He smelled…wow. A little bit sweaty, but not in a bad way, and a little bit like something spicy, like cologne, but just a hint. And his skin was so warm it almost felt overheated – and he was still holding Roxas' hand, fingertips rubbing slow circles over his fingers.

Nervous, Roxas cleared his throat. "So, um…Embers…h-how did you get to be…um…"

"A stripper?" Another smile. "Or star of the center stage?"

"Yeah…um, I mean, both?" Wish his hand would stop doing that. So distracting.

"Aww, that's a long, boring story, sweetheart. Not nearly as dramatic as you might think. But I like the job, that's the important thing." He paused, then chuckled and leaned in slightly. Roxas tensed, his personal space thoroughly invaded. "Though it's even more important to me right now that you relax."

"I'm sorry," Roxas faltered. "I'm…I just, I'm not sure what to say. I've never…done anything like this before, or been to a place like this, and I just don't know if I'm ready to…"

"Have a simple chat with a stranger?" The man's hand started straying up his arm, slowly rubbing wrist, forearm, bicep, and shoulder as it lazily moved toward the nape of Roxas' neck. "Because that's all we'll do, if you want. I promise."

Letting out a little sigh, Roxas almost laughed at himself. Everyone said this, but he just couldn't help worrying that someone was about to rip his pants off and violate him. I'm so paranoid, geez… "I guess I'm not that good with strangers," he admitted, relaxing another degree. He was getting used to the gentle touching, and it felt pretty nice, actually…soothing.

"Well then, let's not be strangers," the stripper offered cheerfully. "I know your name, Roxas…and my name is Axel." At Roxas' startled glance, he grinned. "Yep, that's my real name, and you don't need to be so surprised. It's not a major secret or anything." Then, before Roxas could start to feel silly for having thought exactly that, Axel lowered his voice a bit and added, "Though it's not exactly widely known, either. I don't think I've ever told a patron before. So that means you're not a customer, you're a new acquaintance. So, nice to meet you, right?"

Axel was offering his free hand, which Roxas shook, in spite of the slightly-awkward angle because he was sitting so close beside the guy. He really was beginning to feel much more relaxed. Embers – no, Axel – had such a disarmingly frank smile, and he was so nice, and so hot, and Roxas was just beginning to wonder what he'd been so nervous about…

"Of course," Axel suddenly purred in a low voice, "if there's anything else you want to do, I'd be delighted with that, too. Say – just hypothetically – if you wanted us to make out, naked, and then fuck each other's brains out, I'd be perfectly fine with having your sweaty body writhing in ecstasy in my arms."

Roxas was erect, just like that.

The whole show came back in a rush – dancing, stripping, muscles, skin, sweat, rolling hips, Axel. The guy who was right here, close enough to warm the air between them with his body heat, his scent hovering around Roxas, his hands still touching and rubbing so gently – but now not so much like a soothing massage. More like a promise of a thousand other pleasures.

And his words, too. The simple, direct, unashamed sentence – it painted such an immediate, vivid picture in Roxas' mind that he almost moaned as if it were already happening. He was so, so turned on…

But… "I…th-that's…I mean, I don't have the money, really, to…"

He stopped – because he was being kissed. Roxas blinked, surprised by the soft pressure sealing his words away. He held his breath, and he was still holding it when Axel pulled back, smiling and petting the side of his face. "Oh sweetheart," he murmured, "you don't need to worry about that. I'm a person too, you know…I can make love with someone just because I want to. And I'm not interested in your money…I'm much more interested in you."

Roxas didn't have anything to say to that right away, and then he forgot to try to think of something when Axel kissed him again. It was so tender, and though it was a surprise, it wasn't like Axel was forcing himself on Roxas. The pressure was slight, and he was free to pull away.

He didn't.

When Axel did, a tiny bit, Roxas couldn't seem to get enough air in his lungs. He felt so hot…so overwhelmed with Axel… "But I'm, um, I mean I've never done…it…before." He felt his face heating up. "I don't know what to…"

"You don't have to do anything, sweetheart," Axel whispered against his lips. "I'll make you feel…so good…" Then a hot mouth was moving down over his jaw, lips brushing his neck, tongue tasting skin… "And I don't mind at all if it's your first time. If you don't want me for your first, I completely understand…but if you'd let me, I'd be honored." A hot tongue traced the shell of Roxas' ear. "And you don't need to be embarrassed or worry about disappointing me. I promise, it's beyond impossible."

With a terribly distracting hand sliding up his leg, grazing his inner thigh, the only objection Roxas could remember was a weak one. "Why…why me?" And as he panted that question, he already didn't think the answer would matter much, not when his body was this desperate to continue everything Axel had started. But he half-listened anyway.

Cupping Roxas' groin – and making him jolt into the touch – Axel hummed thoughtfully as he slipped down off the couch. "You're attractive," he answered, kneeling between Roxas' legs and kneading his erection through his jeans. "I mean, you're very attractive, especially to me. Exactly my type, in fact." He winked. Squeezed. "When a dream guy like you watches me like you want me more than anything, with your pretty blue eyes just begging me to touch you…" A shrug. "What do you expect?" Slow, confident fingers were opening Roxas' pants. "I'm only human…" Roxas shuddered as Axel pulled his cock free, "…And you've seduced me."

"Ahhh!" Roxas tensed as Axel's tongue ran up the underside of his cock. Hands wrapped around him, stroking, and he grew harder and harder as that first lick was followed by another, and another. Axel's tongue teased him, lapping here and there, lips adding suction for a moment and then moving on. A lick down the side of his shaft. A sucking kiss over one side of his glans. The tip of a tongue nudging into his slit. And hands stroking, stroking, moving the loose skin over the hard column of flesh, erasing whatever last hesitation Roxas might have hung onto. Dear God, but Axel was amazing. If he kept that up much longer, Roxas was going to lose it… He was already a gasping mess, fingers clutching in red hair and legs jerking against…skin.

Roxas opened his eyes and looked down. Shit…the bathrobe… It was gone, lying on the floor behind a man who was absolutely naked – no thong in the way now. No half-hidden glimpses of a bulge, no guesses – just Axel's bare cock, as erect as Roxas was. A little bead of precome trickling from the moist head down the underside of his shaft… Roxas thought he might faint.

Then he noticed his own leaking fluids – as another droplet was captured between Axel's lips…and vivid, burning green eyes looked up at him. The raw lust in those eyes hit him full force, and Roxas moaned. Axel whispered against his wet penis, eyes still staring up at Roxas. "I can't resist you anymore, sweetheart. I want you. Please say yes."

Head falling back against the back of the couch, Roxas groaned the answer so hard it was almost a sob. "Yes. God, Axel, just…yes."

Axel moaned too, the soft sound reaching Roxas ears as the stripper climbed back up onto the couch, pushing him gently until he lay on his back. Then, before Roxas was ready or expecting it, Axel straddled him. He felt a hand on his penis, guiding the dripping head to nudge against yielding flesh…and Roxas' eyes popped open in surprise. Axel was on top of him, watching him with that same wild lust as he positioned Roxas. His other hand was pulling his own ass open, and Roxas caught his breath as Axel pushed down.

"Ahh! Oh my fucking…oh!" Roxas arched off the couch – as much as having his hips pinned would allow – as he felt Axel opening around his cock. The head slid inside, then he felt more of him vanishing into that tight, hot grip. Axel's head fell back and a deep moan fell from his parted lips as his skin stretched to take Roxas in.

Roxas couldn't tear his eyes away. Every inch of Axel's beautiful, toned body was sweating above him, his cock dripping onto Roxas' stomach and his dark nipples standing out like hard little peaks. Roxas wanted to nibble on them, if he could have reached… But for now, he couldn't do much. Axel was in control.

"Nnnh….nnn, mmmh, ahhh Roxas…" Panting, Axel rose up – he hadn't taken Roxas all the way in, but he seemed to lose patience there. The ecstasy of friction shot through Roxas as Axel lifted himself and sank down again, angling his hips to rub something inside…something that made him clench his teeth over a scream, thrusting again-again-again all of a sudden, fast, hard thrusts…and then Axel came.

The sudden increase in pressure as Axel clenched around him almost made Roxas orgasm too, but he just…wasn't ready for it to be over. So he held on, breathless, and watched as Axel cried out, clutching his own cock, which spurted pale fluid over Roxas' chest – and his t-shirt – once, twice…again and again, and then it was still pulsing, dribbling the rest of Axel's release into a hot puddle on Roxas' lower abdomen. "Holy shit…" Roxas breathed, in awe.

Panting, sweat running down his face, Axel pulled himself together enough to look into Roxas' eyes again. "Sorry…about that."

Licking his lips, Roxas asked, "Are you okay?" His eyes kept roaming over the man straddling him. Fuck, he's so sexy…

"Yeah," Axel sighed, a weak grin tugging at one corner of his mouth. "I got your shirt dirty, though." His hands slid up Roxas' ribcage, and Roxas pushed himself up on his elbows to help Axel take the garment off. Then he lay back down – and the motion made his body shift inside Axel, who moaned again.

"It doesn't…hurt?" He couldn't help asking. It didn't seem to be hurting, but he'd heard stories…

"Nah," Axel grinned. "I'm a boy scout, baby. Always prepared." He winked, then licked his lips as Roxas blushed. "And your cock is amazing. I had no idea you were so huge, a little guy like you…and I love it. Obviously. I don't even remember the last time I came first. You're a fucking dream come true, sweetheart." He shifted as he finished, and Roxas felt himself rubbing against hot insides again. He squirmed. It was getting tough to hold still. He was still hard as a rock, buried inside Axel, and getting desperate to come.


"Yeah…" The stripper breathed, some of that hot lust filling his eyes again. "I know. Don't worry…I'm going to thank you. Right…now." With that, Axel moved again, lifting and lowering himself, pushing further down than before. With slow thrusts, he took Roxas in deeper and deeper. Roxas could feel Axel gradually opening, until he was finally sitting on Roxas' hips at the deepest point of each penetration – and Roxas wondered how he'd lived his life until now without feeling the delicious pressure and heat inside Axel's body, or the tantalizing friction as he slid in and out, in and out and in, in…

"Mmmh…nnn! Oh my G-God…Axel…"


"H-Harder! Yes…"

Axel's hips bore down. Roxas cried out. "Faster?" Axel gasped, a little grin playing over his lips as he watched Roxas writhe.

"Faster, yes, please…faster!" Roxas braced himself and met the next thrust, and when Axel quickly pulled off and drove down again, Roxas was ready, lifting his hips off the couch to ram upward, pounding deep inside the man who was riding him, riding him hard, now, throwing away restraint and giving everything to each deep thrust. And Roxas' body was running away from him, consumed with fire, pleasure, ecstasy… And Axel was crying out, still moving, but most of the force was coming from Roxas now as Axel struggled to remain upright, one hand grasping his renewed erection and stroking furiously. He was so incredibly sexy…even the dance earlier had been nothing compared to this. He was…perfect.

A shudder ran through Roxas' whole body as his orgasm started, and he gasped and kept pumping his hips as he felt his release shooting inside Axel's body. Before it was over, Axel tensed again – and again, his cock spasmed and he ejaculated onto Roxas' stomach.

His face, in that moment of unbearable pleasure, was the most beautiful face Roxas had ever seen.

Coming down from his high, Roxas gently pulled out of Axel's body. When he was free, Axel moaned softly and eased down, lying half on top of him on the couch. It was hot and sticky and close…and Roxas didn't mind at all. He shifted to make room and nuzzled his face into Axel's sweaty neck, kissing softly a few times. Maybe an hour ago, he would have worried about seeming silly, or doing something that an experienced man like "Embers" would laugh at – not anymore. He just felt good. And he didn't have any particular reason to feel close to a stripper he'd just met…but Roxas felt close to Axel anyway. And to him, Axel was suddenly someone special, someone precious, and he didn't have words to explain it – or breath to speak with – so for now, he just pressed close to the other man's body and slowly stroked a hand over the comforting warmth of his skin.

With a little laugh, Axel murmured, "I'm glad I didn't charge you for that. It would have been pure robbery. I feel like I should pay you. That felt so good."

"Only because of you, though," Roxas answered softly. "I didn't do much."

Axel snorted and pulled back enough to look at him. He was still smiling. "Don't be silly. You got kinda rough there, you crazy ex-virgin." He winked.

"I'm sorry I…"

"No, no, I mean it's a good thing." He pecked Roxas' lips. "I like it rough."

"Oh…" Roxas couldn't help a little smile. "Okay."

"Okay…" Axel mimicked with a grin. Roxas blushed.

"Is it weird I kinda wanna do it again?" He asked.

Snorting, Axel laughed. "Hardly. Not to be an arrogant ass or anything, but most guys do want a little more. It's weirder when they don't."

Roxas wasn't surprised. However, he wasn't quite brave enough to just ask for another round. "So…how many guys have you…um…"

Teasing, Axel prodded, "You mean what's my magic number?" Roxas just nodded, feeling a little shy…not sure he actually wanted to know. "I dunno, actually." Axel just smiled at his raised eyebrows. "I don't like to keep count. It feels so cold, turning people into numbers. And I mean, I might forget sleeping with someone, but I'd rather forget a name or a face than remember a number. Counting seems so egotistical." He half-shrugged. "So I really can't tell you. It's a lot, though."

"Hmmm." Roxas wasn't sure why he was so curious about the others. "I bet a bunch of them have totally fallen for you."

Axel laughed out loud, then kissed him. "I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks." He shifted, hugging Roxas closer. "I wouldn't say a bunch, though. I guess a few probably had some feelings. None I ever returned, though."

"Oh, you're a heartbreaker, huh? Gonna break my heart, next?" Roxas half-teased.

A finger under his chin lifted Roxas into another kiss. A very sweet, lovely little kiss. "I hope not," Axel finally answered with a soft but serious smile. "I wouldn't like that at all."

Roxas bit his lip, tasting Axel's flavor there. "Is this the part where you say, 'Don't fall in love with me'?"

A little furrow appeared between Axel's brows as he paused, thinking. Eyes roaming over Roxas' face. "I guess…" He mused. "I mean…it's the part where I should say that. Probably." Then he shrugged, leaned in, and stuck his tongue back in Roxas' mouth. Grinning, Axel mumbled into the kiss, "I dunno. Wanna have sex again?"

Breaking into a sudden laugh, Roxas kissed back for a moment, then pulled away. "I want to," he admitted, "but I dunno if I should. My friend is probably waiting for me by now."

"Ah, shit," Axel huffed, still smiling. "You came with someone. That's right, I knew that, I saw you sitting with him. Well, damn. I was kinda hoping I could just keep you all night." He pushed himself up and Roxas felt the couch shift as Axel's weight lifted off it. The air felt chilly in the absence of his body heat.

"Can you do that?" He asked, sitting up as well. "I mean, don't you have…work?"

Smirking, Axel eyed him as Roxas pulled his pants up. "Baby, I'm the star. I work when I want to work." Standing there, completely naked, with trickling trails of Roxas' come drying on his ass and thighs…Roxas had no difficulty believing it. Of course Axel was the star. Who wouldn't adore him? And of course the club would let him have his way. Roxas had a feeling that even he would have a hard time denying Axel anything he wanted.

Picking up his robe, Axel tied the covering back in place, then fetched Roxas' shirt as he was zipping up. "Oh," Axel looked at the shirt, "that's right. I made a bit of a mess." He grinned, showing Roxas the unmistakable, painfully obvious stains on the front of the shirt. Roxas turned red, imagining the reactions he'd get from Demyx and just about anyone else when they saw that.


"Hey, it's okay. Here," Axel threw the shirt behind the couch and dug into a rack of clothing in a corner, fishing out another shirt, a blue one, that looked sort of close to the right size. "You can have this." He tossed it to Roxas.

Putting it on, Roxas discovered it was a ladies shirt, and it still managed to be a bit loose on him. "Thanks. Um…I'll bring this back some other time."

"Yeah?" Axel beamed at him, stepping close again. "I wasn't gonna ask for it back, but if you want…I won't argue."

"Well," Roxas confessed as they walked to the door, "it's a good excuse to see you again…right?" He really hoped Axel didn't mind…

"Baby," Axel grinned, "you don't need a reason. You're welcome back any time." Then Roxas found himself suddenly pinned against the doorframe. The stripper's hands trailed up his ribs as they made out, and Roxas didn't really want to go, he would have loved to be able to stay. He cupped Axel's face with both hands and kissed him back fully. The kiss, Axel's touch – everything felt wonderful. Roxas would have been happy to keep doing nothing but that for the rest of the night.

But Demyx was waiting, and eventually the kiss had to end. He had to whisper his reluctant goodbye and let Axel go…and then he felt like he was walking in a daze until the music and noise of the club hit him again, and Demyx was approaching him asking where he'd been for so long.

"Ummm…with A…the stripper," Roxas vacantly answered.

Surprisingly, Demyx didn't really press the question. "That's nice," he murmured as they headed to the door. Roxas glanced over, wondering where the teasing comments were, and noticed that Demyx looked pretty spaced-out himself. Apparently they'd both had a nice time at the club.

Roxas would absolutely have to go back. Soon.