A day or two later, when Roxas saw Demyx again, the truth came out.

"You actually slept with him? Their star stripper, Embers?" Demyx gaped and grinned at the same time. "God damn! Well aren't you just way braver than I gave you credit for!"

Rolling his eyes, Roxas tried not to smile at the memory. "At the time, I don't think bravery was quite as important as horniness."

A snort. "Well yeah, but how many virgins do you know who have the balls to pop their cherry with someone they just met? I mean, I guess some do, but you're the first one I've known personally. And what a guy for your first! Every gay guy for miles would practically kill for a night with Embers! You really scored."

Roxas again fought down his grin. It was…a really good memory. "Well, they can have him too, can't they? I'm pretty sure he's available for that kind of thing."

"So it seems," Demyx admitted, "but I heard from some other customers at the club that it's not so simple. He's really not actually a whore…actually, I don't think anyone at that club is technically hired for that. But they all do it anyway, for a little extra. Most of them are basically expected to bring in a certain amount of cash per night, and how they do that is up to them. But it's an amount that would be tricky to earn without selling themselves at least once." He waved suddenly, getting back on track. "Anyway, whatever. I heard Embers is special. All he really has to do is his main show. And this guy told me that after his show, basically anyone who wants him makes an offer, and he picks anyone he's interested in. The guy I talked to said he hadn't tried it himself, but he knew this other guy who really wanted a night with Embers, and he had to put in offers for like a month before Embers decided to accept him. I guess he tried offering a ton of money too, but Embers doesn't always pick the highest bidder."

Roxas hummed. He was listening closely, deeply curious about Axel and his customers. He had known from the beginning that the guy had them, lots of them, and there was really no point in being jealous, obviously…but Roxas might, just possibly, be a little tiny bit jealous anyway.

"I don't even remember the last time I came first. You're a fucking dream come true, sweetheart."

Roxas smiled to himself. Then again, maybe not.

Demyx interrupted his thoughts. "You didn't pay too much for him, did you?" Roxas blinked at him in surprise before he remembered what Demyx had been talking about. "I mean, did you even have enough cash? How much did you spend?" Demyx's worried wince seemed to be braced for bad news – especially since Roxas had been saving for a new game they both wanted to play.

"Um…nothing," Roxas answered simply.

Demyx went flat. "What."

Shrugging, Roxas explained, "He didn't charge me. He said he wasn't interested in my money. So I didn't pay him."

Blinking, Demyx drew in a long deep breath and held it a moment, staring at Roxas, before he released it all in a rush and grinned. "You're shitting me."


"Embers – who some guys can't get, no matter how much money they have – Embers, the sexiest male stripper in like, ever…he offered you sex for free, just for the fun of it?"

"Uh huh," Roxas nodded calmly. "He also said he felt like he should have paid me, but obviously I wouldn't have wanted that…"

"He said what?" Demyx looked torn between shock and laughter. "Why would he pay you?"

A little smile tugged at the corner of Roxas' mouth. "Well, he enjoyed it too, I guess. It wasn't just me. Actually, if you wanna get technical about it, he got a little more out of it than I did. Virginity aside," he added.


Feeling a little surge of pride and pleasure, Roxas couldn't help the tiniest smirk. "Oh…you know." He shrugged, still smirking. He might be extremely pleased by it, but that didn't mean he was crude enough to go telling Demyx about Axel's second orgasm compared to Roxas' one. Some things could just stay between him and Axel. He liked to think of their lovemaking as a bit of a secret only the two of them knew the details of. And he hadn't known secrets could make him smile quite like this one did.

Demyx was watching him askance. "You are positively gloating, and I have never known you to gloat ever in my life, not even when you beat me at a game." He sighed, shaking his head. "Well. I'm glad it worked out so well for you, that's all I can say."

Roxas glanced over at his friend. "I guess you had a pretty good time there, too? You seemed totally spaced afterward. Was it that lap dance you said you wanted?"

Flushing warmly, Demyx grinned but looked away, "Well, yeah, it…turned out nice. Um, if you ever want to go back, I'd be more than happy to. Go along, I mean."

Grinning, Roxas decided not to press him. Instead, he just nonchalantly offered, "I'm free this weekend."


Lucky Thirteen was very much like the week before, only Roxas and Demyx arrived a good bit earlier and got to see a few of the other shows. Quite a few boys danced onstage in almost nothing, each one finally securing an individual audience member's attention, then leaving the stage to continue the show in private. Roxas noticed that the area where strippers were taking customers for private shows was almost on the other side of the club from the backstage area he had visited. He also noticed, after a while, that Demyx was singling out a certain slender young man, watching his every move. Ah, I wonder if that's his lap dancer from last week… Roxas pondered. Leaning in, he spoke loud enough to be heard in Demyx's ear. "You know, you should probably grab him now, before someone else does." Demyx's eyes were wide and surprised when he glanced at Roxas, who just grinned. "I'm fine by myself. You don't need to stick around for the main show if you're interested in…" he nodded toward the stage, "…someone else."

Slowly breaking into a grin, Demyx reddened a bit and didn't deny it at all. "Well…let's meet back here by midnight then. If you're sure."

"Get out of here," Roxas teased, shoving playfully at his friend's shoulder. Demyx giggled and shoved back, but was already signaling to the stripper.

"Be safe," Demyx admonished one last time, before the nearly-naked male arrived. "And have fun," he added with a wink, as the young man's pale arms wound around Demyx. Without a word, the stripper led his customer away. Roxas watched for a moment with an arched eyebrow. Demyx looked a little bit enraptured. Roxas smirked a tiny bit, thinking of Axel. Maybe I can understand the feeling.

Memories of Axel – the way he looked, felt, smelled, his voice – filled Roxas' daydreaming mind until the stage was finally empty and the booming voice of the announcer filled the dark room as flames shot up around the stage…and "Embers" appeared for his show. Roxas' breath caught at the sight of him.

It wasn't a suit this time – Axel was wearing some kind of military uniform, and God damn he looked hot in it. Roxas wasn't too familiar with military branches and their uniforms, but he decided right then that Axel should really consider a second career in whatever branch would have him in that pristine white uniform for special occasions. And then he should do special occasion things every day.

This time, Axel marched around the stage first, standing at stiff attention for the audience at each side of the stage. He looked formal and strong – everything a man in that uniform should be. His hair was tucked up under his white hat, even his hands were hidden by dressy white gloves – and all Roxas could think about was the raw, carnal sexuality hidden underneath all that. In an instant, he found discovered a fantasy he'd never known he had – and then Axel started to fulfill it.

With a jolt, Roxas realized that Axel had found him in the audience. Green eyes sparkled and that handsome face broke into a sexy grin as Axel stared at him. Roxas swallowed as Axel stood at attention – having finished his round of the stage – and lifted a hand and slowly tugged a glove off, one finger at a time. Tug, tug, tug, tug, tug… Five fingers, and then off. Then the other hand…five fingers, but then he raised his hand even further. Lips parted and teeth gripped the middle fingertip and Axel drew the glove off with a long, sexy glide. His now-bare hand grazed over his own chest a little before coming back up to take the glove from his mouth. Then he tossed both gloves aside without looking away from Roxas…and the music suddenly pumped up a notch as Axel whisked off his hat. His hair fell loose around his shoulders and he grinned fully, posture changing in an instant from rigid and formal to gloriously on display. Then, with a wink, he tossed his hat straight to Roxas. Startled, Roxas managed to catch it, then blushed as Axel grinned as him and turned to make another circuit of the stage – this time not marching, but strutting. When he came back around, Roxas waited until their eyes met again, then grinned and dropped Axel's hat onto his head.

As Roxas watched Axel beginning to pop open the buttons on his high, stiff collar, he was suddenly distracted by the server bringing his second drink – and slipping a piece of paper onto the table beside it. Roxas glanced down, reading the printed slip – Lucky Thirteen Pass. He glanced up at the server. "What's this?"

A little smile. "You can show that to the security guard over there," a nod in the direction of the backstage area, "after the show, at your convenience."

Understanding dawned on Roxas. He remembered that last time there had been a guard, but the man had stepped aside without a word – for the manager. This, apparently, would mean Roxas didn't need to find the manager or wait for an invitation. He smiled and nodded his thanks at the server, who left. Checking the back of the pass quickly, just out of curiosity, Roxas smiled to find a handwritten note scribbled there: "You know where to find me."

He smiled. Oh, he knew. He remembered the way, could walk it blindfolded probably, even though he'd only been there once. Roxas turned his eyes back to the stage – Axel was half unbuttoned now, making a production of slowly revealing his beautiful chest an inch at a time as he moved around the stage, giving everyone a good look as the trim, proper uniform became more and more disheveled…until the last button opened and the jacket was hanging loose. Axel rolled his hips to the beat, pulling the jacket away from his stomach to let the audience see. Roxas caught his eyes again and lifted the ticket, smiling and tapping it against his lips. Axel grinned and ran a tongue over his upper lip, like a welcome and a promise just for Roxas. The rest of the audience was there, watching, but Roxas was only vaguely aware of them. The show almost felt like a private one, just for him. And, when Axel finally slipped out of the jacket, leaving his upper body bare, it was like foreplay between the two of them.

Axel took to the pole at that point, and made a rather impressive show of taking off his fancy boots and socks while suspended in midair, sometimes upside-down. His chest and arms flexed beautifully, and his thighs gripped the metal rod between them with a force Roxas could so easily imagine. God, but he wanted to be there – right between Axel's thighs, being crushed against his body that tightly…he could practically feel it.

He came back down to take his stiff white slacks off – and this time, Roxas was surprised to find that they were the real thing. Axel had to unzip them and everything – gradually, a little bit at a time, teasing the audience with peeks at his underwear and sly little touches as his fingers slipped under the fabric, then reappeared. Then the pants started to come down, sometimes pushed a little, sometimes slipping faster as he danced, hips rocking and making the loose fabric fall. The whole thing looked so much like preparation for sex that Roxas almost forgot it was a show. Tearing off stripper pants that were held on by Velcro was a great move, but nobody did that in bed for real. This was almost like regular undressing – with dancing at the same time, of course, but still.

Somehow, Axel skillfully managed to slip out of the pants completely without any awkwardness – and then he was dancing in nothing but a tight little pair of white boy shorts, a miniature reminder of the strict-looking uniform that was now long gone.

And he was touching himself a lot.

If Axel's hands weren't on the pole as he arched against it or wrapped himself around it, they were wandering over his own body, drawing the eyes along for some focused attention on each part. And Roxas felt his breath catch every time Axel's eyes found him in the crowd – which was often. When Axel's hands rubbed over his own groin, Roxas felt the touch like it was on his own body – and the meaningful, sexual smile Axel watched him with only increased the feeling. Roxas had to clasp his hands together around his drink to keep from touching himself the way Axel was, because he was getting aroused – fast. And Axel wasn't stopping.

While Roxas did remember a little of this from the previous show, he was almost certain Axel hadn't touched himself this much that time. As the stripper continued to rub his hands over his own crotch, his hips, fingers inching under the tiny bit of fabric as they slipped around to his ass and squeezed…Roxas was definitely sure this was more than last time. Axel's hands found their way back to the front of his body again, and Roxas gulped. He was practically masturbating on stage as he danced, his rolling hips driving his hidden cock into each rubbing caress of his hands, thrusting as if he was fucking his own hands in front of everyone – absolutely shameless. Roxas bit his lip and squeezed his legs together, sweating a little. He'd worn loose pants, but he was so erect by this time that it hurt anyway. He was actually relieved when Axel turned to the other side of the stage for a bit…until the stripper backed up against the pole and bent down at the waist, spreading his legs. He pushed his hips back, and the incredibly phallic metal pole was shoved right into the center of his ass – and then Axel started rubbing that, too. Bending his knees to raise and lower his hips, he rubbed the pole between the cheeks of his ass, and all Roxas could see was his own cock, right there, sipping wetly against the hot skin – no fabric in the way – thrusting and thrusting and then pulling back with a change of angle to find that little hole in the center and pushing in, in, deep inside…

And the show ended. Finally.

With a final strutting circuit of the stage, Axel gave everyone a last look – a nice long, good last look straight at Roxas – before descending amidst flames and vanishing. The moment he was out of sight, Roxas was standing, making his way through the crowd, oblivious to them cheering for "Embers" – heading straight for the backstage area, ticket in hand.

It was a good thing he'd worn a loose, low-hanging sweater this time. His pants wouldn't have concealed much, but fortunately they didn't need to. Roxas just had to try to walk fast without limping – which wasn't easy, and in order to keep his steps even, he had to slow down a bit. It seemed to take forever to get across the club. Fortunately, the security guard didn't slow him down. One glance at the slip of paper and he nodded, stepping aside and letting Roxas backstage. There, he sped up, not caring if he limped – all that mattered was closing the distance between himself and Axel's dressing room.

Roxas found the right door and opened it…to find the familiar room empty. He'd beaten Axel there. He didn't care, though. Dropping onto Axel's couch, Roxas cupped himself with a groan. He rubbed his cock hard through his jeans, painfully relieved just to be able to touch a little, finally. He didn't want to go all the way…not yet, at least. Not alone. He'd try to wait for Axel, but in the meantime, just a little…

He didn't have to wait long. Soon, voices outside the door made Roxas straighten, yanking his hands off himself and pulling his sweater down to hide his groin just before the door opened, Axel entering and talking loudly over his shoulder, "…Meant exactly what I said! Turn them down! I don't give a shit how much they…" He turned and saw Roxas, breaking into a huge grin immediately. "…Oh. You're quick." Eyes raked over him fast, sparkling with desire. "Hi."

"Axel, seriously…" The manager's voice came from behind the stripper, and Roxas noticed Marluxia there with a clipboard. Axel pushed him back, however, without taking his eyes off Roxas. Roxas, for his part, had already stopped looking at Marluxia. Axel had his robe on – but it was open, and he was still wearing his white boy shorts. His body was coated in sweat. He was tossing aside an empty water bottle as he shoved the manager out the door and shut it.

"I'll make it up to you Mar. Promise." His voice was purring now, eyes still on Roxas, who bit his lip. "Just turn them all down for me, babe." Then the door clicked shut, and the manager's grumbled answer was cut off.

"Hi," Roxas all but gasped. Axel crossed the room in two long strides, losing his robe in the process. He dropped into Roxas' lap, all bare, dripping wet skin and male scent, straddling him and grabbing him and kissing him. Roxas groaned and opened his mouth to Axel's tongue, his head falling back and his arms clutching the man closer for a passionate kiss. Axel ravished his mouth, and his hips pressed down, grinding against Roxas' arousal. "Ahhhh!" Roxas cried out into the kiss as the delicious pressure almost made him come.

Axel pulled back, grinning at him and panting. A hand slipped down between their bodies, pressing against Roxas' clothed erection. "Oh sweetheart, you're hard as a rock already, aren't ya?"

Moaning, Roxas could only just manage, "Your…fault…"

"Mmmm," Axel hummed in pleasure, getting off him. "I'll fix it then." He tugged Roxas to his feet and wasted no time – just started getting his pants open and off. Roxas pulled his sweater over his head at the same time, and in seconds he was naked. Axel was staring, eyes shining, and then he lay down on the couch. Lifting his hips, he took off his last remaining clothing – finishing the strip show just for Roxas – and then lifted and spread his legs. "Fuck me, baby. Just fuck me, quick." Even as he said it – and as his hand grabbed a bottle of something Roxas hadn't even noticed right beside the couch – he was following Axel, kneeling in the space between his knees as the man opened the bottle and poured its contents between his legs. Roxas gasped as Axel's hand gripped his cock and the slightly-cold lube was poured over him, too. A few fast strokes of Axel's hand spread it, and then the bottle was tossed and Axel was whispering the words again, guiding Roxas' cock between his legs. "Fuck me, Roxas, as hard as you want."

Without hesitating, Roxas obeyed. He felt Axel's soft, wet, ready entrance with his head and pushed forward immediately, the flesh giving around him and making him moan as he entered Axel, heat closing around his cock as he went in deep. Axel welcomed him, arched up to push against him, grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper, groaning as Roxas filled him. His cock thickened, rapidly hardening as Roxas pulled back and thrust forward again, beginning to fuck Axel with raw, desperate passion. He knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he had no technique at all, and he should be a little more self-conscious having sex with someone who probably knew more about sex than Roxas could even imagine at this point…but he didn't care. Axel was hot and aroused beneath him, he was inside the man and it was wonderful, and all Roxas could do was brace himself on his arms, pushing Axel's legs up further and just pounding into him, letting force and speed make up for his lack of finesse.

Not surprisingly, Roxas' restraint couldn't withstand that for very long, and he came fairly soon. His orgasm exploded and he thrust in fully one last time and stilled, his cock pulsing over and over as he ejaculated inside Axel. Axel's legs squeezed tight around him as he filled the stripper with his release, gasping and listening to the other man moan. A large hand touched his face, caressing softly as Roxas' climax ended and he began to relax. His body unlocked and he collapsed, and warm arms welcomed him, holding him soothingly as Roxas struggled to get Axel-scented air into his lungs.

"Mmm," Axel hummed, stroking his hands over Roxas' back, "God damn I missed you this week. I've been thinking about you a lot. I'm so glad you came back."

Smiling weakly, Roxas kissed a spot on Axel's chest. "I couldn't stay away if I tried. Besides, I wanted…" Then he paused, laughing at himself as he remembered. Axel blinked, smiling at him and waiting for an explanation with raised eyebrows. "I mean, I still want to try turning the tables with you," he explained. "I was hoping you'd show me what bottoming is like…and then I went nuts and this happened." He tipped his head with a wry smile as if to indicate their naked, tangled-up, sweat-soaked bodies.

Axel chuckled too, and then kissed him. "Baby, I don't mind at all that this happened. You can go nuts on me any time you want. And I would love a chance to have your cute little ass. As long as you're sure you're ready for that, sweetheart."

Blushing a bit, Roxas nodded. "Actually, since I came with that in mind…I um, read some things that said to make sure you're…clean. So I did."

Fingers raked through his hair as Axel grinned. "That's sexy." Then he sat up slowly, helping Roxas roll off him as Axel moved behind him on the couch. "Lie on your stomach for me, kay? Just take it easy for now. Catch your breath."

Roxas complied, lying on his stomach on Axel's couch, shifting so that he wasn't smushing his penis. He felt Axel settling between his legs and scooted them apart a bit more to make space. Warm hands ran up his legs, gently rubbing his thighs, and Roxas shivered. When Axel touched his ass, he blushed, ducking his head into his folded arms a bit, just in case Axel could see. He couldn't help it. The slow massage felt good, but Roxas had never had anyone looking at and touching his butt like that before, and he was a little embarrassed. He relaxed a tiny bit, relieved, when Axel's hands travelled up higher, working over his back as Axel leaned down over him.

Warm breath tickled his ear as Axel whispered, "I'm going to rim you first, okay sweetheart?"

Biting his lip, Roxas shuddered, but he managed to nod. A soft kiss brushed his shoulder, then again, lower. Another kiss on a shoulder blade, a few more trailing down his back, wet heat on his skin as Axel added a little tongue to the kisses. When he reached the small of Roxas' back, he lingered there, and the kisses became long, stroking licks of his tongue. Roxas shivered every time he did it, warm, tingling sensations shooting straight to his groin.

Axel moved down again, and all Roxas' attention was on the slow progress of that mouth over the swells of his ass. Fingers slipped toward the crack in the center…trailed along the seam…glided in further, pulling him gently open…and then the same thing was happening all over again, but it was Axel's hot tongue this time. Roxas was breathing hard and struggling not to squirm by the time Axel separated his cheeks fully and gave him one long, wet lick right down the middle.

"You taste so nice," he murmured, and Roxas jolted as a finger pressed his entrance, rubbing it with a circular motion. "And you're so, so cute. You have no idea how pretty this little virgin hole is…or how hot I am to get inside you."

Roxas tried to think of an answer to that, but whatever he might have said vanished into an aroused cry as Axel's tongue pushed and probed at the wrinkled opening…and slipped inside him.

It was…different. Amazing. It felt so good that Roxas wasn't sure what to do. Axel kept pushing his tongue inside, then drawing it back out with a slow lick. He sucked at the skin too – a lot. Each time, Roxas clutched at the couch cushions, trying not to tighten up or fight the strange new pleasure.

Gradually, Axel began adding fingers inside him. Roxas could feel the harder intrusion, compared to the tongue, as Axel's fingers alternated with his tongue, rubbing and working him open a bit more each time. It felt weird, but still sort of good, in a way – the motion felt strange, the sliding friction was new and hard to get used to, but the stretch as Axel loosened him was…arousing. Roxas shifted a little, lifting his hips a bit, both to get a little more of the new sensation and to take a little weight off his cock, which was growing firm again. Then Axel pulled his lips off with a sucking sound, and Roxas felt something new touch him.

"Mmmh, um, what's that?" he mumbled.

Something hard pressed him, easing in carefully. "Just a little plug, baby," Axel murmured. "We're taking it slow. This will stretch you better than my fingers can."

"Nnn…" Roxas grunted his understanding and forced himself to relax. He felt the smooth shape worked into him. It stopped before anything hurt, and Roxas sighed, relieved. He tightened his body experimentally around the toy, testing how it felt. Still weird, but he was getting used to it. It was odd to be held open like this though – his body's reflexes wanted to close up again, but the toy wouldn't let him. He squirmed a little.

A hand slipped between his legs and took hold of his cock. Roxas moaned aloud as Axel grasped him loosely, working his fingers over Roxas' penis, massaging. The stimulation made Roxas harder, his body quickly responding to a sensation he was more familiar with. With his free hand, Axel cupped Roxas' balls, pressing them gently with his palm and rolling them as he stroked Roxas' growing erection. Roxas heard a whimper and realized, too late, that it was him. He was starting to get carried away with the things Axel was doing to him.

Releasing his balls, Axel trailed a finger back toward the toy. He kept stroking Roxas' erection as he took hold of the end of the toy and moved it around. Roxas felt it shifting inside, pushing against his walls and massaging them even looser. He whimpered again, less bothered by the feminine sound, now. It felt…good.

"Relax," Axel warned him, then began to withdraw the toy. Roxas let him take it out, and the sudden empty feeling was…strange, somehow. It didn't make sense, because the toy had been the weird thing – this should feel more normal. But it didn't…and Roxas was more than a little relieved when he felt another push against his entrance. Axel's voice was low and calm. "This one's a little bigger, okay?"

It entered him smoothly, and Roxas, intending to simply agree, just to let Axel know he was okay, found himself moaning, "Mmmm…yess…" The stretch was a little more intense this time, the toy reached deeper, but it felt better than before. Being filled was starting to take on a new meaning for Roxas' body – a good one. Without thinking, Roxas gripped the toy inside him as soon as Axel finished putting it in him. This time, it wasn't so much testing the sensation as it was…maybe trying to increase it. Trying to make the toy feel bigger

Returning his attention to Roxas' cock, Axel stroked him harder, now. Fingers pressed behind his balls, rubbing…and Roxas gasped at the hot pleasure that shot through him. Something felt wonderful there – there, and inside. The toy shifted – Axel must have moved it – and the pleasure exploded again, even more intensely this time. Then Axel was moving the toy steadily, sliding it in and out, sometimes carefully grazing that spot, but not too often. Every time he did, the flash of heat left Roxas panting for a minute before he felt like he could deal with that again.

He almost moaned in protest when Axel pulled the toy out of him. He really didn't like the emptiness now. Nothing was stretching him, nothing was moving inside him or hitting that spot that made him want to scream. Fortunately, it was only for a moment. He felt another touch and arched into it immediately, pushing his hips back to take it in.

There was a little grin in Axel's voice. "Easy now, baby. This one's pretty big."

"It's fine," Roxas panted, already feeling the familiar stretch as the ring of his entrance opened to allow something inside. It was…more. This time, he could feel it opening him up even more, and the stretch alone was arousing. Roxas relaxed his body and shuddered all over, enjoying the feeling of being opened. It no longer felt strange to be spread wide and held there, and it no longer bothered him to have something inside him. What did bother him was the lack of movement. He clenched around the toy before Axel had even finished putting it inside him, trying to pull it deeper, faster.

"You want me to fuck you with this?" Axel purred, angling the toy to rub over Roxas' good spot.

"Nnngahhh, yes! Unh, yes, yes, fuck me with it, mmm, Axel!" Roxas' cock was so hard that he felt close to bursting. He didn't care what Axel had inside him – he wanted to come.

The toy rotated, and Roxas' loosened hole allowed it. Axel chuckled behind him. "If you want me to, I will…but I was going to give you something better, next."

Roxas gulped, only half aware of anything beyond the methodical in and out of the toy inside him. "Wh-what's…that?"

His body jolted as Axel added some force to the next inward glide. "I was going to give you my cock next, sweetheart. I was going to fill you up so deep and fuck you," he breathed. "My cock is a little bigger than this…and it's hard and burning up for you right now. I want to be inside you so bad…"

"Unnngh!" Roxas twisted on the couch a bit. "Then hurry up and do it!" he moaned. "God, I can't wait anymore, Axel, just give it to me!"

A soft chuckle as the toy was pulled out. "Give you what?" Axel teased, his voice a little husky.

"Your cock!" Roxas groaned hard, hating the emptiness now. He wanted to come so much… "Give me your cock, please!"

This time, the pressure against his softened entrance felt hot. Slick and wet and overheated. It nudged and rubbed, and Roxas pushed himself up on his knees to try to get it inside. He felt Axel's head starting to open him…and the man moaned deeply. "Oh sweetheart…you're going to be my new obsession, I can tell." He slid in deeper, his words becoming panted, breathless. "Probably…the worst one…yet."

"Mmmahhh, yes!" Roxas couldn't find much more to say to express his agreement with that idea and everything else he was feeling as Axel finally filled him completely, hot and hard and so deep. His back arched in delight, and the angle change made Axel rub that perfect spot inside him, just a little. Roxas writhed, gasping. It was wonderful. Nothing hurt, nothing felt strange anymore – the total newness of feeling Axel's body inside his own was pure bliss. And he only wanted more.

Before he could ask for it – or demand it – Axel started to give it. Out and in again, quickly – the first thrust made Roxas scramble for a better position, something that gave him more grip to brace himself with. He ended up clinging to the arm of the couch, pushing against it when Axel thrust into him. Trying to get Axel to go deeper.

Hands stroked over his skin – his hips, up over his ribs, and down his back again. He felt one hand move to the small of his back again, rubbing over and over in a circular motion. The tingles of pleasure added to the intensity and made him clench around Axel, grunting. His erect cock jolted up, on the verge of coming. Roxas felt Axel's other hand sliding down under his hips, heading for his erection, and he knew if Axel touched him, he'd lose it. "No," he gasped quickly, and Axel stopped. "Don't touch…that. Just…fuck me…more."

The hand slipped away from his groin again, moving to grip his hips instead. Roxas felt a soft kiss on his back – Axel must have bent at a weird angle to do that, but he couldn't really see. "Okay, sweetheart," Axel murmured. "I'll make you come just with this." His hips shoved forward on the last word, a powerful thrust deep into Roxas that made him cry out.

"Ahhh! Mmh, yes like tha-at!" Axel did it again. And again. Roxas felt the large hands on his hips pulling him back each time, and a few thrusts later, he could feel Axel's hips slamming against his ass with each penetration. It was so intense, so deep, Roxas felt weak all over, like his whole body was going to give out from the tension. And Axel just kept thrusting faster. Wet, skin-slapping sounds and Axel's voice moaning over and over mingled with his thin, weak gasps of agonized pleasure as Roxas began to lose it. Then, suddenly, his restraint gave out – and he came. His cock pulsed rapidly, over and over, and Roxas felt his semen shooting out of him, probably onto the couch. Not that he was thinking about that.

Axel, Axel, Axel, oh dear God, Axel!

He may have been screaming it too. He wasn't sure.

As his cock released the final dribbling spurts of fluid, Roxas became aware that Axel had slowed down a bit, his thrusts becoming leisurely. But when Roxas was finished, he suddenly picked up speed again, and rammed into Roxas so fast so hard a few times – and then Roxas felt Axel come, too. Every throb inside him felt huge, and the spurts of hot fluid inside him felt…incredibly satisfying. Axel had taken him, and had deeply enjoyed it, and Roxas felt breathless with happiness as he accepted Axel's release within his body.

Roxas collapsed onto the couch, exhausted. He felt Axel pull out and get off the couch, and he wanted to touch him, to feel his body pressed close…but for the moment, there was nothing but tingling numbness in certain parts of him and the chill of the air against his damp skin. He was just pulling himself together enough to open his eyes and try to locate Axel…when the soft weight of a blanket was draped over him. At that, he did open his eyes, turning his head to see Axel just settling himself – sitting on the floor beside the couch, near Roxas' head, draped in his open bathrobe again, water bottle in hand. He smiled tenderly at Roxas, who grinned back hazily. A large hand reached up and touched his face, caressing his cheek, brushing back his hair, and Roxas sighed. "You're so amazing…" His voice came out far rougher than he expected, and his throat hurt. It startled Roxas a bit, and he blinked in surprise. Axel grinned.

"You're pretty incredible yourself. Thirsty?"

Nodding, Roxas swallowed. He felt like he'd just gone for a long run, and he desperately needed a drink. With a wink, Axel lifted the water bottle…and took a long drink from it. Then he leaned over, cupping Roxas' face as his lips – cool and wet – pushed Roxas' mouth open. A mouthful of water was transferred sloppily to his mouth – not all of it made it inside, and several dribbles soaked his chin. And then, of course, he had some difficulty swallowing it with Axel's tongue still in his mouth, swirling together with his tongue deliciously. Fianlly, when he did manage to swallow the water, Axel didn't seem to be done kissing him…and to be honest, Roxas was fine with that. He forgot about getting a drink for a minute and just met Axel's sensual kiss, responding to every pleasuring caress inside his mouth. God he loved the way Axel kissed him. Especially now.

However, when Axel finally pulled back – his lips clinging for one last lingering press before parting from Roxas' with a soft sound – Roxas swallowed and realized he was still thirsty. He frowned a tiny bit. "That's not actually a very efficient way of getting a drink, is it?" He'd never realized. It always seemed like a good idea…

Laughing softly, Axel shook his head and handed Roxas the water bottle. "Nope…it's more sexy than helpful."

Thankfully taking a long drink, Roxas sighed. "It's pretty sexy though…"

"With you, yeah," Axel agreed. "Everything's sexy with you."

Roxas felt himself flush, but he didn't mind anymore. Anyway, Axel's face was pretty red too – sweat darkening his hairline, with a rosy sex-flush over his cheeks, his nose…his chest, showing through the parted folds of the robe. No, everything's sexy with you, Roxas wanted to argue, but then…Axel seemed to understand from the look in his eyes. Their gazes met again, and Axel leaned in to kiss him, and Roxas reached for him – a little awkwardly, because he was lying on his side and all, but he wanted to touch Axel, to be closer… The sweet pressure against his lips felt so right, and Axel always tasted so good, he never wanted it to end.

When Axel finally pulled back, Roxas didn't let him get far. His hand on Axel's neck pulled, keeping the man close. Nose to nose, Axel grinned at him. "Didn't I do a good enough job satisfying you, sweetheart?"

"Mmmm," Roxas purred. "You did a great job. Just don't go so far away."

Red eyebrows inched up a bit. "I'm right here, Roxas. This isn't far." Not having words to argue with that, Roxas just frowned. Axel chuckled. "Are you a cuddler after sex? Want to cuddle?"

Arching an eyebrow, Roxas pointed out, "How would I know what I'm like after sex? This is only the second time I've had it." Then, he couldn't help adding a final thought – "Cuddling would be fine, though." The idea of Axel lying beside him, close, touching…he wanted it as soon as he imagined it. "That would be okay."

His eyes shut briefly – Axel had kissed him on the tip of his nose with a smile. "All right then," the man murmured, rising and climbing onto the couch with him. Roxas scooted over to make room and turned to face Axel. It was a tight squeeze, and there weren't many places where his body wasn't pressed against Axel's. Much better.

"How's this?" Axel asked, hugging him close.

Roxas sighed. "Perfect."

"Good." Then, after a pause, Axel added, "May I make a suggestion?"


"I just think we should exchange some phone numbers and addresses. So we can take this sort of thing…out of the current setting." His eyes glanced around the tiny dressing room wryly. "That is," he gazed at Roxas, a little question in his voice, "if you're okay with having an ongoing…thing…with a stripper…"

Roxas shut him up before he could get all insecure – by kissing him. Then, he murmured huskily, "I want to see you again. A lot more times, if you'll let me. And I would love to see you outside of your job. I definitely want to have an ongoing thing with you." I want as much as you'll give me. "I don't want this to end, yet." Ever. Maybe…

Then he grunted as Axel squeezed him tight, beaming. "All right then. You're invited to my place at your earliest convenience."

"And you're invited to mine right after that," Roxas added happily.

"Deal," Axel agreed. Then he kissed Roxas again, and Roxas kissed him back, and it was more than wonderful.

It was perfect.


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