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Author's note: This is my first fanfic. All reviews are welcome. I am a scientific writer, so this type of writing is new to me. I am also studying to be a sexologist. I love the lemony stuff, but get frustrated seeing it filled with inaccurate information. So this is my attempt to write a fun story that includes realistic sexual information. Hope you find it both educational and enjoyable.

How did I get myself into this situation? Haruhi looked at the shadow king sitting at the one small table and chair in the room loudly banging away at this laptop. He was clearly irritated and was not making any pretense to hide it.

Suddenly he slammed the laptop shut with a shuddering loud bang probably doing some damage. "What kind of place doesn't have wireless internet! Or for that matter, any internet connectivity at all?"

"I guess a small town in the middle of nowhere like this." Haruhi commented not even remembering the name of the town they were in.

5 hours ago.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. I apologize, but due to an earthquake in Tokyo, New Tokyo International Airport has been closed. All flights have been diverted to XXX airport. Please prepare for landing"

Haruhi looked over to her travelling companion. He had been fuming since Sapporo airport when they announced their plane had been cancelled and everybody had been booked on various flights that had any seats available. Of course, the twins pulled out their usual twincest routine and landed some tickets together. Tamaki flirted with the girl at the counter to get the last first class ticket. Honey and Mori were able to get seats on another flight as well. Finally Kyouya and Haruhi were stuck together on one of the last outgoing flights together. Kyouya was about to yell about how an Ootori does not travel this way, when Haruhi coyly pulled him aside and begged that he not make a scene. She was actually glad to get away from the twin's incessant games and Tamaki's constant banter. And although Haruhi had enjoyed this weekend in Sapporo, she was ready to go home.

After some tearful moments with Tamaki throwing a scene to rival the old B movies, all the hosts boarded their separate flights. Kyouya and Haruhi's flight had been the last to depart.

"Damn that Tamaki and his idea to travel commoner style. Why would anybody travel coach when we could have just taken one of our private jets?" He glared over at Haruhi accusatorily as if it was all her fault. "Next time Tamaki proposes a commoner experience, I will ring his neck."

"I'm sorry sempai, but with the earthquake, I don't think they would have even allowed private jets to fly in. I know this is very inconvenient for you, but let's make the best of it. I'm sure XXX will be at interesting town to hang around in for some time.

Three hours later, as their taxi pulled up to the only hotel (or more like motel) in the area, Haruhi regretted her words. This truly was the most boring little town in all of Japan. On their drive over, all they passed were factory building after factory building. However, the look on Kyouya's face when the driver told him there were no Ritzs, Fourseasons or any other star hotel in the area was priceless. Haruhi thought that look was almost worth the aggravation that was to come, almost.

"What do you mean you only have one room available! Isn't this a hotel? Who in their right mind would come stay in this place for the hotel to be full. Do you even know who I am?"

The front desk man gave Kyouya a blank look. He obviously didn't care who this spoilt rich brat was. The earthquake in Tokyo had diverted a large number of flights to this town and for the first time in 15 years, his hotel was booked. He didn't see the point in catering to his customers because none of them would ever be back again.

"Do you want the room or not? Because I'm sure there's going to be somebody else looking for a room tonight that would be more than happy to take the room," he said with a sneer as he dangled the key in front of Kyouya's face. Kyuoyo quickly snatched the key as he flung his gold card at the man. "Sorry, we only take cash."

"What!" Kyouya looked like he was ready to lung over the front desk and attack the man. Fortunately for the hotel owner, Haruhi quickly pulled out her wallet and placed the required cash on the desk. "We'll pay cash." She said pulling Kyouya away before he actually did hurt the man.

Half an out latter, Haruhi had walked out of the small shower in the room they had to share, to witness the furious shadow king take out his frustrations on his laptop. "Would you like to take the bed or the couch?" she asked while rubbing her wet hair with a towel.

Kyouya, completely ignoring her, walked over to the mini bar, opened it, and pulled out a bottle of sake. "At least this hotel has a mini bar. Thank goddess because I really do think I would have completely lost it if it didn't."

"Um, sempai, you sure you should be drinking?"

"Haruhi, I am 18 years old and completely capable of having an alcoholic beverage. And I do believe it is a rite of passage for all commoner teenagers to get drunk, at least once, is it not?" He unscrewed the bottle and poured the clear liquid into 2 cups. Placing the 2 cups on the table, he sat down and gestured for Haruhi to do the same. "And it wouldn't be polite to drink alone, now would it."

Haruhi contemplated correcting him on his opinion of commoners, but thought it wise not to further aggravate the shadow king by pointing out his mistakes. And anyway, Haruhi had never drank before, besides for a few sips of wine her father would occasionally let her have out of his glass. She lifted up the sake to her lips and took a small sip of the burning liquid which tasted like bitter flames as it went down her throat.

"That's because it's cheap sake," said Kyouya as he downed the entire cup in one gulp. "Good stuff goes down smooth without the after taste. But I guess we'll just have to do with this commoner stuff tonight."

"You know sempai, I am tired of your derogatory comments about commoners. If it wasn't for this "commoner" hotel, we would be out on the streets right now, and you know what, I am a commoner." With those words, she chugged the sake, instantly regretting it as it burned all the way down to her belly.

Kyouya refilled both their glasses. "Just Kyouya. I think we are good enough friends to drop the honorific."