Chapter 9. Sorry guys that it lasted so long, but it was a heavy time at school with tests and stuff. So. Now a long chapter (4 pages in Word). Enjoyz.!

Chapter 9

Of course they didn't listen. I've seen them fighting in a LOT lives. And they never listened. But most of the time Arriane or Gabbe or Molly would appear and help their side. And Roland. Well, he actually commented it. And then a sort of Penn would come down to look worried, or comment, like Roland, or get me out of this. In this life 'my' Penn, was Mary. Arriane and Gabbe were noblewomen. Molly either, though a very strange kind of noblewoman. But Arriane, Gabbe and Molly weren't able to be here at this moment to stop the boys from fighting. Even Roland couldn't be here.

Cam kicked Daniel. Daniel hit Cam. Cam pushed Daniel to the ground. Daniel pulled Cam with him. Cam started to hit Daniel. Daniel hit Cam back.

It went on for a while. Dammit, I thought.

'Please, Daniel, stop!' Daniel didn't stop.

'Cam, stop this!' But Cam didn't stop either.

Big raindrops started to fall down on the ground.

As the rain came, Shadows – Announcers – started to swarm around the fighting angels. The cold they brought, was freezing. I shivered and started to call Daniel and Cam to stop, even harder. But the harder I screamed, the more noise the Announcers made. I shivered, but decided to take a shadow, like I did a lot with Shelby and Miles in the forest near the Shoreline school. I looked in it. And gasped.

Daniel was in Helston, my life in 1854. He was crying. Shadows were creeping up him, but he didn't seem to notice.

'Oh, Luce, please! Stop running away!' he cried.

I wanted to reach towards him, embrace him. But I didn't. First I had to stop this cycles of mine, and make my future with Daniel sure. But still, it broke my heart to see Daniel suffer so much. Something changed. The shadow was finished with showing, but Daniel spotted me, I suppose, because he lunged to me.

'Luce!' he yelled.

I let go of the shadow. Daniel disappeared.

But the Daniel of this life stopped fighting when he heard his own voice. I was still shivering. I sunk down on the ground and looked at the sky. It was still raining. The rain fell down on my face. I looked down. The rain, and tears for that matter, streamed of my face to the ground, making it even wetter.

I heard Cam. 'Yes, you coward. Walk away. Like you always do.' Cam spitted on the ground.

I felt an arm around my shoulders. I looked up in Daniels face, the face I saw in the shadow, who cried for me, suffered for me, yelled my name. I placed my hands in front of my eyes.

'Hey, what are you doing on over there?' a voice yelled from outside the door. I recognized the voice of Jane Parker.

I heard footsteps go away and saw Cam walk back to the door. He shook his head and water dropped out of it.

Daniel rubbed my arms. I noticed I was still shivering. He placed his face in my neck and let his chin rest in the little hole in my shoulder. I shuddered at the feeling. But with joy. I was made for him. I felt it. I knew it.

'We've got to go inside. You will get ill.' He whispered in my ear.

I sort of nodded. Daniel helped me stand up. The sky started to become even darker. Thunder started rolling over the sky. We winced, both, at the sound. Daniel hurried us both to the door, where Cam and Jane were waiting. Well, Jane was waiting, Cam was about to knock Daniel down, but I suppose he saw I needed Daniels support. I had finally stopped crying. Now I saw Jane was holding 2 towels. Cam had one draped around his shoulders. She offered us one, but Daniel ignored her and hurried to get me up to my room.

We burst in my room. Daniel made me sit down, wet and all, on my bed, so that he could prepare a bath. As much as I appreciated it, I knew it wasn't his job to do that.

'No, Daniel.'

He looked at me. I stood up again, but wobbled. 'You've got to go to the King. He will be expecting you. I will manage it myself.'

He looked at me. 'No,' he just said. He went on with preparing.

'Daniel, don't. It's not your job to do this.'

But he ignored me and finished it, against my complaints. 'There. Shall I…' he hesitated.

I pushed him to the door, though I was still wobbling. 'Now you go and see the King. Else we both will be beheaded, and only I am destined to die.'

His face was pale.

'Kidding. Now go.' I pushed him out of the door and closed it. I leaned against the door until I was sure Daniel was gone. Then I released myself from my wet gown. I took my wet quilt of my bed and dumped it in a corner of the room. I sat down in the bath and finally relaxed.

Mary came in, in a few moments. She had to prepare for dinner. So had I. I stood up, still wobbling, and began to dry myself. Mary saw me stumbling to the closet, and was immediately worried.

'Lucy! What happened to you?' she took my elbow.

A hard question, 'cuz I didn't know the answer. I hadn't fallen (at least not in the time between the end of the games and now…) or stepped wrong somewhere. Strange.

But the easiest to say, was to tell her I'd fallen and twisted my ankle. She wound my left ankle with linen and offered to help me, but I refused that. I wasn't crippled!. I took a plain black dress with a bodice with glitters and Mary took a soft pink dress with fringes and other inexplicable bits of pieces. After 15 minutes Mary and I were walking slowly to the dining room. Mary had found a stick and we had placed linen strips over the knob. I was leaning on it fervently and it really helped. But it took a long time to reach the dining room.

Daniel was waiting outside and saw me stumbling towards the entrance. Daniel came to us.

'Are you alright?'

I smiled. 'As far as I am concerned, I'm quite well.'

Mary helped. 'She twisted her ankle. I think she may not overburden it too much.'

Daniel nodded. 'I quite agree.' He offered me his arm left arm, since I leaned on the stick with my left arm. He accompanied me and Mary to our places. The King and Queen, and some other men and women stood up to see what was wrong. Mary gave a description.

'Oh my,' the King said. 'You shouldn't stumble around the palace like this. You keep rest.'

When I started to complain it wasn't that bad, he held up his hand. 'I shall let a portable be mad. Then you won't be alone.' The King nodded approvingly of his own idea, and I just nodded. I had nothing to say about it. If it was his wish to let a portable be made, okay, his problem. Not mine. I just had to sit in it. But then I saw the king was serious. He called some servants and let them built one immediately. It was finished after dinner, so I had to step on it and be carried around. George Boleyn helped me on. The King strode over to me.

'Is this well, mistress Periss?'

I smiled up at him. 'Yes, everything is perfect. But it is completely unnecessary.'

But he didn't listen. 'Nonsense. You need to be transported all around the castle. You choose four servants to carry your chair.'

'O, but milord, that's not necessary.'

But he held up his hand. 'I've decided. I can't let you stumble around like this.'

He gestured some servants to come forward, and under pressure of the King, I chose 4 strong looking men who tilted my new carriage. I still held my stick.

After dinner the servants brought me back to my room. Mary walked with me. But she wasn't the only one. A whole group of courtiers were following me and Mary to our room. In that group was, for certain, Mary's brother and Cam, but I couldn't spot Daniel anywhere. Perhaps it was better like that. It isn't smart for us to be spotted together. Not now we were close. I filled me with joy to have Daniel known about our situation, that we could kiss in this life either. But I knew also that I had to leave soon again. It made me so sad, that Mary stroke my arm.

'I'm sure that the King will excuse you, if you are in so much pain.' She said to comfort me.

I smiled the best I could. 'No worries about me. I will be all right, Mary. And tonight I'll just sit on the side, watching you amuse yourself.'

Two men – Cam and George, I saw – ran towards the doors, which seemed to be our chamber doors. The servants wanted to bring me in my room, but I told them to lower the carriage. I walked – stumbled – with Mary into our room. Mary immediately closed the doors for some privacy. We refreshed my bandage. My ankle had swollen a lot. Now I was really depressed that I wasn't in the 21st century, with their pressure connections. We wrapped it extra tight.

Mary said a prayer when it was totally wrapped. Then we dressed. Mary wore a sea green dress which pushed her breasts up. Men would find her totally irresistible. As for me, it would be even worse. I wore a black dress, as usual, but with really much details. The rushes of my skirt were black, with a blood red glow. My bodice was very tight, with beads, glitters and braids of cotton. I had a deep V-neck and the straps of the dress were invisible. Just a silver necklace – the amulet I got from Daniel – held my dress on its place with two thin silver cords. I wore shoes of black satin. My gloves were translucent. My hair was raised in an elegant haircut. Some strands tumbled down my shoulders. Pins with pearls were adjusted in it.

We looked admirable together. When we were about to leave, I suddenly realized my stick didn't fit in with our looks. Mary and I draped a translucent black scarf of mine around it and draped a pearl necklace around it. Then we walked out of the door. The carriage was waiting, but it wasn't the same as when we left it an hour ago. Golden translucent curtains were draped over the chair, so it seemed as if I had some privacy. I sat down and if there was more place, I would have had Mary sit next to me, but there wasn't enough place for us both, and Mary wouldn't accept it.

We entered the party when everyone was already there. I stepped of my carriage to bow for the King and Queen, but the King directed me back into my seat. He took Mary to dance with him after I had got a perfect place to let my carriage be put. I dismissed the servants; I got a little nervous when they were around.

I watched two dances alone, until someone came to sit with me. I was watching Daniel dance with such a grace, I was jealous of it. He danced with Jane Parker, who had a difficulty to copy those elegant steps. I realised I was staring at him, until the chair next to me was moved.

'You look absolutely stunning, Lady Periss,' Cam said in his charming voice.

'Thank you, milord.' I looked at his perfect face. 'Are you completely recovered from your fight with Lord Daniel, milord?' It was out before I could stop it.

Cam grimaced. 'Yes, milady. I was sorry that you had to see that. It was not as it should happen at such a beautiful court, with such a beautiful woman watching.'

I giggled, maladroit. 'Well, it didn't stop you from hitting an innocent man,' I accused. 'As a proper courtier, no as a proper man in this world, you should be tolerant and understanding. You shouldn't fight someone else for fun.'

'Fun? Do you think I just did it for the fun?'

'Well, sir, why else would you hit a man without any sins in this life?'

'O, he has sins, milady.'

'And what sins does he has, sir? If I am right, you were total strangers until you came to court.'

'Yes,' Cam was struggling with words. 'but, there have been tales and rumors about him…'

'Isn't there a well-known fact that you shouldn't listen to gossip, since it is often wrong?'

'Yes, but…'

'Well, milord, if there is no good reason for it, then I think you should apologize. I'm sure Lord Daniel will appreciate it if you show your sorrow.'

Cam was about to say something but I went on. 'Real men show their genuine. That's what makes men attractive.'

Cam was silenced, and so was the music. I looked up and saw Daniel nearing us. 'Milady Periss, Lord Cameron.' He said with a bow.

'Lord Daniel. You are a very good dancer. Even better than I am, I have to admit,' I complimented.

'Thank you milady. But it is not entirely true, milady, since when dance, all the rest is darkness and you are the sun who is shining so bright everyone is dazzled.'

I laughed. 'Then I think it's a good thing for everyone's eyes I'm sitting down here, were I cannot dance.'

He laughed with me. 'Indeed, milady, for some. But that's not a good thing for everyone.'

'Well, tell me someone for who this isn't a good thing?'

'Don't look far milady. In front of you, you've an enchanted man, desperate to dance with you.'

I laughed. 'But where, then, lord? Where is that enchanted man? Maybe I can free him from the spell.'

He shook his head, suddenly serious. 'No one can free me from this spell.'

Cam, who had been silent while we had a courtly love exchange, sighed. 'No need to be so serious, man. There is no spell, so strong that a man can't be freed of it. Except if you had made a pact with Satan.' Cam looked very serious, and still handsome.

Then Cardinal Wolsey appeared at Daniel's shoulder. 'Gentlemen, if you need to speak to someone about dark pacts, speak to me, and private.'

Cam raised out of his chair. 'There are no dark pacts made, my dear friend. Just a dark flow of thoughts.'

Cardinal Wolsey relaxed. Then he saw me and bowed. 'Milady Periss. How is your ankle?'

I bowed my head. 'Already much better, lord. Thank you. I've been helped around very kindly.'

'As it should be. I hope you'll recover soon, so that we all can be dazzled by your dancing over the floor.' He bowed and walked away.

Cam was staring at Daniel. Daniel was staring to something above me. I looked up and shivered. A shadow. I had time to yell, before I was in the shadow.

So, a shadow again. I realise just now, I've used shadows 2 times in this chapter. Well whatever.

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