Foster's delight is what he cannot fight; he can try with all his might, to escape his dreadful night. Days and days went by, soon months came by, soon years came by, to visit his past and regret his lies, more and more his mind try's, his sub-conscious still denies, to let him take control.

Eventually he gets tired of this, his life is what won't ever miss, because he has been alone for almost his whole life, never to find love nor peace, he wishes he was better, to find his true letter.

If he could restart his life… he would knife this ungrateful burden brought to life, then he could find his letter then make himself better, the only woman he ever love was a woman named metrove, he loved her but she didn't.

Years went by, so did he die? No one really knows, it was like he jumped of the face of the earth, to find his reason of birth.

To this day Foster's life was a burden to try and take control of his life, and knife that mental tumor but he could never succeed. If he had died then his life was full of pain and suffering that he tolerated. He was strong, he was brave, but he was a slave… his mental grave. Once he died he was free. To restart what he didn't succeed.

His mind had been the way to get his way. When he had completed his difficult bolt of a jolt he finally woke from revoke. He was relieved to believe that this was a dream….a horrible dream this was. This vision he had seen was not a dream, his life has restarted for successes, and in his life he was depressed by the way he guessed, that his life was a mess. So he got dressed to go to school and get a mess in what he believed it was life that his mind grudged, that there was no reason to judge who is bad or who is good, it was not real if you can appeal that these were belief of mischief. He realized that he died from a broken heart. It was thanks to the ruler of his actions. The pain of a broken heart made him have to restart. He was glad not to be sad.

He realized that love comes from his mental cortex and that's where his sub-conscious lived. He didn't care as long it was gone. He can fix his mistakes in life and make it happy instead of sad.

The end