AWAY IN A MANGER - Supernatural Style

Written for the Supernatural Seriously Awesome Christmas Carol Competion on Facebook.

Warning: If spoofs of religious songs trouble you, please do not read. I have no wish to offend.

Disclaimer: Don't own the boys and they're are probably the better for it.


It couldn't get stranger,

the ghost's got no head,

Dean gives it the bitchface,

"what's dead should stay dead!"

Sam loads up the salt rounds,

and gives it a blast,

Dean gives it a send-off,

The pain in the ass.


In pain and in danger,

Dean dreams of his bed,

Somewhere to rest,

and lay down his sore head.

But Sammy is there to,

Make the pain go away,

A cool hand and kind words,

To make it okay.


The unlucky park ranger,

Found a black dog last night,

But a good iron dagger,

Makes everything right.

Some cold beers are reward,

For a good hard days work,

And the bitch, he can pay,

For himself and his jerk.