Time for Ashie! Here we go-si!

Ash quietly sleeped in her room… but not for long, of course, 'cause she's about to have a nightmare. But first-

"WaayaayaayaaYAAAAH!" She shot awake when Jar Jar crashed his blimp into her house and exploded.

One of the parts from the explosion flew over and landed on another house, destroying the front part and Cleveland Brown started sliding down the tilting floor in his bathtub. "What the Hell? ! No no no no NO NO!" He fell. "Aw. This is why Gungans should never become Senators."

The smoke from the explosion cleared and Ash found her house completely destroyed, and her bed was sitting on a small pole. "MY HOUSE! !"

"MY MIIII'K!" Jar Jar exclaimed. "Oh. Dere it is!" he said when he found his bottle.

"Oh, great! There's more property damage we gotta pay for." Darkrai said.

"Do we still have da milk money?"

"We don't NEED milk money, and we don't need milk!"

"Ha' some anyway!"

Once again, Darkrai took the bottle in annoyance. "Eh. Still, I'm gettin' in the mood for juice."

"Look what you freaks did to my house! Why, I oughta dump some mustard on you!" Ash yelled.

"What the Hell?" Darkrai asked. "Not my choice of 'random' but whatever."

"But is better! MUCH BETTERR!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, that's it! Good night!" With that, he gave Ash a not good dream.

Inside her not good dream, Ash awoke to find herself in a giant bird's nest. "Huh? Where the crud am I?"

She looked in fright when the giant bird eggs started hatching, and the baby birds came out and started chirping.

"Holy crud! BIRDS! !"

Just then, the mama bird flew by and grabbed Ash in her beak, holding her over the babies, who chirped happily.

"Ugh! Let me go, you cruddy birds! And why do I keep saying 'cruddy'?" She gasped. "Oh no! I can't think of anything weird and unexpected to say! I only have the same, predictable crud!" She covered her mouth. "Uh-oh! It's already happening! CRUUUD!"

"BANANAS!" she screamed, shooting up and gasping for… wait, bananas?

"YAY-HEE!" Jar Jar exclaimed. "I-sa likie the calcium and Vitamin GLEE!"

"Calcium? I hate coconuts!" Ash replied.

"Reelly? I-sa likie de bomboots."

"Yeah, trains are cool."

"ARRRGH!" Darkrai screamed. "I can't understand EITHER of you! And not only that, the nightmare itself was terrible!" he yelled, looking at his list. "I don't even remember having her tonight!"

"Aw yeah. Aussie put her on dere." Jar Jar said.

"You put her on there? Why?"

"Because she got milkie." Jar Jar smiled goofily, cuddling by her.

"Euh. No wonder I don't like broccoli." Ash said.


"It means monkeys!"

"UGGH! You know what, forget you, I'm going to scare…" He checked his list. "Mikaela Corella? Cool, I get to go see Mewtwo- OW!" He was suddenly hit by a camera.

"RECORD IT!" Nick yelled.

"Uh… we go see Mewtwo?" Jar Jar asked.

"Yeah. That's where this Mika girl lives at, with him. Is there a problem?"


"YAY! !" Ash exclaimed.

"Oh, forget it. Let's go." With that, the Nightmare King grabbed Jar Jar and they flew off, leaving Ash to look confusedly.

"I'm going to get some eggs at Annie's house." With that, she jumped out of her bed to the ground below and left her ruined house.

Well, there's Ash, aka randomkid2012. Next up, it's Mika, as soon as she tells me her fears! Later!