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"Hey, Buzz," Jessie called, bounding over to the space toy.

He smiled. "Hey, Jess."

"I know it's a little late, but I just wanted to thank you again for saving me."

"S-saving you?"

"You know, during Bonnie's playtime?" She said. "If not for you, I might have been a pancake on them tracks."

Buzz gave her a crooked grin. "Oh, it was nothing." He was a bit confused, of course. Jessie always hated when Bonnie made her the damsel in distress in her games. He looked at Jessie closely and noticed one of her eyebrows were slightly raised, as if she were waiting for something.

Then he remembered that during said playtime, after he 'saved' her, the little girl had Jessie save him. "Oh, and thanks to you, too!" He practically blurted.

Jessie giggled, leaning closer to him. "Happy to oblige, space ranger." Then within mere seconds, she closed the short distance between them, kissing Buzz softly on the lips.

He felt his face go red as she wrapped her arms around his neck. But, instead of the kiss ending there, like it usually did, it instead deepened; eliciting a muffled groan from Buzz.

He pulled away. "Jessie.."

She shook her head and pressed their lips together once again. She then untangled her arms from his neck and brought them to his shoulders. Her hands slowly made their way down his arms, her fingers lightly brushing against each dent on his plastic skin.

She felt his body slightly tense when her fingers found the button on his right arm. She gave a small grin against his lips and ran her fingers gently over the button, teasingly.

When he suddenly broke the kiss, Jessie realized she went too far. "Sorry. I didn't mean to..." She trailed off, tugging at her braid.

"It's not that," Buzz admitted, as he was obviously enjoying himself. "It's just..." He looked around them, to make sure nobody was listening. "It's neither the time nor the place for us to.." He coughed into his hand.

"Oh," She said, blinking at him. "Okay, so when is the right time and place?"

He looked at her for a moment and his face fell. He gave a big sigh, pulled her hands away from her hair and squeezed them gently. "Jess, we're toys. We always seem to be around one another, all the time." He emphasized the word 'we' to show he was talking about the entire room, not just the two of them. "We'll never have time to be alone."


He dropped her hands. "I'm sorry."

When he walked off, Jessie just stood there for a moment, letting the moment wash over her. She wasn't sure if she should be angry or sad. Then, after a few moments of pacing, she settled on the first emotion, and stomped her way across the room, over to Woody.

"Woody, can I talk to you for a second?"

He turned around and smiled. "Sure, Jess, what is it?"


Woody blinked. "Oh." He faced Dolly again, whom he'd just been having a conversation with and gave a small shrug.

She waved it off. "You guys go on ahead. We'll talk again later."

Jessie nodded a thank you and pulled the cowboy doll aside. As soon as she was sure they were alone, in a secluded corner of the room, she released his grip on him. Woody continued to stare at her, a confused expression on his face, while Jessie tried to decide how to start.


"Okay, Woody," She began, slowly. "I hate to bring this up – bring her up – but I'm desperate."

He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, is everything okay?"

Her hands found her braid again. "You and Bo were really close. I know that. And I know you two used to spend a lot time alone away from the rest of us plenty of times, so I gotta ask: where and when did you go?"

Woody's eyes went wide, but he seemed more embarrassed then upset. "Well, we usually went off together at night, o-or when Andy's family was going to be out for a while." He rubbed the back of his neck. "But I can't really help you with where, since that was back at Andy's house."

"Oh," She paused, feeling suddenly stupid. "Right."

"I can help," A voice suddenly joined in. It was Dolly. It only took the new toys about a week to realize she was no stranger when it came to eavesdropping.

Jessie quickly shook her head, her cheeks flooding with color. "N-no, that's okay."

Dolly smirked. "I wasn't asking." Then she grabbed the cowgirl's hand and led her away.

She turned to face her male counterpart who seemed to be holding in a chuckle. Jessie frowned at him and attempted to keep up with her leader.

When Dolly was sure Jessie was following her, she released her hand. "So, you need some time alone. You're not getting tired of us already, are ya, cowgirl?"

Jessie almost froze in place. "Oh no, it's not that. I just-"

"I'm kidding," The rag-doll smiled. By now, they were out in the hallway. "And I understand. Just because we're toys doesn't mean we don't have needs, urges."

The taller of the two dolls felt her cheeks burn again. This wasn't exactly the easiest subject to talk about. Especially with one of her new friends. "R-right."

"Plus, I can't blame you for wanting some alone time with that space ranger of yours," Dolly grinned. "He is quite handsome."

Jessie tried to smile. "Yeah, he's great." She attempted to change the subject. "So, where are we going?"

"Where do you think?" The rag-doll asked. "To find that perfect private getaway for you and Buzz."

"And where is that?"

"Just a bit farther - you'll see."

"Do the other toys know about this place?" Jessie asked after a moment.

"Just me and Chuckles."


Dolly grinned. "Yeah, we used to be...somewhat of an item."

"Really?" Jessie didn't mean to sound so surprised. It wasn't that she couldn't picture the two together. After she and Buzz - a cowgirl and a space ranger - got together, nothing seemed impossible anymore.

It was the fact that Dolly had said "used to be". The cowgirl was sure the only things that ever seemed to separate toys were yard sales and garbage trucks.

It was the rag-doll's turn to blush. "Yeah, we were quite the couple. But after a while, Chuckles didn't stay in Bonnie's room anymore. For whatever reason, he started spending most of his time on the kitchen windowsill. It was his 'spot', if you will.

"Bonnie still brought him over during playtime, but right when she was done, he was returned to his spot by the window. It was harder to make time to see him then, so we decided to be just friends. No big deal."


"Anyways, before that happened, there was a place we used to sneak off to to be alone." Dolly turned to Jessie. "All toy couples need a spot to be together, away from the group. It can get a bit uncomfortable for the rest of us when two toys start getting mushy around each other - trust me.

"Those Potatoheads' don't seem to mind, though. It's been taking all my strength not to yell, 'get another room!' when they get that way, you know?"

Jessie laughed and nodded.

"I'm surprised you and Buzz didn't have one back at Andy's."

"Well, we weren't very..close, then."

"Ah." Dolly nodded, letting the subject drop as they came to a somewhat dusty tunnel. "It's just through this crawlspace."

"Crawlspace?" Jessie looked nervous. She always hated going into small, dark places.

The rag-doll patted her hand reassuringly. "Don't worry, it's not that far."

True to her word, the walk only lasted a couple minutes. But even still, Jessie was breathing heavily when they reached the end. Hopefully that walk would be much more comfortable with Buzz and his glowing suit near her.

"Here it is," Dolly said, waving her hands about the room.

It was rather small, but only because some dusty boxes occupied most of the space.

"They're Christmas decorations," The doll answered after reading Jessie's confused look. "The Anderson's used to come up here and get them each year, but lately they've been buying new stuff. So, I guess they forgot where they put these."

Jessie sneezed.

"Huh," Dolly said, pursing her lips. "A toy allergic to dust. There's a new one." She waved it off. "Don't worry, I'm sure everything will still be fine. It's the most secluded place in the house, so..."

Jessie nodded, sneezing again. "It's great. Thank you."

The rag-doll grinned. "So, shall I go get your knight in glowing armor for you?"

"No!" Jessie practically blurted. "I-I'd rather tell him myself, if you don't mind."

Dolly smiled again. "Of course. Have fun!" Then she zipped out of the room. The cowgirl barely had a chance to wave goodbye when the other doll suddenly peeked in again. "Also, one more thing - though the Christmas ornaments don't really talk much, they do tend to listen in on..stuff."

Jessie blinked her eyes in surprise.

"Just kidding," She laughed, then paused. "They don't talk at all."

A/N: She's kidding, of course! ..Or is she? ;P Anyway, I had planned on making this a two-shot, but what I have written so far is pretty lame. Bascially, it just covers Jessie telling Buzz about the crawlspace, attempting to lead him there, and then a bunch of cuteness ensues, but I personally think the story works better as a stand alone OneShot. But you let me know if you think it should be continued. I'll keep you updated and, as always, thanks for reading.