Forget Peeta lied about Katniss being pregnant. What if she really was? Here's how I think it would have gone. Katniss' POV,not sure how many chapters yet. *Has no relation whatsoever to the rest of my fics,just a what if.*

"If it wasn't for the baby." Peeta muttered into the microphone.

I was shell shocked. We had just figured out I was pregnant,and here he was,telling everyone in Panem before our families even knew. I could imagine Gale,Prim and my mother and how they must be reacting. Gale probably choking on air,my mother disappointed and nervous, and Prim...well, Prim more than likely excited,but hiding it. I happened to be looking at Haymitch when Peeta said it,and he looked half ready to murder Peeta and half giddy with excitement,because the sponsors were going to eat this up .

That night,Peeta followed me into my room.

"Kat...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that out loud." He leaned forward and kissed me for a few seconds. When he pulled back,he tucked a flyaway hair behind my ear. "I mean it."

After I didn't respond,Peeta got up to leave.

"Peeta...wait. I want you to stay here...I'm scared."

He stopped at the door,turned around and crawled into bed with me.

"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" He smiled,laying his hand on my stomach.

"Of course,I could never stay mad at you." I smiled back and kissed him,pulling him as close as I could.

He moved his hand from my stomach to around my back and his finger was soon moving around the waistband of my pants,like he did every time we wound up having sex. I didn't fight it this time,because,how much worse of a situation could we get into anyway? The worst that could happen is Haymitch or Effie walking in on us. I take that back,we could be in a much worse situation. Still,I let him,as the rest of his hand found its way into my pants.

Just as I was getting into it,and my hand had found it's way into his pants, when Peeta stopped and pulled back. Sweaty and out of breath,he looked back at me, slightly horrified.

"Katniss...I-I..." He panted,but before he could finish,I kissed him. Shutting him up completely.

Satisfied,I started working his shirt off, and once I tossed it to the ground,he started on taking off mine. As I started tugging at his pants,I could tell Peeta was back into it,if you know what I mean. He threw my pants across the room just as I threw his,and he bit my ear as he slid himself inside me.

I obviously got way to comfortable with having the privacy to scream Peeta's name as much and as loud I wanted to,because not long after I did for the first time,someone was pounding at the door. Peeta stopped dead in his tracks and looked from me to the door in horror,and before either of us could decide what to do next,Haymitch was in my room.

"Whats going on!" He yelled drunkenly,standing in the doorway swinging a baseball bat around like the madman he is.

It took a good 5 minutes of bat swinging for him to realize there were no assailants in the room,and to finally look in our direction. Neither Peeta or I had budged,so he was still on top of me,and our clothes were still strewn around the room. Thank God we were under the covers,or else Haymitch would've gotten a decent eyeful.

"What the- Peeta? You there!" He shouted into the darkness. I could see Peeta bite his lip and cringe before answering.

"Umm,yeah...Haymitch?" He shouted back.

"What are you doing in Katniss' room? What is all this stuff on the floor?"

Peeta collapsed on top of me,and sighed in relief when he realized Haymitch was too drunk to know what was going on.

"It's nothing,Haymitch! Go back to bed. You're sleepwalking."

Before Haymitch had the chance to turn and leave,my worst fear was realized.

"What is going on in here!" Effie piped up from behind Haymitch.

""Ah shit..." Peeta whispered in my ear.

"I'm sleepwalking,Effie..." Haymitch mumbled before falling over,out cold,at her feet.

He carefully stepped over him and into the room,flicking on the lights.

"What are you two-" She chirped,realizing what was going on.

She turned around and kicked Haymitch until he woke up.

"Haymitch! Deal with this! You're their mentor!" She yelled before storming out of the room.

Haymitch stumbled across the room,jumping over our clothes,and landing face first on the floor on my side of the bed. Peeta leaned over me to see what happened and Haymitch looked up.

"Peeta...where's your...OHHHHHHH!" He yelled. "You guys were..."

I smacked my face with the palm of my hand.

"Yes,Haymitch. We were having sex,thanks for killing the mood."

Peeta looked at me like I'd really lost it this time. More or less shocked I'd actually said the word 'sex'. To Haymitch.

This left us in an extremely awkward situation. We had Haymitch on the floor giggling and rolling around like a 5 year old girl,our clothes God knows where,and us stuck on the bed completely naked. But then,Haymitch does something completely unexpected. He catches his breath and stands up.

"Well,then. I'll...just let you finish then." Then he starts cackling like a maniac and walks toward the door,clicking off the light and closing the door.

I can guarantee you that an experience like that would make excellent birth control. But,oh wait,I'm already pregnant.