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Chapter 1:

Danny woke up with an extreme headache and sore muscles. He groaned, "What happened?" he had his eyes shut tight against the pain and he gingerly felt his scalp for any bruising and/or bleeding. Yup, definitely bruised. He carefully rose to his feet, using a wall that he had happened to be against to push himself.

"You tell us, Ghost Child," a deep voice rumbled somewhere off to his left.

Danny whipped around, pains momentarily forgotten in his panic. There in front of him stood Skulker, arms crossed and scowl set in his face. He pushed off the wall he'd been leaning on to tower more effectively over the teen.

"Us?" Danny squeaked.

"Yeah, us," another voice bellowed from a different wall adjacent to Skulker's. From that direction, Jack Fenton walked cautiously forward, brandishing nothing more than the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick (aka, a baseball bat with the word Fenton on it!) Danny sighed in relief, "Da-"

"Where have you taken me spook?" Jack interrupted, making a hot wave of panic wash over Danny. He looked down at himself and confirmed his ghostly glow and black and white jumpsuit.

'That's odd,' Danny thought. Usually when he was in his ghost form, he had to make a conscious effort to stay on the ground. Here, he could feel gravity as strongly as if he were Fenton.

"How should I know?" he asked nervously. Experimentally, he raised his hand and called forth an ecto-blast in his palm, but nothing happened. He stared at his palm in panic. Normally it would be no problem to combat his father armed with only a baseball bat, but that was when he could at least fly.

"Well, you were the last of us to arrive, Little Badger." The final person in the room, Vlad Plasmius, revealed himself to have stood on Skulker's other side, across from Jack. "We were hoping you could shed some light on our present predicament. And before you ask, I am just as much a prisoner as you. I had nothing to do with our current…powerless nature" he held up his hands in a gesture of surrender.

"Oh man…" Danny breathed. He was locked up with his worst enemies, plus his father, who was his enemy at the moment.

"Look, whelp," Skulker started with a sigh, "We don't like this situation as much as you do, but despite our differences, we're stuck in this together."

Understanding that Skulker and Vlad, for the time being, weren't against him, Danny relaxed a bit from the defensive stance he'd subconsciously adopted.

"Not with me, you're not!" Jack's eyes were filled with a savage light of pure self preservation, but beneath that, fear. Danny knew like none other how petrified the idea of ghosts was to the large man. They didn't scare him in the normal sense, though; it was more a fear for humanity. Danny had discovered this when he had come home late one night after another Box Ghost escape. He had walked in invisibly on Jack talking to himself in the living room. To this day, Danny didn't know why he was doing that, but it had let to the discovery of why Jack Fenton hunted ghosts. He feared that ghosts would someday take over the world in a mass genesis, and so hunted every last one of the ectoplasmic creatures to prevent that outcome. He believed everyone who was a ghost automatically wanted the destruction of the human race; therefore he wanted the destruction of the ghostly race to protect his family.

Although, if Jack knew the truth about his son, there would probably be a conflict of interest there. It was for that reason that Danny feared sharing his secret. He had no doubt that his mother would accept him, but his father was another matter entirely.

"No one cares, you bumbling buffoon! We are trying to find answers!" Vlad was already irritated at being without his powers; he didn't need Jack making it worse. "Now, Daniel, what is the last thing you remember?" his voice had changed drastically between the two he had addressed, but Danny paid it no mind. He was all too used to Vlad's insults to his father and at the moment, couldn't be bothered by it. He was too busy fishing for a memory.


Danny had been flying out on patrol just like any other night when his ghost sense went off. He glanced at his watch, a gift from his parents on his 15th birthday, and noted that it was 9:30, the little window that told the date also telling that it was the 20th of December.

"I've still got time," he muttered to himself, not like he would ignore the ghost even if he didn't, but still. He looked around, trying to spot the ghost and was surprised to find a little girl.

She appeared to be around 3 or 4, but it was always difficult to tell with ghosts. She had hair that was black with a purple spider-bow holding up the long straight strands out of her face. Her hair was so long; they reached down to her ankles and swayed in the wind, somehow managing not to get tangled in one another. She wore a long black night gown that was longer than her, hiding her bare toes, with a purple-lace collar trim with the same thing on her cuffs and at the end of the gown. She was thin, but with an adorable toddler face that could make even Skulker stop and say "aw!" Her eyes, a sky blue, glowed and radiated with hidden power in their round depths.

She tilted her head a little, "hello," she said. The child's voice was high, but melodious. It seemed to sooth you and make you want to protect the girl at the same time, all in that one word, but Danny was strong enough mentally not to fall for it. At least not when she wasn't even really using her powers… "My name's Kat, what's yours?"

"What are you doing here?" he asked, crossing his arms. He wasn't going to fight a little girl, ghost or not, if they didn't pose a threat.

The girl tilted her head in the other direction and she giggled. "I like you. Fatman? I want him!" she pointed a slightly chubby finger in Danny's direction.

"What are you talking about? Wait a second…did you just call me Fatman?" Danny sounded indignant, but he had no time to ponder on this when a shadow fell on him from behind. He turned quickly, but could do nothing as his world fell away into a sea of purple and he passed out from a hideous smell.

-End Flashback-

Danny shook his head to clear away the disturbing memories and relayed them to Vlad and Skulker, Jack too consumed by his hatred of ghosts to listen.

Vlad nodded, hand on his chin in contemplation. "You're story seems to coincide with Skulker and my own experience. Seeing as the oaf has as of yet to talk civilly, we have no idea what happened to him." he rolled his eyes.

"So…do you know what's going on here?" Danny asked hopefully.

Vlad shook his head, "I'm sorry little badger, but I don't know what is going on at the moment. Hopefully, this Kat person will come and explain things to us soon."

Danny sighed and sat down against his wall. This was going to be a long night.

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