I leaned my head against the car seat. Two more hours until we arrived at the campsite where the five of us- Maxwell, Peanut, Tarot, Sabrina and I- would be staying. I turned my head to look at Peanut. He snored against the window, his headphones slid down till they looked like they would wrap around his neck and choke him. I giggled and pulled them back over his head. I caught a bit of the song when I did so:

Tonight, you're with friends

And until the journey ends

You are braver, and stronger,

Why can't this night last longer?

I giggled again. Of course, a D&D song. He was such a nerd. Still…. It was kind of adorable, in an innocent sort of way. Not like Maxie, with his false bravado and flirtiness and in-control attitude…

All my giggling woke Peanut up. "Wuh… are we there yet?" he muttered, grogginess smothering his puppy-like features.

"No, Peanut," I smiled. "Just go back to sleep." But he ignored me and started drawing. "ooh, is that a new Spot (superdog) comic?" I asked. "Can I see?"

He pulled it away. "Not until I'm done!" he whined.

"Fine," I grumbled. I closed my eyes, and in a second was whisked away to the darkness of dreams.

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPEEEE!" Peanut shouted in my ear.

"WHAT?" I shrieked, startled awake. "And if you ever do that again, I'll kill you… lovingly."

"I finished!" he grinned, holding up the drawing. It depicted Spot (superdog) with his girlfriend Stripes, who despite all appearances is not a cat, flying over an island kissing.

"It's… beautiful, Peanut," I muttered, embarrassed. He looked at me quizzically before turning back to drawing something else.

Truth be told, it was beautiful. It was amazing. I just…

I just wish it was me and Peanut.