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Without further ado: Chapter 5, "Something Fishy"!

"Hey guys!" Sabrina shouted. "Sorry I'm late!"

It was the afternoon, about 3 o'clock. Everyone had slept in late after the tumultuous events of the previous day. Tarot, the last to arise, hadn't awoken until nearly one. She said she felt fine, though I chalked it up to her supernatural powers.
Sabrina sat her duffel bag down, ran over to where the four of us were sitting at the wooden table, playing cards. She quickly gave each of us a quick hug. "I know I was supposed to get here last night, but there was a heck of a lot of traffic. We stopped and asked some people, and they said something about an avalanche. Do you guys know anything about that?"
I quickly glanced around at the others. "It's complicated," I said.
Sabrina sat down. "It's okay," she said. "I'm psychic, remember? I'll just look into the past." She leaned forward. "Later, though. What are you guys playing? I'm pretty good at cards."
Max elbowed her in the side. "That's because you're a psychic, dumbass!"
Peanut grinned. "We're playing Snakes. It's pretty easy; I'll teach it to you."
As the rest of them started explaining the game, I leaned back in my chair and sighed. This life was so simple. Why couldn't I just be happy, like everyone else?

Twelve games later- all of which either Sabrina or Tarot won, despite their promises not to use their powers- we decided to walk down to the river. I fell in step in the back of the line, behind Sabrina.
After a few minutes, the group fell silent, preferring instead to gave silently at the beautiful scenery. I admit, it was beautiful, but now that Sabrina was here, I had something I wanted to ask her.
I grabbed her black, furry arm. "Psst, Sabrina!" I murmured. "Can I talk to you?"
She slowed her pace, obviously confused.
"Well, I know you're in a relationship with Fido, and I was wondering. You see, there's this boy I like, and I used to think he liked me too. But he's a dog, so at first I pushed him away, and now I realize that I like him, he's in a relationship with someone else."
Sabrina's lips pursed into a frown. "Honestly, honey, I think you're overreacting. Just talk to him. Ask him out. If he says no, well, at least you know. If he says yes but it doesn't work out, tell people you make a mistake. And if it does work out, well, you won't have kids, but love is love."
I blushed when she mentioned kids, but nodded. "That's good advice. Thanks."
She gave me a hug. "No problem. Now let's catch up with the rest!"

When we got to the section of the river, the boys and girls split up to change into our swim clothes behind the cover of bushes.
When everyone had changed, we all jumped in the ice-cold water, splashed each other, climbed around on the rocks, and occasionally pretended to be retarded fish. After about an hour or so, Tarot and I climbed out and dried off, while Sabrina unpacked the picnic she'd brought.
"Oh, shit!" she breathed, opening the box. "I forgot something."
"What'd you forget?" Peanut asked, climbing up out of the water. Oh God, the way the wet fur clung to his skin…
"Umm…" Sabrina flushed. "The packing part." She held up the empty box. "I thought it felt light!"
"No problem," Max said. "I'll fish for us!" He threw his arm around me, holding up his other hand. "There's more than one thing these paws are good for," he added, winking at me.
Peanut and I both blushed a bright crimson. "I'll help, too," Peanut said, glancing in my direction. "My Wilderness Pup troop taught me how to catch fish without using claws!"
Max snorted, holding back laughter. "Wilderness Pups? Wow." He shook his head. "Whatever. You've got yourself a competition!"
Peanut raised an eyebrow. "A competition?"
Max nodded, excited now. "A competition! Whoever catches the most fish by the end of the day gets…" He trailed off, thinking. "…Whoever wins gets the loser as their servant tomorrow!"
Peanut glanced at me for a moment, then glared back at Max. "You're on." They shook hands and had me count to three, signaling the start of the contest.