Little Boy

"We'll be remembered more for what we destroy than what we create." — Chuck Palahniuk

Little boy, time is ticking
Where's your muse now? Oh, she's missing
From your presence. She's far away
Now you're left with reminiscing

Little boy sad
His frustration gets him mad
The cause: she didn't show up
The effect? A crash.

Little boy cryer
Gonna pull an all-nighter
To produce a magnificent script
Expectations couldn't be any higher.

Little boy is furious
His thoughts are all delirious
He refuses to listen anything you say
Not at all or one bit curious

Little boy's insane
Got his finger pressed to his brain
Eyes are getting watery
As he looks straight at her and explains

Little boy writer
He's a little strong fighter
Got his notebook in his hand
In the other is a lighter

Little boy's got a surprise
Him and his deceiving eyes
What are you gonna do now? Little boy writer.
What are you gonna do, huh? Little boy writer.