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Chapter 1-Beginning to Doubt

She was a perfectionist. The fact was as simple and as widely known as her hair color or eye color among those who knew her. Maybe it was due to her love of art and the wish to capture her ideas perfectly on paper; maybe it had manifested from the subconscious insecurity brought on by the knowledge that she was drastically imperfect; maybe it had come from the need to perfect her incredibly imperfect world—no one really knew or took the time to figure out why. They just took that knowledge and used it against her. When she disagreed with something they told her to do, they would dangle the offer of perfection before her. "Don't you want to be perfect? Don't you want to have friends?" They would ask her—that was her cue to sit down, shut up, and do what they told her to no matter her objections.

She hated that caged effigy of herself that hung some distance away from her chair. Hatedhatedhatedhatedhated it, even if she couldn't really feel hate. That would remind her of her own imperfections, and then she would get annoyed with herself, only to realize she couldn't really be annoyed, either. The cycle was vicious, and they wouldn't fix it or let her fix it. She didn't care what it stood for, just that the doll was off center and made the cage tilt to on side ever so slightly. She hated it. And that started the whole cycle again.

She didn't like the way he seemed to like to toy with her, play on her need for perfection. Angle the table to one side, move her chair, push her pencils off center, anything to irritate her and push her work back so he could then yell at her when she was behind. She didn't like it when he took to watching over her shoulder, just trying to irritate her and set her back.

The only one remotely nice to her was the redhead, Axel, wasn't it? She didn't like it when he sat on the table when he could pull up a chair, but that was really the only thing he did that bothered her. He talked, but she didn't mind because he wasn't playing on her perfectionist tendencies.

"I met him today, your friend-to-be. Real charmer, lots of annoying questions and quite prone to overreacting." She looked up from where the tip of her blue crayon met paper—she was drawing the ocean stretching out forever before she and her "friend-to-be" as he had just been called. Blue eyes the same ocean blue as the crayon lifted to meet bright green ones for a moment.

"You met him?" The tiny, shy question was almost filled with awe.

"Sure did. Mr. Flower Petals was pretty mad about it, too." He grinned at her like he found "Mr. Flower Petals'" anger funny. She shuddered. "But it was worth it, he was fun to fight and I'm friends with someone like him." Friends? She wondered for the first time. Even imperfects like them could have friends? Why did she have to make herself perfect to have friends and they did not? Then something else registered.

"You fought him? Is he okay?"

Axel laughed at her. "More like knocked him around a little and then let him win. He's a bit more capable than you are, Nami." He teased her with that irritating shortening of her name, leaning closer to her face from his seat on the table, grinning like that weird purple cat from that madman's world in the boy's memories.

"Namine. My name is Namine." She responded flatly, suddenly bold. Axel's smile didn't fade, but she did see a flash of what might have been surprise in his eyes before he backed away and sat upright, then smirked.

"Fine, Namine. " He snickered as he stood up and then walked away. "Seeya." And then he was gone.

And so began the perfectionist's doubts.

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