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Chapter 29-Reunion

It was amazing to see how friendly the residents of Twilight Town, really were. Just as the girl had said when they first met, all she had had to do was ask the nearest resident, in this case, a girl with messy brown hair falling over her shoulders and curious green eyes who added that her name was Olette before they parted ways, and she knew where to start looking for Aura. As she walked away with Axel hovering at her side, Namine belatedly realized she'd just talked to one of Roxas' friends from the fake Twilight Town.

When it turned out Aura wasn't at the Sandlot, where Olette had suggested they look, it only took another question about her to an older man standing by a board that contained all the rules to find out that she was probably still home (he hadn't seen her yet), and that she lived in one of the few small apartment complexes contained only on Sunset Terrace. It didn't take long to find her from there-her name was boldly emblazoned on a wooden doorplate in beautiful, flowing script. Her home was located at the top on the complex, which was a pretty building dotted with windows and balconies on the outside, walls the same dusty orange color as many of Town's buildings.

Namine had bickered with Axel over who would knock on the way over, and he had finally given in to letting her do it. She knocked softly, just below the doorplate, and they waited for a moment. Impatient, Axel reached over her shoulder and knocked again, louder this time.

"'Old on a moment, will ya?" a familiar female voice snapped. "I'll be at tha door in a sec-" Aura barked, cutting off as something inside the apartment made a loud crashing noise. The girl muttered something but it wasn't clear what she was saying before the door flew open. "Now wha-Namine?" The look of surprise on her face was almost comical. Namine raised a hand and waved, smiling weakly.

"Hi, Aura," she offered softly. The brown-haired girl looked from Namine to Axel and frowned.

"Yer friend, 'o is 'e?" she asked suspiciously, nodding at Axel. "Or is 'e not a friend at all?"

"He's close enough to being a friend right now... Anyway, Aura, I'm here for a reason. Is there any way I could stay with you for a while?" Namine asked with a sigh. The young woman's eyebrows shot up.

"May I ask wh-"

"Look, I don't have time to stand around for a whole Q and A session. Can you be trusted to keep Namine safe or not, Rosalynn Sails?" Axel cut Aura off, and before Namine quite understood what was going on, she was being pulled into the apartment the same time Aura flew out of it. Something glinted in the town's permanent twilight a moment before a loud ringing sound ripped through the air.

"'Ow the world d'you know that name?!" she demanded, trying to push the sword closer to Axel. "Tell me!" Axel only smirked at her, continuing to hold the girl off with his chakrams.

"Pretty easy, really. They searched for you for months, you know? Your name was everywhere, not that you go by it anymore. I bet your parents-" Aura practically shoved herself forward, trying to get at Axel, however his chakrams prevented it.

"Shut up!" she shouted. "Don't try guilting m'into anything. I don't need you telling me abou' m'rents!" Axel's smile only grew.

"Good," he murmured pushing her back easily. "If anyone other than me or a guy named Riku tries to come for Namine, remember how mad you are at me right now and tear them to shreds. Don't let me down either, or I will drag you back to your parents, Rosalynn," he said as he pushed the girl back into the apartment. Aura let out strangled cry and dove for the door, sword still in hand, however Axel had slammed it shut, causing the young woman to slam into the door.

With that, Aura made a growling sound and turned, ramming the sword into the floorboards of her apartment. "Um, Aura?" Namine asked softly as the girl stalked off, leaving the sword embedded in the floorboards.

"What?" she snapped back, glancing over her shoulder.

"Where are you going?" she asked timidly. Aura gestured toward another part of the apartment quickly, without turning.

"T'put on some tea so I dun go chasin' afta yer friend. I'm highly tempted to put a sword in 'is gut tha next time I see 'im," she grumbled before seeing to realize that Namine was now her responsibility. "Wan some? An go 'ead and make yerself comf'table. I s'pose ye'll be stayin' 'ere fa some time, eh?" Namine blinked, trying to make out what in the world Aura had just said. It took her a moment before she finally answered.

"No thank you. I don't know how long I'll be here, really, and I'm sorry for intruding, but you were the only person I could think to trust here..." her words hung in the air as Aura turned to glance back at her.

"Didja friend tell ya'bou' me?" she asked suddenly before she laughed and shook her head. "Tha' was a real o'vious ansa-ya wouldn' 'ave come 'ere if 'e 'ad. I'm not 'xactly one ta be trusted-m'name's not really Aura, yer friend knew that, though I'm not sure 'ow. I's Rosalynn, bu' dun tell 'nyone, please. I've been tryin' ta distance myself from m'past since I left..."

"I know all about trying to distance yourself from your past-I've been trying to fix one mistake for the past year, and now look where it's gotten me," Namine offered. Aura laughed and gestured for Namine to follow her.

"Well come on, then, we can throw a pity party 'n trade stories t'nigh', and in the mornin' I'll show ya 'round-I 'sume ya neva got t' see much of Twiligh' Town?" she asked. Namine shook her head.

"I haven't," she admitted moving after the young woman. It wasn't the kind of reunion with Aura she had expected, but Namine hadn't even expected to see the girl again at all. Now that she was with the girl again, Namine felt a small twinge of happiness; it seemed she had another real friend, one who wasn't much different from her. She might have technically been on the run, but that wouldn't stop her from enjoying the time she had with Aura-she didn't know how much time with this friend she would get.

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