"Tamara, I am sorry. The last thing I will ever do is to hurt you," he told her pleadingly.

She smiled weakly. "It's over and done, Christian. She's pregnant, and she needs you."

He looked relieved. "Thank you for understanding me."

"I still am your best friend, remember? I would be the last person on earth who wouldn't understand you." With that she tore her eyes away from the boy she loves and turned away.

Tomoyo looked at her work, deciding what to write next.

"I must go..leave this place and try to forget about him. He has his own family now, and I have my own life to live." She looked up at the indigo sky, as if the answers to her questions will be found there. "But where?"

"Good question," thought Tomoyo. Where would her character go to forget about her childhood sweetheart?

The same question she had been asking herself for years after Li moved permanently to Japan to be with his fiancee.

Sakura Kinomoto. Her childhood best friend. Her own Christian she loved so much from afar.

She knew though, that Li loved Sakura and the girl loves him just as violently, and that she has to move back.

"I'm just as useful and important to her as the cardcaptor costumes that she outgrew," she thought bitterly as she remembered how she used to be Sakura's favorite person. But no, Li had to barge into the scene and steal that precious person away from her. It was so unfair! She had been by Sakura's side ever since they were still kids, and Li was the third party. The stranger.

But now, it was she who wasn't needed anymore.

Tomoyo shook her head. "No, stop it, Daidouji! Li is your friend too! And you promised to be happy when Sakura is happy, remember?"

But no matter how convincing she tried to sound, it still doesn't change the fact that she doesn't have what it takes to make Sakura happy. Because of this, she felt that she was the most pathetic person in the world.

"Maybe I should go and start a new life somewhere really far. I'll pick the pieces of my life and rebuild it," her mind thought.

Inspiration struck her.

"London. I will go to London."

Eriol Hiragizawa was quietly playing the piano when Nakuru Akizuki arrived in his music room. "Konnichiwa, Eriol-sama!"

He didn't look up. "What is it?"

"Daidouji emailed me awhile ago.." She let her words trail off in hope to arouse his interest.

His face remained blank as he continued to play the piece Rose loves so dearly.

"And she asked me if I could sugget some place where she could live indefinitely and cheaply," she continued.


Spinel looked at the girl in disdain. "Will you just tell us in one unbroken sentence what you want to say?"

"Okaaay," she sat down the sofa. "I told her she can stay in our house."

"No," said Eriol immediately.

"But she won't be a bother!"

"No," he repeated more firmly.

"But she's Tomoyo Daidouji."

"No," he said with calm finality.

"Yes!" She stood up, hands on hips. "She's going to arrive here tomorrow because I already said 'Yes'."

Tense silence filled the room.

"Who gave you the right to make decisions without consulting me?" he asked in a low dangerous voice.

Nakuru fidgeted nervously. "E-Er..I just wanted to help her.."

"Help her??!! On my expense?!!" He stopped playing. "I do NOT need another woman in the house! Rose is enough for me!"

"But she's Tomoyo Daidouji," she reasoned. "She's not just any other woman, for pete's sake! You used to li-"

He faced her angrily. "Silence! My decision is final. I do not want her in my house! Call her right now and tell her that my house cannot accomodate one more person."

"You are making me lie!"

"And you are making decisions without my approval. Stop acting so self-righteously."

"But I cannot understand why you-"

"I hate women, period." He looked at her pointedly.

The feline snorted while te girl crossed her arms over her chest.

Eriol took the cordless phone. "If you won't do it then I'll do it."

Nakuru was about to protest again when he shot her a warning look. He then dialed Tomoyo's number.

"Moshi moshi!" A cheerful girl's voice answered the phone promptly.

Eriol momentarily lost his nerve. It has been years since he heard that angelic voice. His heart pounded. "H-Hello?" He finally found his voice.

"Who's on the line?"

"Never mind." He placed the phone down wearily and looked at the puzzled faces of his servants. "I got the answering machine."

Damn. He knew it. Women are nothing but trouble. The woman is already brewing trouble for him even if she wasn't here yet.

He sighed deeply, hoping the good god of fortune would favor him and make Tomoyo lose her passport or something.

Tomoyo excitedly finished the first chapter of her story after she put the phone down.

"London..I would go to London," decided Tamara as she headed home.

to be continued...