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Sam's POV

Hello. My name is Samuel Andrew Evans. And I'm marrying a person I do not love. Her

Name is Rachel Barbra Berry. She's an awesome person. And very pretty but I don't love

her. I love her like a sister and its pretty weird marrying your own sister. Well let me tell you how we wound up in forced marriage. You see my parents, Richard and Marianne Evans and her dads; Hiriam and Leroy Berry were best friends in college. And they grew very close. Hiriam and my dad own a really famous company, ever heard of Apple? Yeah they own that (AN: I know they don't but just go with it!). And Leroy and my mom have a small wedding planning business. When my parents found out they were going to have a baby (me.). They were ecstatic. And Hiriam and Leroy were looking for a surrogate mother to have one of their own. They did very soon like 1 week after and they found Shelby Corcoran who was going to carry their soon to be child (Rachel.). Well my parents found out they were having a boy (me!), and Hiriam and Leroy found out they were having a girl (Rachel). And soon after my parents had me and 4 months later, Rachel was born. Well when we both reached the age of one, our parents thought we would make an amazing couple. And so they both came to an agreement that once we were both 22 years old, we were to marry. Rachel and I never really cared; we thought they were fooling around until we both reached the age of 21. That's when my dad told me to propose to Rachel. I was dumfounded. Rachel and I had a huge argument with our parents. But we eventually gave in. And then I Samuel Andrew Evans became engaged with Rachel Barbra Berry.

Quinn's POV

Bonjour! My name is Quinn Fabray, and life is just fine! I mean I live with my best friend Finn Hudson who is probably the biggest dork ever! And we just graduated from Ohio State! Finn works as a mechanic at Burt's shop. He actually owns it now that Burt's retired. So now it's Finn's. Anyway, I graduated now and looking for a job. I graduated and became a high school French teacher. Hopefully I get a job soon because I'm growing tired of working at Al's Diner! I've been working there since I was 16! So you can only imagine how desperate I am! Anyway back to Finn, he's been my best friend since we met in pre-school. One of the boys pushed me and scraped my elbow and Finn beat them up for that and we have been friends ever since. Now I bet you're wondering, did you and Finn ever date? Yes. For 5 hours. It didn't last long because we found it awkward dating your best friend that you see as a sibling. He was actually my first kiss too. But that was also awkward. He's like a big brother to me! He is very overprotective. There was once this guy that broke my heart because he was cheating on me with some girl. And Finn was there to comfort me and watch sappy romantic movies while eating Ben and Jerry's. The next day I saw the jerk that dared cheat on me with a black eye and swollen lip. You got to love Finn Hudson! And well we have both been single ever since.

Guess we haven't found "The One" yet but I'm in no hurry at all. Oh! Got to go! Table 5 needs me!

Rachel's POV

Hello. My name is Rachel Barbra Berry. My parents named me Rachel because they were big 'Friends' fans. And Barbra from the most amazing person on the planet…Mrs. Barbra Streisand ladies and gentlemen! I got my inspiration of being a Broadway star from her. I am a very talented person; I should know I'm a very talented person. I have been performing since I was in my surrogate mother womb. There is an ultrasound of me doing a plie'. So I have been gifted with talent since a very young age! Now you may think my life is wonderful and perfect, but in reality; it isn't. I'm being forced to marry someone I do not love! His name is Samuel Andrew Evans. My parents and his parents are best friends and have arranged us to marry since we were 1 years old. We are to marry when we are both 22 years old. A year away thankfully. I don't love Samuel, and I never will. He's like a brother to me and marrying your brother is just weird! But Samuel and I have come to terms that this IS going to happen and we have to deal with it. My dad's tell me that I will eventually fall in love with him, but I doubt that will ever happen! Well right now we are on a plane to go to… Lima, Ohio. Never heard of it. But our parents grew up there and want us to marry there. Were going to stay there for a year until we marry. I still get Goosebumps just thinking about it. I wanted to get married in New York our birthplace and where we graduated, I graduated from NYADA and Samuel graduated at NYU. But once we marry Samuel and I are going back to New York no doubt about it. Oh well were here now I must say goodbye.

Finn's POV

Hey. The names Finn Hudson! I'm 21 years old and loving it! I'm finally legally allowed to drink! I live with my best friend Quinn Fabray, probably the most awesomest person in the universe. She's like a sister for me and I love her! I'll break anyone's face that dare hurt her! Anyway me and Quinn graduated from Ohio State. She studied to be a French teacher and I'm a mechanic! I took over my step-dad, Burt shop. And I love it! Well the whole towns freaking out about these important people coming here to marry their two kids. I saw a picture of the girl and she's really beautiful. Too bad she's marrying someone. I showed Quinn the picture of the guy and I'm pretty sure she has a crush on the dude. But we both know people like that will never fall for people like us. But Quinn and I haven't had a date in years so we are in no rush in finding someone. I'm really curious about that girl. I don't know why but I am. Oh gotta go! A car just came in!

To be continued…

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