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Finn's POV

I'm freaking out! I can't think of a perfect and romantic date for Rachel! She deserves romance! EPIC romance! I asked Delilah but she was no help! All her ideas involved tea parties and renting a castle, I got to stop asking a 7 year old for dating advice. So I decide to ask Quinn since she's a girl about Rachel's age and should know a thing or two about romance. I approach Quinn with caution because she's looking through the bills right now, and she's usually angry when doing that sort of stuff.

"Hey Quinn?" I asked quietly, going in defense mode (hopefully no killing involved!). But no, she actually turns to me with a smile.

"Yeah?" she answers with her sweet voice. I relax a little and decide to ask her. I sit down in a chair next to her and just say what I need to say.

"Okay, so you know how I have a date with Rachel in two days right?" she nodded knowingly." Well, I don't have a perfect and romantic date in my mind and I'm freaking out! She needs romance, epic romance and I need girl advice." Quinn smiled at me.

"Well, what does she like? Because if you want a perfect date, it should involve things she likes." I didn't even have to think with this question.

"Broadway. She loves it!" I answered. Quinn then thought for a moment and I just remained quiet, not wanting to ruin her thinking mode.

"I got it! Okay so, I heard that at the park their going to show the movie, "Funny girl". That's a musical, so you take Rachel there but, you isolate yourself from everybody and go a little farther back but you can still see the movie. And set up a romantic, candle-lit picnic for the two of you and you got yourself a romantic date." She said smiling proudly at her amazing idea. I hug her tightly and say thank you a million times. I quickly start preparing the date. Rachel's going to love this I'm sure of it.

Rachel's POV

It's Friday. Friday! I have a date with Finn, which I still can't believe is happening. The problem is I have absolutely no idea what to wear! I guess it's time to make a phone call to my dear friend…Kurt! I run over to my cell phone and call him, he's number one on my speed dial so it's easy to call him so fast. It rings a few times when he finally answers!

"Hello diva! To what do I owe this call?"

I sigh in relief when he answers," Kurt! Thank god you answered! I have a major fashion emergency!" I exclaim.

"Oh well in that case, what seems to be the problem my dear? Did you finally decide to burn your entire wardrobe and get a better style of clothing?" he asked.

"Very funny Kurt but no, I have a…date tonight and I have absolutely no idea what to wear!"

"So Sam is taking you on a date? I thought you two weren't really going out but having an arranged marriage?" he questioned.

I sighed," Yes that's true, but Sam and I came into an agreement," I began," And well, we decided since we have a year before were married, we should enjoy it. So were going to be with people we actually want to be with, without having our parents know," I explained to him.

Kurt remained quiet on the other end," Kurt? Please say something," I pleaded.

"Well, wow. I'm surprised you guys are actually doing that, but have you thought of the negative effects of doing this?" He asked me.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He sighed, "Rachel, what if you wind up falling for the person? Then what are you going to do? You're getting married either way Rachel and you could hurt the person along the way, because you know in your heart you can't be with them," I didn't even think of that, I am getting married in a year…

"A lot can happen in a year Kurt, I probably won't fall in love, and it's just a date," I replied.

"Rach I'm only telling you this because I care about you. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and if the heart wants that person, it wants it," Kurt said.

"I-um" I stammered, I had to admit he was right but Finn could only be just a crush, right? "So about the fashion advice," I said, changing the topic.

Kurt sighed in defeat, "Well you always look stunning in that light pink ruffled dress I bought you, and so I suppose you could wear that with some pink stiletto pumps, some pink pave ball stud earrings, a simple pink ring, your gold star necklace, and just curl your hair and you got yourself an outfit," he said bluntly.

"Okay thank you Kurt," I said.

"Just remember what I said Rachel," Kurt said.

"Okay. Bye Kurt," and I hung up, I sighed and thought about what he said, and Kurt was right I supposed. But it was just a date right? I ignored my thoughts and got ready for my date, but that lingering question kept me thinking, what if I do fall for Finn?

Finn's POV

I adjust my dark grey tie, I swallow hardly. I've never been this nervous, ever. Thankfully Quinn picked out an outfit for my date or I don't know what I would've worn! That's the good thing about having a girl like Quinn as a friend; she's a hopeless romantic who always has an amazing date idea. I quickly splash a dash of cologne on my suit and run out of the house.

As I'm getting in my car I remember that I forgot the bouquet of roses! I dash out of the car and head inside and see Quinn standing with a smirk on her face holding the bouquet," Forgetting something Finny?" she asked.

I grab the bouquet and smile," Thanks Quinny," I say back, and I head out the door again. I turn on the ignition and I remember, I forgot the damn picnic basket and blanket!

I sigh and run back inside and once again see Quinn with a smirk on her face holding the picnic basket and blanket, "You know you should really consider having a list every time you go out somewhere," Quinn giggled, as she handed me the two items.

"Haha very funny," I say and I head out the door, this time I have everything and I'm able to pick Rachel up.

Third Person!

Rachel paced back and forth in her bedroom, her light pink dress swishing as she paced. She's been so nervous that she felt she was going to explode! She looked herself in the mirror and checked her makeup and hair again. She sat down on the bed and played with her leather pink clutch, until she heard the door knock.

"Come in!" she shouted to the door.

Sam's head peeked in and he saw Rachel biting her lip nervously,"Hey, ready for your date tonight?" he asked as he walked in the room.

Rachel shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know really, it's because Kurt told me something that's really had me thinking," she said.

Sam nodded and sat on the edge of the bed, "Which would be?" he asked.

Rachel bit her lip nervously," He told me if were making the right decision doing this," she began, "I mean we haven't even thought of the consequences Sam!" she exclaimed.

"What consequences?" Sam questioned her.

Rachel looked down at her pink stilettos," What if we wind up falling for them? Then what will we do Sam? We both know we can't be with them! Were getting married and there's nothing we can do about it because we can't be with them! As much as we don't want to admit it, we can't stop what's happening in a year, I don't want to hurt him," she explained to him.

Sam licked his lips nervously, she was right, though he hadn't made his move on Quinn yet, what if he did fall for her? Truthfully though, what if he already did?

"Let's not think of that now, let's think of right now, and right now, you should think about your date," he told her.

Rachel sighed," I suppose so, but we shouldn't do that to them Sam, they deserve better," the brunette said.

Sam nodded in agreement, suddenly the doorbell rang and Rachel stiffened.

"I think your date's here," Sam said.

Rachel nodded, "I-I'll see you later tonight Sam," she said as she got up and left Sam in her room.

The tiny brunette emerged down the stairs nervously and took a deep breath before opening the door. She saw as Finn stood there holding a beautiful arrangement of red and pink roses. He looked quite handsome she had to admit.

"Hi," he breathed out, "You look amazing," he complimented. He stared at her, she looked beautiful.

"Thank you, you look quite handsome yourself," she told him. They stood there for a couple of minutes silently.

Finn broke from his thoughts and handed her the bouquet," I-um got you this, I hope you like them," Finn said.

Rachel held the roses and smiled nodding," I do, their very beautiful Finn, thank you," she said.

Finn held out his hand," Shall we go to our date now?" he asked.

Rachel nodded grabbing his hand, as he walked her to his car Rachel felt that this just felt…right. He opened the door for her and she grinned," Thank you," she said to him as she stepped inside the car.

Finn nodded as he closed the door for her and jogged his way over to the other side of the car. Once he got in he turned on the ignition and they headed over to their date.

"So where are we going?" Rachel asked.

Finn grinned," That would be for me to know, and you to find out,"

Rachel pouted, "You won't even tell me a small clue?"

Finn shook his head, "It's a surprise,"

Rachel nodded," Fine I give up," Rachel said throwing her hands up in surrender.

Finn chuckled and parked the car," Wait, so were at the park?" Rachel asked.

Finn nodded," There's a surprise in the park I have for you," he said.

Rachel eyed him curiously, "Which would be-"

"A surprise," he answered.

Rachel giggled," Then let's see the surprise,"

Finn dashed out of the car and opened the door for her, holding his hand out for her, and Rachel gladly took it. Finn led her through the park when Rachel immediately heard the opening credits to her favorite movie, "Funny Girl".

"They are showing the movie "Funny Girl"?" Rachel asked excitingly.

Finn nodded," Yeah, have you heard of it?"

Rachel's brown eyes widened," Heard of it? I've love that movie! I've seen it thousands of times!" Rachel exclaimed.

Finn chuckled," Well then I guess you'll enjoy seeing it for 1,001th time right?" he joked.

The tiny brunette giggled," Yes I suppose so," she said.

"Close your eyes," Finn told her.

Rachel gave him a confused look," Why?"

"Because I have something to show you,"

Rachel closed her eyes as Finn led the way, after a couple of minutes of walking they finally stopped.

"Open your eyes, "Finn whispered in her ear, she got chills down her spine as his voice ringed through her ears.

Rachel's eyes slowly opened and she gasped at what she saw. It was a red-checkered blanket and two candles lit in the middle and a picnic basket, it was quite romantic if she said so herself.

"Oh my god Finn, this is beautiful," Rachel beamed.

"Yeah Quinn helped me come up with it, um but let's eat now yeah?"

Rachel nodded as they sat down on the blanket, and Finn took out two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

"Yeah I'm not much of a big cook, that's mostly Quinn, but this here is my specialty, no one can compete with me for best PB&J," Finn told Rachel.

Rachel giggled, "It's fine, I very much prefer a PB&J than anything else," she said taking the sandwich from Finn.

Finn grinned at the girl, "So how was life in New York? I've never really gone out anywhere outside of Lima," Finn asked her.

Rachel smiled briefly at the memories of New York," Well, it's really big, and always busy. Even at night, that's why it's called, "The City that never sleeps," I always loved New York, it always had some place where you could feel at ease, mine was Central Park,"

Finn nodded, "Seems like an amazing place," he said, taking a bite from his sandwich.

Rachel nodded," It is, so how long have you owned a mechanic shop?"

"Well a couple of months actually my step-dad passed it on to me my brother Kurt wasn't the type of guy to take it over, I recently graduated Ohio State, majoring in engineering," Finn told her.

Rachel's eyes widened in shock," Your step-brother is Kurt? I know him! We went to NYADA together!" Rachel exclaimed.

Finn nodded," Wow that's weird! But yes, he's my step-brother,"

The two continued talking and eating and briefly watching the movie when Finn got up and held out his hand," What is it Finn?"

"I want to take you somewhere not to far away from here," he said.

Rachel nodded and took his warm hand and followed him. They reached a beautiful lake that glistened in the moonlight.

Rachel looked in awe at the sight, "Finn, this is beautiful,"

"Yeah, I come here a lot," he said to her.

Rachel suddenly came up with a very childish idea and grinned as she kicked off her heels," Tag you're it!" she shouted as she started running from him.

Finn chuckled," Oh it's on!" he said as he started running after her.

The two chased each other for a while laughing all the way, when they landed on top of one another.

Rachel giggled as she stared into his brown eyes and he did the same," You're beautiful," Finn said to her.

Rachel blushed," You really think so?"

Finn nodded," I know so,"

The two leaned in and their lips met. It was a soft at first, and Rachel felt quite scared he would pull back, but he pressed his lips more forcefully against her own as he slid his arms around my waist. Rachel's hands reached around his neck and into his hair as the kiss became more passionate. It felt like tingles through her entire body, the right thing to be doing, but her head finally overtook her heart. All these questions came into her head, was this too soon? Will she fall for him? Is she making the right decision doing this?

They finally broke of the kiss and just laid there, their foreheads pressed together. They had no words to say to each other, the kiss alone was enough for the two to realize something,

They had fallen for each other.

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