Clutch Powers, the world-famous explorer, and the rest of his team, were off on another adventure. However Clutch was having trouble concentrating on the task at hand. He had learned in recent days that his father, also a famous explorer, was still alive, after being missing for three years. His father had disappeared while on a top-secret expedition and Clutch had recently learned that his father was still alive. According to an evil wizard, at least. That was the team's first mission together. They had successfully helped Prince Varon take back his father's kingdom from Mallock the Malign, a wretched wizard of darkness who had just escaped from prison. But all that was in the past now, something Clutch tried to forget. Mallock was in custody now, thanks to the LEGO team.

"Hey, a burrito platter!" The voice of Brick Masterson, the weaponry and fighting extraordinaire of the team broke his concentration. "Brick, you know what burrito's do to you.", Clutch scolded. "Oooh, do the burrito's come vith extra garlic and onions?", exclaimed Bernie von Beam, brilliant engineer. "For our sake, I do hope not," said Peg Mooring. She had single-handedly discovered thirteen new species of animals, and also recently tamed a dragon. She had rescued Clutch and Prince Varon when they had been captured by Mallock. The team had had its fair share of problems when they formed but ever since they had formed a plan, and rescued Clutch from Malach's cage of bones, they had seemed to get along better then usual.

"Hey I thought I was doing the driving!" exclaimed Brick, when he returned from the burrito platter to find Clutch at the controls. "You were eating!" said Clutch. "A man like me has to keep up his strength. Raaaa!" yelled Brick as he flexed for them. "I felt a, a breeze! You are incredibly strong!", announced Bernie, staring in awe at Brick, who had a smug look on his manly face. "I really, really, REALLY want to blow something up this time!" he said, pleadingly. "Maybe we should be hoping we don't have to do anything that drastic Brick." said Peg, always the voice of reason. Peg had only recently discovered that Bernie was madly in love with her! She liked him to, even though he was a bit odd. "Everyone ready for Hyper Beam Accelerating Drive?" called Brick, a smile flowing across his usually cross face. "Could you please take it slow this TIME!" Unfortunately for Bernie, Brick had no intentions of slowing down even a little bit.

Clutch could see a slight grin on Brick's face as he zoomed ahead. "This slow enough for you, gearhead?" he asked with a smirk. "Don't listen to him Bernie, I think you're very brave." spoke up Peg. Bernie looked at her, "You, you do?" "Yes Bernie. Remember when you built the war cart for us out of broken pieces. And when you rescued Brick from those two bone heads?" "Hmm!" Brick grunted. "I could've taken them down! Hiiya! Take that! And this!" Clutch sighed as
he watched the minifig take out his wrath on his imaginary victims. The man definitely had an anger-management issue. I'll give that Malach something to play with if he gets out again!" yelled Brick, karate chopping the control panel in his fight. Suddenly, the engines stopped! The craft that the head tech of LEGO had built for them plummeted down through outer space! "Ooops." said Brick. "Here ve go again." sighed Bernie.

The team scurried into action as the ship fell downward. Clutch, always a hero, tried to start the engines back up at the control panel. Brick was angrily stomping the ground. "Augh! I'll stomp on whoever did that!" "Uh, Brick, that vas you who did that." Bernie said from his hiding place under his chair. "And unless you are going to stomp yourself.." Bernie left off, the look Brick was sending his way was not amused. Peg was looking out the window, keeping an eye out for anything that would make their situation worse than it already was. "Guys!" Bernie and Brick stopped their bickering and looked at her. "What? Did they refill the burrito platter?" asked Brick. "No, this is something much worse," Peg cried.

From out of the window, they could see that the ship was headed straight for a meteor! "Clutch! Any luck with the controls?" shouted Peg. "No. Whatever Brick did was not something easily repairable." Brick looked happy. "Oh Yeah! I can disable a ship with my karate! Hiya! Take that!" "I don't think we need any more of that right now," Peg exclaimed. "We need to bail out, and fast! Luckily, Bernie had been reading the instruction manual from under his seat. "There are two escape pods the can hold two people each!" Bernie exclaimed. Nice job Artie, Clutch thought to himself. The team rushed to the back where the pods were stored. "Wait a minute, who is riding with who?" asked Brick, eyeing the others suspiciously. "Peg, you come with me. Bernie, you and Brick go together." ordered Clutch. "Hey who made you the boss!" said Brick. "Kev did." said Peg. "You mean that guy who orders all of us around who wears that fancy suit?" asked Brick. All of them stared at him. "Yeah, I gotcha." said Brick. Clutch rolled his eyes. Brick had a thing for theatrics. He leaped into the escape pod. "Hurry guys! There's no time to spare!" he called to them. Brick jumped into his, landing on his face. "I'm okay!" he said. "Nothing a tough guy like me can't handle!" Peg sighed.. This was not her dream team. Bernie came up to her. "Peg, I..." "It's okay Bernie. I'll see you soon." They embraced and got into their escape pods. With a nod, Clutch pressed the Launch button. Both the pods soared away, just as the ship collided with the meteor and burst into flames.