As Bernie watched the escape pod carrying Peg and Clutch blast away, a tear formed in his eye. "Oh Peg!" he cried. "Oh brother." sighed Brick.

Clutch was hurriedly searching the pod for a way of finding out how to control the craft. "I hope Artie didn't forget..." His gaze came to rest on a yellow sticky note. "Whew!" he exclaimed, "for a second there I thought we would have no idea how to drive this thing!" Then he read the note:

I must remember to make myself some

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches!

Oh how I love them!

"Artie!" he yelled.

The evil villain was upset. The video cameras that were installed so that he could monitor the team's activity were only in the ship itself, not the escape pods. If you want something done right, then you must do it yourself, the criminal thought. Oh well. The master plan would soon begin and then that unfit team would be torn apart one brick at a time..

As Bernie was worrying about Peg, and Brick was muttering to himself about riding solo next time, Clutch and Peg were trying to find the instructions to the craft. "Find anything over there?" cried Peg from the back of the pod. "No! Any luck over there?" "I'm afraid not." said Peg. "Well then", Clutch sighed, "I guess it's up to me to figure it out by myself. Unless you want to give it a shot." Peg smiled "No, no it's all yours Clutch."

"Will ya come up here and give me a hand already?" yelled Brick. He was becoming tired of trying to operate the escape pod himself. Bernie didn't answer, still staring out the window towards the receding form of the pod that held Peg, the girl of his dreams. "Bernie!" Brick shouted, "Are you even listening to me?". Bernie finally turned, "Er, Vhat did you say Brick?". Brick shot Bernie a look. "I said, can you give me a hand up here?" he replied. Bernie attempted a feeble smile. "Sure thing pal" he said as he detached one of his hands and tossed it up to Brick. It landed on the control panel with a loud thump. Brick swiveled his chair and glared at Bernie. "Sorry?", Bernie whispered.

Things were looking much better now. The ship was under control now that Clutch, who had inherited his father's skills for adventure, had figured out the basic layout of the steering system of the escape pod. "Pretty good, huh?" Clutch grinned at Peg, sitting next to him in the co-pilot chair. She smiled back, "Not bad for a guy. I could have handled it myself though." Clutch gave her a mock frown. "I thought we had this covered!", he sighed, "We all need to work as a team. If we use our talents and work together, nothing can stop us.". Peg couldn't help it as a grin came to her face. Clutch had a certain leadership quality that made people listen to him. "Well Mr. Hot Shot," Peg joked, "now what?". "We start looking for a planet to land on." answered Clutch

They were on the ground. That was the only good thing Bernie could see in their current situation. Brick had piloted the pod, with Bernie's help, for what seemed like hours before they had crashed onto this planet. It was a beautiful planet. Terrifyingly beautiful. The cliff they had managed to land on (or crash on, in Bernie's opinion), was made of sheer ice. It sparkled in the radiant light that surrounded the planet. Brick had tried to contact the others with the pod's communication system, but it seemed to have been damaged in the crash landing. They were on their own now. "Hey Bird Brain!". Brick's shout interrupted Bernie's thoughts and he looked up with a start. "Vhat? Vhat is it?" he replied. Brick walked over, "We need to find shelter before nightfall..", his voice took on a frightening tone. "Who knows what vicious creatures might be lurking in the shadows right now, just waiting till nightfall to sink their horrible teeth into you!" Bernie quickly glanced around the icy cliff, peering into the shadows for a glimpse at one of these 'creatures'. Brick walked off, chuckling to himself. Bernie watched him go, then looked around the shadowy cliff again. It was growing darker out quickly, it seemed to him. He stood, preparing to follow Brick, when he heard something, a noise. It came from behind him, from the shadows, "Grrrr". Bernie didn't look back as he hurriedly followed after his only companion. "Brick! Vait for meeee!"

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