Born Free

Hailey had the gun pointed at him firmly but he didn't seem fazed. She couldn't blame him. She hardly considered herself the most intimidating of people.

"Hailey how good of you to join us." Rudy chuckled, "Put down the gun, I don't think that's necessary for a nice boat ride between friends. He took a knife out of his pocket and she flinched as he pressed it to Deb's neck, "Drop the gun Hailey."

"Uh… no thanks." Her voice shook violently.

"Drop it or I'll slit her throat." He threatened but she just shook her head again, "Do you really think you can pull that trigger as fast as I can slice her open. And what if you miss? I just wanted to get to Dexter. I don't need Deb. I could use you just as well." Hailey swallowed nervously, "But I don't want to, because I like you. We can talk this out, you, Dexter and me. I'm guessing he was the one who called. He knows."

"Knows what?" She asked, "That you were the one that attacked Batista?"

"More than that." He smiled wickedly, "He knows that I'm the Ice Truck Killer." Hailey tried to look calm but she couldn't keep the shock from her expression, "Oh, you hadn't figured that one out yet? But you did know that I was capable of murder, that's why you came here right?"

"I came here because Dexter wanted me to make sure his sister was safe."

"Ah, I see." He nodded, "If you really want to protect Deb you'll put down the gun Hailey." His knife dug into her throat and drew blood, "Don't force my hand here kiddo, I can and will overpower you if I have to." Hailey knew he was right. She didn't want to admit it but as she watched the thick red substance start to drip down Deb's neck, she knew he had forced her hand.

"If I put it down, you won't hurt me right?" She looked up at him pleadingly.

"Why would I want to kill you?" He asked, "You're the girl my brother trusts enough to tell about his dark secret."


"More than that," he continued without acknowledging her question, "if I kill you, I'd also be killing my cute little future nephew." She just stared at him in muted terror, "Oh c'mon Hailey, I work at the hospital after all. It's easy to get a hold of someone's medical history there and I was rather taken aback by your lack of alcohol consumption during our last meeting."

"But you're saying… that Dexter is your brother?"

"I'll explain it all on the way, just drop the weapon now or I'll kill this bitch out of sheer boredom." Rudy hissed. Her gun clattered to the floor.

They were in a stolen car. He had classical music playing on the radio, loudly. She could faintly hear the sound of Deb's screams from the trunk. She shook in the leather seat, unable to meet the smirking serial killer's eyes.

"So your name is Brian? And you're Dexter's long lost brother who is coincidentally also a serial killer. And you've been killing all these girls and seducing his adopted sister so that you two can be reunited again and start this creepy family serial tag team?" She shook her head, "This is sick."

"I never ever thought you would be the first to know." He chuckled, "I guess I never thought people like me and Dex would be able to find love, someone who accepts us for what we are. But I was wrong."

"You and Dexter aren't the same." She argued, "He only kills bad guys, murderers, people like you."

"That was the influence of that cop." Brian spat distastefully, "But when he finally meets his real family, he'll see that there is no code in killing."

"Are you sure about that?" She turned to face him, "And if he does kill his sister like you say he will, what about me? What are you two going to do to me? Drain me of blood and cut me up into nice little pieces ready for display or put my dismembered body parts in a garbage bag to be thrown into the ocean?"

"I hope there will be a less gruesome solution Hailey." He responded with a grin, "But I guess that's all up to you and Dexter. I don't want to get caught up in relationship drama again." She laughed humorlessly.

"Why wasn't Rudy Cooper this witty?" Before he could respond Deb's screams got louder and he had to stop the car. He grabbed the roll of duct tape from the glove compartment.

"I'll be right back."

Dexter was tied to a chair. Brian had told her that it was the only way. She was scared now, for his life as well as her own. She was slumped against the wall, refusing to sit at the ritualistic long wooden table, the only piece of furniture that was left in the empty house except for the two chairs that were placed on either end, which now occupied the two brothers.

"Nothing personal. I just wanted to have a beer with you before we got started." Brain said, cradling a bottle between his hands, "You made that kind of difficult."

"Sorry." Dexter answered hazily.

"You don't ever have to apologize to me Dexter. Not for who you are or anything you do. Looks just like it used to doesn't it?"

"Who does it belong to?"

"Me." He took a sip of his beer; "I got it for you actually."

"I'm really more of an apartment person." Dexter replied. Hailey would have laughed if she didn't feel like she was going to throw up at any moment.

"You're trapped in a lie little brother. The same lie they tried forcing me into." Brian said. Dexter suddenly turned and saw Hailey.

"Hailey…" He whispered, "I thought you were dead."

"Oh Dexter I would never do that to you." Brian clutched his heart as if he were offended by the suggestion, "Hailey here was very brave. Came in all guns a blazing and everything. Luckily for your sister though, she was willing to compromise." Dexter looked at her helplessly, "You don't know how much it would have pained me to put an end to this little angel of death, and the soon to be member of our little fucked up family." Hailey curled up into a little ball on the floor and listened as Brian explained what happened to him after Harry Morgan separated them, "Mom always told me to look after you." He said and leaned forwards in his seat, "Imagine how I felt when I tracked you down and found out you were exactly like me."

"I don't have to imagine." Dexter's reply sent shivers down Hailey's spine and she shook her head uselessly. She wanted to scream at Dexter not to buy into this but one wrong move and she knew that she'd be the next one on the cutting board. Rudy stood up and grabbed the knife on the table, cutting away the duct tape that bound him to the chair. Dexter stood up and went over to Hailey, extending his hand to her. She took it hesitantly, "It's okay." He cooed in her ear, "Everything's going to be okay now."

"I know what you've been going through all these years." Rudy spoke up, "The isolation, the otherness, the hunger that's never satisfied. Sure you had Hailey here to talk to throughout the last few months, but how much can she really understand? You're not alone anymore Dexter. You can be yourself, with me. Your real genuine self." Dexter looked entranced and Hailey clutched onto him tighter, "Takes the breath away doesn't it?" Rudy slowly passed him the knife, "I think we're ready for Deborah."

"Hailey wait here." Dexter enunciated the words slowly.

"Dexter you can't—"
"Stay here." He repeated coldly, "I'll be back soon."

"NO!" She screamed, tears falling down her cheeks, "She's you sister! She doesn't deserve this, any of this! Harry taught you how to survive, how to not get caught. He loved you! He took care of you! You can't just forgo everything he said, everything you've lived your life by!" Rudy looked at her murderously, "I won't let you." Dexter's grip was suddenly iron tight as he pushed her back down on the chair at the head of the table.

"It's not your decision." He responded, "He's right you don't understand Hailey, at least not as much as you claim to." Rudy suddenly appeared behind him with the roll of duct tape.

"Dexter!" She protested, but it was no use. He held her down while Rudy bound her to the chair, "Dexter please don't do this." She cried, "I know you don't want to do this. I know you love me, you wouldn't do this to me, or your sister."

"Fake sister." Rudy corrected as he silenced her with the final piece of tape covering her mouth. She was helpless as she watched Dexter and Rudy leave the house through the back door. She was totally, and completely, useless.

The next thing she knew there were sirens coming from every direction. Cops came in from every door and surrounded her, she looked up at them motionlessly as they cut away the tape holding her down, they ripped off the piece on her mouth too but she didn't speak. At some point someone wrapped a blanket around her and pulled her up and outside to the porch. A cop that she had met once before (she thought his name was Doakes?) started questioning her mercilessly, about who she was or how she got there or if she knew who Brian Moser was but all she could mutter out was, "Dexter."

"Dexter?" He asked gruffly.

"Hailey!" She looked around the large policeman and saw Dexter running towards them, tears immediately pooled in her eyes again. Behind him Deb was being helped to the ambulance. He hadn't done it. She stood up slowly and walked over to meet him. He threw his arms around her and hugged her tightly. She started sobbing into his shoulder brokenly. Doakes started barking out more questions, which Hailey couldn't make out, "Girlfriend." Dexter answered, "She's my girlfriend. As if Deb wasn't enough incentive, Moser promised to kill them both if I didn't come alone. I couldn't risk it." He explained, "I thought— I love you Hailey."

"I love you too." She sputtered out. When the detective had moved away from them he pulled back to look her in the eye.

"When I got your message that you were going on the boat, I thought he had killed you. It made sense that you would just be collateral to the Ice Truck Killer." Dexter took a deep and ragged breath in.

"Well I'm not dead."

"I haven't been protecting you like I said I would. I dragged you into this." He said, "When I saw you were okay, I thought that if all this was over I could let you go but I can't. Your mine." He pressed his lips to hers fiercely and she returned the gesture a little hesitantly. He looked her directly in the eye, "I'm going to be there for this baby."

"I'm so happy to hear you say that." She smiled weakly.

"Morgan! We need to ask you some questions." Doakes barked at him, "Now."

"Go." She said, "I'm supposed to go get checked out by the EMT anyways."

"Okay." He kissed her on the head and turned to go. She walked over to where Deb was and sat down next to her on the edge of the ambulance.

"Hey." She greeted awkwardly.

"Hi." Deb replied, she looked shattered, "They told me that Rudy—I mean Brian— took you too."

"Yeah." She answered, "He came to Dexter's apartment, I opened the door because why wouldn't I? It's not like he was a stranger. And he put a knife to my throat and said he'd slit it if I didn't come with him."

"I'm sorry."

"No. I'm sorry." Hailey said, "I'm sorry this happened to you."

"You too." Deb responded with a small smile.


Hailey sat in the seat next to Deb's hospital bed, waiting for Dexter to call her and tell her that he had brought the car around and was ready to pick her up. He had told her that he was making a little stop at the prosthetics department.

"I'm going to go home with Dexter and get the apartment ready so that you can stay there for the next little while." Hailey said, "Are you sure you don't want me staying at a hotel for a few days?" She asked.

"No." Deb replied tiredly, "I don't mind sharing the bed, or taking the couch. What you went through was traumatic too, I don't want to kick you out of your apartment." Hailey nodded gratefully, "I think we can be friends now."

"I'd like that a lot." Hailey smiled. She saw Deb's eyes drooping closed and turned the bedside lamp off, "Sleep well." She said got up to leave the room just as her cellphone beeped. She made her way out to the parking lot and got in the car.

Dexter had her wrapped into his arms on the couch. An old Christmas movie was playing on the television screen, illuminating the room. The prosthetic Deb had been tucked into bed and now it was time to wait for the Ice Truck Killer himself to show up. She stayed completely still when she heard the lock get picked and footsteps enter the room, they stopped directly above the couple before moving on to the bedroom. Dexter sat up and moved past her with a piece of wire in his hands, she silently nodded at him as he disappeared after his brother. There was a struggled, Dexter taunting Brian as he strangled him, and then silence. Hailey stood up and turned the living room light on, Dexter dragged Brian's body across the floor.

"How long are you gonna be gone?" She asked.

"Not sure." He answered truthfully.

"Do you want me to come with you?"

"No, this is something that I have to do alone."

"I understand."

"You could help me wrap him up and drag his body to the car though." Dexter suggested with the hints of a grin on his lips. She smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Sure, just an every day task for the girlfriend of mass serial killer Dexter Morgan." She laughed.

"Yeah." He agreed. They stared at each other for a moment before meeting in the middle and kissing passionately. It took a moment before they realized that there was still an unconscious body lying on the floor between them, "We're good together." He remarked and she nodded as she picked up Brian's feet while Dexter took his shoulders.

"Disturbingly so."


So that's it... for now... First chapter of sequel being uploaded tonight so go check it out :)


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