This idea came to me in the shower. I really don't like this, it could've been better. The parody of Twelve Days of Christmas was actually written in my English with three other people. So technically, I do own that! I decided to write this for the holidays. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Bellamort!

Disclaimer: I always forget this, but I do NOT own anything to do with Harry Potter! That belongs to Queen Rowling.

"12 My Chem Tickets, 11 trips to Europe, 10 Orange Headphones, 9 Music Systems, 8 Severus Snape Dolls, 7 Purple Flutes, 6 Nikon Cameras, 5 Gum Machines! 4 iTunes Cards, 3 Kindle Fires, 2 Yoga Pants, and a Camo Silveradoooo!"

As of right now, Bellatrix Lestrange was singing a Muggle song in the shower. Yes, the shower upstairs in Malfoy Manor. She was currently washing her ink black wild curls under the steaming water. Bellatrix began to snap her fingers and dance around to her parody of the Twelve Days of Christmas when the dark mark on her right arm started to burn, meaning that the Dark Lord was summoning his most loyal Death Eaters.

Her eyes bulged out. She was normally the first Death Eater to apparate there, always eager to serve her master. They didn't call her his most loyal servant for nothing.

Bellatrix turned the water off with a flick of her wand and flew out of the shower. She grabbed a black towel lying nearby with the Malfoy crest engraved on the left side. She wrapped it around herself as she left the bathroom. She was still fixing her towel while she flew down the steps toward the meeting room. Also known as Cissy's Dining Room, but who cares really? She was gasping for breath when she reached the last step. Still fixing the towel as she ran for the meeting room, Bellatrix began to cry out, "My Lord! My Lord!"

Bellatrix busted the meeting room's door down still clutching desperately to the fabric that covered her. Around the table, was the Dark Lord's inner-circle. The Malfoys, Dolohov, Crabbe, Goyle, Yaxley, and Snape.

Bellatrix threw herself to her Master's feet. "I apologize for my tardiness, My Lord, but I.. Err.. Was preoccupied, shall we say." She bowed her head and began to kiss the hem of His robes. She breathed a sigh. For Bellatrix had never been late or last to a meeting when Voldemort summoned them. She felt ashamed.

"Be glad your Lord is merciful, Bella. Although, it helps when you're his favorite Death Eater, no doubt. I believe you have some business to finish?" Bellatrix looked reluctant to leave. "Stand. Please." Voldemort whispered so only she could hear his words. Bella was shocked. As long as she had known Tom Riddle, she had never...never heard him say please or thank you. She gulped and stood up slowly still clutching the towel around her body.

She saw a ghost of a smile on his face, but as soon as it came, it went. He nodded his head toward the now busted doors signaling for her to leave the room. She began to make her way slowly out the door so as to hear what he was saying to his followers. Voldemort, of course, knew what she was doing.

"Bella?" Voldemort said. Bellatrix turned around to face him completely, ready to kiss the ground he walked on, ready to succeed in any mission he assigned to her.

"It was a false alarm." He smirked.