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Only in Windsor

Chapter one: Welcome to Windsor

A boy made his way towards the grand gates of Dalton, his dark blonde hair ruffled by the late September breeze, chestnut eyes squinting from the glare of the midday sun. Nerves nibbled away at his insides and the confidence that seemed so strong as he pulled his suitcase out of the boot of his dad's four-by-four had all but disappeared by the time he had climbed the steps leading to the Dean's office. With a shaking hand he gently rapped on the wooden door, eyes flickering to the old worn motto above the door frame;

"Excellence can be achieved, only by those who truly aspire to be someone."

Words to live by.

"Come in." Called a voice from beyond the door. Ignoring the voice in the back of his head telling him to turn and run he entered the Dean's office.

"Ah, you must be Kyle Rent, the new boy." The woman seated behind the desk said. She was a normal looking woman, Kyle noted, nothing really stood out about her, grey pencil skirt, grey waistcoat, grey heels and a dark purple shirt, short brown hair and plain facial features with a small smile gracing her thin lips. After taking in the woman's appearance Kyle nodded. "Your father tells me you're going to be boarding, is this correct?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Please, no need to be so formal. However since the case is that you are indeed boarding, you will need to be placed into a house."

"A house?"

"Yes, you see Mr Rent there are three houses here at Dalton and each has their own…reputation, if you will. Hanover houses some of our more academic students, the ones that focus on grades and follow the rules; it's quite a serene and peaceful house. Stuart is quite uptight in fact, the boys in this house are well behaved but do tend to break some rules. And lastly is Windsor, home to the miscreants of the academy, trouble makers and party animals but still very good boys. Choose whichever house sounds most appealing but please remember if you make a hasty decision and regret it, you can request a house change next semester, although you can change house later you will have to survive until winter break, so I recommend you think this over thoroughly. Take your time, walk around the grounds, get your bearings, make some friends and find your classrooms, you could maybe even sign up for a club, perhaps get some food? But you need to make your decision by the end of the school day at three pm. Clear?"


"Oh my, I have yet to introduce myself. How rude of me. My name is Miss Haltor. Although most students just call me 'The Dean', I assume that after about a week here you will most likely do the same."

Kyle chuckled with a slight nod. A sharp knock on the door had Kyle snapping his head around just in time to see a boy with curled strawberry-blonde hair walk nervously into the office.

"Um…a-am I in t-trouble?" the boy stuttered.

"No, no, nothing of the sort Mr Van Kamp, I was just hoping you would do the honour of making sure Mr Rent here is comfortable in his new school."

"Oh, of course! I'd be happy to help. Where is he boarding?"

"H has yet to decide but, you being a Windsor and all will no doubt be swayed with the stories of your house's wild parties. Please return him in one piece Mr Van Kamp."

"Yes Dean!" The boy chirped then turned to Kyle. "Well follow me."

Kyle did so, hoisting the strap of his Gucci suitcase over the shoulder of his silken shirt and raising an immaculately shaped eyebrow as his guide proceeded to stumble his own feet just inches out the door

"You okay?" Kyle asked as the boy picked himself up off the marble floor and brushed away imaginary dirt from his designer beige cardigan, picking off none-existent lint.

"Fine, I fall all the time. I guess you could say I'm a little accident prone." The boy replied. "My name's Reed by the way."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kyle. The Dean said you were in Windsor?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"Are they really party animals?" Kyle questioned Reed with a cringe. "Cause I'm not sure I'd fit in there. Although, the other two houses sound extremely dull."

"Well, the Windsor boys are known for partying but they're great guys really. Hard working. A lot of them are in the Warblers, me included actually."


"The school's Glee club."

"Oh, you're in it?"

"Yeah." Reed answered with an affirmative nod.

"Then let's hear you?"


"Sing with me. Please, I always sing to calm my nerves."

"Al-alright. What song?"

"You know Some Velvet Morning?"


"I'll sing Lee, you sing Nancy, ok with you?"


Kyle sighed, leaning back against the wall, playing the intro in his head before taking a deep breath and starting, his beautiful voice filling the empty corridor.

~Some velvet morning when I'm straight

I'm gonna open up your gate

And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra

And how she gave me life

And how she made it in

Some velvet morning I'm straight~

Reed began,

~Flowers growing on the hill~

Kyle smiled, his eyes closing,

~Dragonflies and daffodils

Learn from us very much

Look at us but do not touch

Phaedra is my name~

Then Kyle again,

~Some velvet morning when I'm straight

I'm gonna open up your gate

And tell you 'bout Phaedra

And how she gave me life

And how she made it in

Some velvet morning when I'm straight~

Kyle opened his eyes and met Reed's amused gaze just as the strawberry-blonde began his verse,

~Flowers are the things we knew

Secrets are the things we grew

Learn from us very much

Look at us but do not touch

Phaedra is my name~

The two boys took it in turns to sing the appropriate line,

~Some velvet morning when I'm straight~

~Flowers growing on the hill~

~I'm gonna open up your gate~

~Dragonflies and daffodils~

~And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra~

~Learn from us very much~

~And how she gave me life~

~Look at us but do not touch~

~And how she made it in~

As Kyle's voice faded out applause erupted from the end of the corridor, both boys heads whirled round to see a mass of boys in Dalton uniforms standing there, smiles on their faces. Kyle's face quickly turned a bright shade of crimson and he began to stutter incoherently. A catcall sounded from the clump of boys and a woman seemed to appear out of nowhere. She made her way over to Kyle and offered her hand which Kyle immediately shook, being stirred from his stumped daze and quickly snapped his mouth shut to avoid further embarrassment.

The woman took the blonde's sudden silence as an opportunity to introduce herself. "My name is Sylvia Medel, I along with my partner Greg Harvey, am in charge of the Warblers and we would be honoured if you'd join." She turned to the crowd and yelled, "Wouldn't we boys?"

Cheers of confirmation blasted in Kyle's ears.

"I-I-," Kyle began a tear coming to his eye which he rapidly wiped away. "You-really?"

"Of course." Sylvia answered. Kyle sniffled and smiled widely.

"Thank you, I'd love to." He said.

"Though you will need to perform a solo for an audition. If you would like some of the Warblers to back you up I'm sure they'd be happy to. Which house are you in?"

"Well, I've not chosen yet but I think I'm going into Windsor."

"Well then, welcome to Windsor!"

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