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Only in Windsor

Chapter two: Settling in

Carting his suitcase through the entrance of the Windsor dorm Kyle's mouth dropped. The most extravagant décor met his wide chestnut eyes. Beautiful plush blue sofas, dark polished wood coffee tables and end tables, velvet blue curtains, a gorgeous dark blue rug, beautifully patterned blue and gold wallpaper, expensive paintings on the walls and at each side of what appeared to be the common room were two huge sweeping staircases. Wooden doors with intricate carvings led to other rooms. Where exactly, Kyle didn't know. Perhaps a library or kitchen? A study? Dining room? Oh well, he'd find out at some point. For now he had to find his room, to do so he needed some assistance. Reed had to leave to help with preparing for an upcoming fair in October, so he was no help. Looking around he spotted two platinum blondes sitting on one of the sofas. Swallowing his fears he approached the two boys, whom he could now see were twins.

"E-excuse me." The twins' attention shifted from each other to the unfamiliar face in front of them.

"Yes? Can we help you?" they said in perfect harmony, slightly shocking Kyle who took a moment to respond.

"Ah, please, I'm new here and I haven't the slightest idea how to get to my room."

"Don't fret lost Little Lamb-" The one on the left started. "We'll see you get there safely." The other finished.

"Do you guys do that all the time?" Kyle asked. The platinum blondes shared an unreadable glance before smirking.

"Yes." They replied in unison.

"Hmm." Kyle grunted. "Well, thank you for helping me." He said as the two rose from their seat. "I'm Kyle."

"I'm Evan-" Said the one on the left, "And I'm Ethan." The other said. "So which room is it?"

"I-I don't know. I was just told it's opposite the Brightman's room."

"Ah, we're the Brightman's; your room must be the one across from ours." Kyle eyes widened, he'd be rooming across from these two? He couldn't decide if that was a positive or negative…Well, cons are:

The talking in time is annoying…that's pretty much it.

Pros are:

They're absolutely gorgeous.

Icy blue eyes that seemed to look into your soul.

Platinum blonde hair that looked as soft as a cloud.

Flawless skin, like a blank canvas with no blemishes or blots.

Tall. Well, taller than Kyle.

And extremely kind.

That's one con and lots of pros. Positive.

"Well follow us." Evan? Ethan? Said. Never mind. Then the two began to make their way up the stairs on the left side of the room. Kyle quickly followed, once at the top of the staircase he saw a strange boy with black hair, dressed fully in black making a line of rock salt on a window ledge.

"Dwight!" One of the twins' rushed towards the boy, Dwight, Kyle assumed, and wrapped his arms around him.

"E-Ethan!" Dwight squeaked, turning red. "N-not in the corridor!"

"Aww." Ethan groaned, releasing the smaller boy and frowning slightly. He gave Dwight a peck on the lips the moved back to stand beside his twin who'd moved to stand near the two during their embrace. Kyle stood at the other side of Evan and Dwight quickly noticed him.

"Are you the new boy? The one that was singing with Reed?" The noirette asked, turning to face the darkest blonde of the three.

"Yeah, were you there?" Kyle replied.

"No but Kurt told me about it. He and Blaine were there.

"Oh, I haven't met them yet."

"They're helping set up the fair." Dwight said. "That's probably why you haven't met them yet, but they should be here later."


"Well, we need to show Kyle here to his room so I'll see you later babe." Ethan said, Dwight's face turned red once again after the babe comment.

"Y-yeah, bye guys. It was nice meeting you Kyle." With that Kyle and the twins' continued and Dwight went back to his salt line.

"So that's your boyfriend?" Kyle asked once out of Dwight's earshot.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. Dwight's my boyfriend." Ethan answered.

"Well that makes it easier to tell you apart."

"How do you-" "Figure that?"

"Well, every time we see Dwight, Ethan will run towards him, that or Dwight will run towards Ethan."

"Good system." Evan said. "We're here." The three were stood between two adjacent doors.

"So which one's mine?" Kyle asked.

"That one." Both twins' said, but each was pointing to a different door. Kyle sighed, opening the door on the left.

Behind said door was an incredibly well decorated room. Two double beds that looked so soft Kyle wanted to dive under the covers and never come out. Carpets so extravagant they could have been worth thousands. Wooden furniture such as coffee tables, end tables, desks and bookcases were by the walls. A plush white sofa was in front of a huge plasma TV. But what attracted his attention the most was a fully loaded nerf gun. He moved forwards and picked it up, regarding the bright orange weapon with confusion and curiosity. He turned to face his escorts, weapon still in hand, only to find the twins' were holding their very own nerf guns and smirking at him in such a malicious way he wished the carpet he had been admiring beforehand would now transform into a black hole and engulf him so he could escape their evil gazes. The platinum blondes smirks grew into grins and Kyle suddenly found himself at gunpoint, his eyes widened and he opened his mouth to speak but it was too late.

The first shot was fired by Evan, hitting Kyle's left cheek. The dark blonde gasped as he was assaulted by a multitude of nerf bullets. Remembering the training from paintball of diving behind the nearest thing, he did so, he ended up crouched behind the sofa, occasionally popping up to shoot at his two opponents until he noticed one of them had disappeared. He turned around just in time to see a blur of platinum blonde and then he was pinned to the ground.

His chestnut eyes met the icy blue ones just inches away and a red hue descended over his cheeks. After several tense moments of silence the twin above Kyle finally rose, a blush spreading across his cheeks as he helped the smaller boy to his feet.

"Jeez Evan, you just met the kid." Ethan laughed. Evan's entire face turned bright red as did Kyle's.

"Ethan…" Evan murmured.

"I'll give you two lovebirds some privacy!" He laughed, leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. Evan was the first to break the silence.

"Listen, about what Eth-"

"It's fine. He was just joking."

"Yeah. Sorry for ambushing you with nerf guns, and tackling you…and showing you into the wrong room."

"So I'm guessing my room isn't as nicely decorated as this one." Kyle sighed.

"Actually, all rooms are furnished like this. It's an academy, not a prison." Evan chuckled.

"Oh ha. Just for that you can help me unpack!"

"Anything you need, Little Lamb."

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