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Harry breathed in deeply as he stirred the cake batter. This one was going to be a winner for sure; apple and cinnamon cake. Not too sweet but it would be perfect served with clotted cream….hmmm maybe he could make some vanilla cream.

Harry had never been too fond of the heavier desserts. He supposed it had something to do with the fact that that was all they had at Hogwarts. In all his years there he had never seen a fruit salad at the table. When he had asked the kitchen elves why they didn't they had laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. Dobby the cheeky bugger had just placed a bowl of chocolate ice-cream with sprinkles and a bowl of fruit salad in front of him. It was the sprinkles that got Harry. Who could resist sprinkles?

Harry spooned the mixture into a cake tin and put it into the oven. He had been invited to the Fujioka's for Christmas lunch. The Host club had invited themselves over. Well, he was under the impression that Suoh-san had invited himself, the rest had just followed. Haruhi had invited Sasha. Harry didn't want to think too deeply on that.

Sasha, once woken from hibernation was reluctant to go back to sleep, which wouldn't have been a big deal normally if it was a little bit warmer . And so Sasha had taken to wrapping around Harry when he was in the apartment. Harry used to her odd quirks had gotten used to it. The postman, not so much.

On the bright side, the apartment had Sasha's scent all over it. Vermin that normally frequented the block of apartments stayed away; and those that didn't were snapped up faster than M&M's at a weight-watchers meeting.

Harry took the cake out the oven and decorated with clotted cream and cinnamon powder. Not too showy, but smelling delicious. Hopefully everyone would leave space for dessert. Even if they didn't, he knew that with Mitsukuni-san there wouldn't be any waste. How such a little boy could eat so much cake was beyond him. Harry wouldn't have been surprised if sponge and icing had replaced Huni's flesh and blood, and honestly stranger things had happened. In fact that very thing had happened. Hermione had transfigured Ron's arms to cake, a mild compulsion charm and Bob's your uncle. He had gotten to his elbows before he had the presence of mind to run to the hospital wing.

That day Hogwarts learnt, Hermione loves chocolate cake with ice-cream and sprinkles, so don't eat hers.


Upon Harry's arrival Haruhi had relived him of the cake and led him to the table where everyone was currently seated chopsticks poised to snatch the meat out the hot pot the minute it was done. And what a hot pot; apparently all the host club members, barring Haruhi, who of course had made it, had brought something to add to it, and being the high class individuals they were, this was a very special hot pot.

Dinner was a standard fare, the twins invoked chaos, and Huni was sneaking peeks at the cake while Kyouya was watching over everything with his all-seeing eyes. Tamaki however was trying to keep as far away as possible from Haruhi and Harry. Away from Haruhi because she had Sasha winding lazily round her shoulders; and away from Harry because he kept trying to cop a feel. In Harry's defence Tamaki's trousers were incredibly tight, and he had to make sure what he was seeing was real. The deeper, darker, and infinitely dirtier part of Harry's brain noted that this time there was no room for Harry's snake to fit in there, there was barely room for Tamaki's.

In hindsight Harry probably shouldn't have fed Sasha sake because she was a goddamn flirt, Harry should not have had to feel jealous of his pet snake. But there she was slithering all over him because she could (Tamaki was too scared to move, everyone else was too drunk to care). This time Harry was grateful he was the only parseltounge in the room, because the stuff she was spouting would have corrupted Tamaki's innocent mind. Hell, it was corrupting his mind, and he was far from innoc-


"Oh Harry, he's sensitive. Harry, let's have a threesome, you me and Barbie here. I'll point out all his sweet spots; I'll even let you take the credit…"


Apparently Sasha had discovered a very sweet spot. Tamaki's face was getting redder and redder before he cracked and began to beg.

"Harry-san, please, just get her off, please!"

Chuckling slightly, Harry reached over to get a hold of Sasha, but being in a somewhat inebriated state managed to stumble slightly and land on Sasha's tail.

Let it not be said that Sasha was a tamed snake, because in a flash she had turned and aimed a bite at the offending arm. Except she was also drunk, and had poor aim; and if Harry had the heart to be honest with her, she was more than a little spoiled.

And thus she managed to knock herself out on the table leg.

On the plus side, Tamaki was full of praises about how Harry had taken on a dangerous snake, tempted the snake to bite him so as to save Tamaki. Such chivalrous and gentlemanly deeds for a commoner!

And who was he to deny Tamaki when he insisted that he come over the next day to see how he was doing? After all Harry must be shaken up to have his faithful pet turn on him in such a way. Since Suoh-san was coming over to visit, then why not come for lunch, Harry was off work and cooking anyway. And before the others could even begin to understand what had happened, a lunch date had been set.

And it was only when Harry was back in his flat, and the door was shut that Sasha opened her eyes and grinned her snaky grin.

Harry raised a celebratory beer glass to her, "to the best wingman a bloke could ask for."

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