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Okay so THIS story was inspired by DarkxHikari's story 'KyuuNaru ABC's'. It's really lovely but unfortunately the authoress has a lot on her plate and had to put it on hiatus :(. So I'm going to do my own version while the time passes. I will try to do different words I promise you!

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I need your power!

"Give me your power Kyuubi! I need it," Naruto said to the mass of red chakra behind the bars. Two glowing red eyes opened and Naruto felt a familiar tingle run down his spine when they looked at him. They looked up for a few seconds before looking back at Naruto and narrowing in what appeared to be annoyance.

"I don't sense any danger around you boy."

Naruto rolled his eyes and took a step forward. "Well I'm still having an emergency right now and I NEED your power!"

The great beast closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh.

"And what emergency is this? Tell me it is life-threatening in the tiniest bit at least."

"It IS life-threatening Kyuubi! I need your power to help me make ramen-"

"YOU STUPID BOY! Do you honestly think I would lower myself into giving you my power for such a menial task?"

Naruto stomped his foot and snarled up at Kyuubi. "It's NOT menial! Ramen is the only food I have! If I don't make it I'll starve!"

And you know what? Naruto was being serious. He knew it sounded like he was making a joke or complaining about something trivial, but he was being completely serious. Ramen was the only food in his house. If he didn't cook it he wouldn't have anything to eat. And if he didn't have anything to eat, his body would die. Kyuubi should understand that at least. But then Kyuubi bared his giant teeth at Naruto making his spine tingle again and forget his earlier annoyed thoughts.

"You know, I've noticed you seem to be popping up in here more often. More than three times a day it feels like. And do you ever stop by just to chat? No. You just want my power. I think you may have forgotten just who this power belongs to brat!"

Kyuubi's chakra flared and Naruto bit his knuckle to keep from making a noise. His blue eyes followed the flickering of the demonic red chakra. It was almost as if he was transfixed. The sheer power coming from behind that cage was mesmerizing. The way it moved had Naruto itching to have it move around him. He gulped. He had to have it again.

"Kyuubi, I need your power. And...yeah I've been needing it more often so what? I thought you'd be happy."

"If you were using my power to do things like massacre a village or kill a threat then I'd be a bit less irritated. But you are using my power to do stupid things like mess with the ground and make plants or warm up the water you use to clean yourself. It demeans me boy," Kyuubi growled.

"I'll starve this time. I could die," Naruto licked his lips and his fingers twitched in anticipation. Kyuubi's chakra was flickering between the bars. If he reached out he could touch it.

"Why not use your own power? You have enough of it."

Naruto only glared at Kyuubi. Would he stop using common sense to deny Naruto his right to use his power? The fox was his demon and his power source. Kyuubi seemed to be forgetting who was really in charge here. Here's a hint, it's not the one locked in a cage.

"I'll starve," he repeated. The fox's blood red eyes bore into him. The gaze sent more tingles through his body but he met it with an equally cool gaze from his ice blue eyes. It was silent for a few minutes as they stared at each other. Finally, Kyuubi's eyes disappeared and Naruto smirked as he saw chakra flow from the cage into him.

"Thank you Kyuubi," he said turning around to walk away. But then he paused. Before he left, he needed to fix something that wasn't right.

"Kyuubi?" He called out with his head bowed. The tailed beast didn't answer him but Naruto turned around to glare at him anyway.

"Don't ever deny me power again."

And without even waiting for a reply Naruto left.

When he was back in his apartment, Naruto could've sworn he heard Kyuubi's roar in the back of his head. But he didn't care.

All he could do at that moment was sigh in pure bliss as Kyuubi's one-tailed cloak surrounded him. He could feel the tail flickering about behind him and the ears twitching on top of his head. He ran his tongue over his elongated fangs and scratched his claws against his pants.

The mere feel of the power he had right now felt so incredibly amazing!

After a few minutes of basking in the power and letting the demonic chakra flow all over his body, Naruto did what he said he would do; make ramen. He had used up his last cup ramen this morning, but he had the ingredients to make the ramen scratch. Sure that money could've gone to more cup noodles or healthier foods, but ramen made from scratch was always more filling. And what if he ate cup noodles and then had to go into battle but he got hungry? He would be killed for sure if he wasn't in tip top condition!

Using the cloak, he made a rasengan to mix the noodles. Using his claws, he cut the dough. Using the heat the chakra produced, he boiled the water. And using the tail he added all of the extra spices and flavorings and other extraneous ingredients to make it good. He kept it on even after he was done making the ramen. Even though the chopsticks broke in his hand and the bowl melted slightly, he still kept it on.

He kept it on because after he threw the bowl in the sink, he left his apartment to run.

The languid feel of just the power was gone. Now it was time for the pure adrenaline.

Standing still while using Kyuubi's power always felt relaxing. The chakra was a steady hum across his body, almost like a massage. But when he moved, Naruto felt the rush. The burst of energy that could keep him going for miles and make him feel higher than he has ever been. It especially felt good after a fight.

Could anyone really blame him for wanting to use the power day after day? Minute after minute?

Jiraiya was. Naruto had overheard him talking to Tsunade about Naruto using Kyuubi's power.

He had called him addicted.

Jiraiya said he was addicted because he kept finding every little excuse to use Kyuubi's power. He kept rationalizing in his mind that every occasion had a need for it. He claimed Naruto was addicted through and through.

But Naruto wasn't addicted. And he knew what the word meant. Jiraiya just didn't understand. None of them could understand. They've never had a demonic entity inside of them that could give them energy boosts. If they wanted to feel even an ounce of what Naruto felt, then they had to drink maybe 16 energy drinks, four cups of coffee, and eat five soldier pills right after.

But they couldn't. Not just because in the middle of a battle an enemy won't stand aside and let you do that, but because their bodies wouldn't be able to handle the rush. The stimulation of every nerve in their body and the sudden feeling of their muscles strengthen to tree-crushing power. Their bodies couldn't handle it.

Not like how Naruto's can.

Jiraiya also said that maybe they should use the five-pronged seal again, just in case. That made Naruto mad. Wasn't it Jiraiya who wanted Naruto to use Kyuubi's power? To control it? Why was he trying to prevent him from accessing it? He and Kyuubi were so fickle sometimes Naruto swore…

Picking up the pace back to his house from the other side of Konoha, Naruto made a vow. He would NOT let anyone get in between him and his power source. Kyuubi belonged to him. All of Kyuubi. From all the power he had to his dangerous red eyes, all of him was Naruto's.

And as Naruto walked towards his apartment building and the magnificent power seeped back inside of him back to Kyuubi, Naruto also told himself that his possessive mindset didn't mean he was addicted.

Was it his fault there were so many situations that required Kyuubi's power? The world was a dangerous place. It helped to always be ready with chakra that had a mind of its own and will always protect you.

…Hm. There was paint chipping off of his ceiling. It really needed to be redone. He was still regrettably short so he would need assistance on reaching it. But his furniture was so faulty. What if it broke and he fell and hurt himself? His flooring was old, that meant it wasn't too sturdy didn't it? He could fall right through the floor! He needed a protective armor at the very least.

"Kyuubi! I need your power!"

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