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It was a cold, winter night in Konoha. Colder than usual actually. Frigid winds blew throughout the village, lowering the temperature from below freezing, to well below freezing. Clouds were indistinguishable from the thick fog that had settled. A snow storm was on its way.

In contrast to the freezing outside, the inside of Naruto's apartment was steaming hot. But that was just because of the actions that had just transpired.

Kurama let out a content sigh as he grinned lazily. That was wild. It always is with Naruto. And so hot too! The sweat trickling down his body did little to cool down the immense heat he felt inside of him. If Kurama were the sappy, corny type, he'd compare the heat to the burning passion and love he felt for his blond-haired companion. But he was the realistic type and he knew that the heat was just his chakra still flaring from earlier…'experimenting'.

The thought of their 'experimenting' only served to make Kurama excited again. He turned to face his lover and ask if there should be another round only to pause before the words even left his mouth. Naruto was looking outside through a slit in the blinds of his window(how did that get past him? Normally Kurama thought public sex was kinky. But with Naruto he was a lot more selfish in that he believed no one was allowed to lay their eyes on his blond's stunning naked body but Kurama).

Naruto was leaning on his elbow looking very contemplative. Sweat left glistening trails down his bare, tan chest and arms, and with his limp, damp hair with his bangs falling into his smoldering, dark blue eyes, it painted a picture more exquisite than anything Kurama had ever seen before. Now if only he could figure out what was going through his mind.

To fix that problem, Kurama needed his attention. So he rolled onto his side and scooted closer to the blond. When Naruto didn't even blink, Kurama leaned over and picked a drop of sweat on Naruto's arm. He licked that particular trail up Naruto's arm slowly, causing the blond to shiver in pleasure finally focus his attention on his red-haired demon.

"Kurama! I was thinking," he laughed quietly. Kurama grinned briefly before leaning closer to kiss Naruto's shoulder. In between each kiss he murmured, "Thinking zealously about going at it again? Me too," as he brought his hand over to slowly rub Naruto's back.

"Aw come on Kurama we just finished. Can't you give me a little more time to let my ass heal?" Despite his complaints Naruto didn't even attempt to physically stop his lover and in fact, leaned closer to the red-head. But Kurama pulled away anyway and looked at Naruto.

"Alright, so you want to think. But can you at least tell me what you're thinking about?" He asked flopping onto his back. Naruto looked away.

"Oh you know…just things," he muttered. Kurama raised an eyebrow.

"No I don't know. I don't have free access to your mind anymore remember?" Naruto didn't say anything and seemed to be thinking again. Kurama sighed.

"You know you can tell me anything right? Didn't I tell you that? It's not like I'll get upset or anything unless…" Kurama's eyes widened and he looked at Naruto worriedly," unless you regret what happened between us tonight! Look I'm sorry you almost passed out I didn't know my chakra would be that intense to you!"

Instead of getting angry though, Naruto sighed dreamily.

"Intense. Like being reintroduced to the drug you never got over." He then leaned over to plant a chaste kiss on Kurama's nose. "I don't regret what happened at all!" He smiled. And just to prove it, Naruto scooted over closer to Kurama and laid his head on his chest. Naruto had to admit, the sound of Kurama's beating heart did help calm his racing thoughts. He let out a relaxed sighed and snuggled more into Kurama. Confident now, Kurama put his arm around Naruto and pulled him closer. He kissed his hair and then asked, "so if it isn't this then what are you thinking about?"

"Well…I was thinking about Konoha I guess. And my friends. And us," Naruto admitted. Kurama started to run his fingers in Naruto's soft blond hair. Naruto nearly purred in content. That felt so good.


"Well…first you know tonight felt really, really good."

"I will never get tired of hearing that Naruto," Kurama replied feeling giddy again. He was hoping Naruto would ask for more experimenting. But that's not what was on Naruto's mind.

"Just making that clear. So I was thinking…us getting together…that almost made a mess of things didn't it?" Kurama felt Naruto flinch. Although he felt worried about where this was going he made sure to keep that worry out of his voice when he asked, "how so?"

"I dunno Kurama no Kitsune. How do you think it could've made a mess of things?" Naruto deadpanned. Kurama looked everywhere but at his lover.

"Well I can get pretty big-"

"Stop it that's not what I meant," Naruto said playfully slapping him. "I'm trying to lead up to something."

"I'm not good with beating around the bush you know."

"Right," Naruto chuckled nervously. "So you're a special friend to me Kurama-llama. And I think everyone can finally see and accept that which makes me really, really happy of course. In fact I'm so happy think I want to be dedicated to letting everyone know that you are not just special to me but you are really special and and I are really special...together," Naruto's face flushed heavily and he twiddled his fingers in a shy manner.

"They don't know we're boyfriends?"

"No they do. I just want them, and us, to know that we are more than that."


"I mean I," Naruto took a deep breath, "want to become more than what we are. You know, morethanboyfriends."

"...I'm still not following."

Naruto groaned in frustration. But he was more frustrated with himself. Why couldn't he just say what he wanted to say? Maybe if he tries a different angle he'll be a lot less nervous.

"Okay let's try this. I know that I love you and I have your back always."

"Now that I understand. I love you too and I will always have your back as well," He smiled as they bumped noses.

"And I also know that sometime this winter, just like every winter, there's going to be a day where rain will fall...but the sun will still be shining."

"What? Naruto-"

"How did that myth go? When the sun is shining while it rains, a kitsune is getting married?"

Kurama was speechless for about a minute before he uttered out, "A-Are you serious? Are you really asking-"

"Yes!" Naruto said determinedly. Now that he got his intention out it was full speed ahead. So he pulled away from his boyfriend's arms and climbed on top of him all the while saying,

"Because I'm yours and your mine. And I want to make that statement for us and to everybody. And there's nothing more binding for humans than the ring. I want one Kurama," Naruto murmured staring into shocked red eyes. "And I want a nice ceremony, maybe not too flashy but a little because that's who we are. And I want a really nice kimono because that's what I'm supposed to wear NOT a skirt...but I'm not going to wear black or any other dark color! I won't be angry at all for this ceremony and I will NOT be letting any insecurities get in the way!"

And both of them could've sworn they heard someone grumbling 'crap'.

"Oh! And I want there to be a lot of ramen and sweet red bean soup! And I know you really hate ramen for reasons that will never be understandable to me so we'll have your favorite meats of course. Fishes upon steaks stacked up on plates glazed in a delectable spicy sauce! And we'll top it off with a table of healthy foods, maybe one dedicated to berries? But we have to be careful not to pick any that will make people sick! We can have it take place at that garden behind the Hokage Mountain and we can pick out all of the leaves and plant flowers there instead. Oh! Let's make them violets! And let's decorate it with other things too. Like maybe we can draw our seal! Yeah we can draw it everywhere we can get a bunch of paper and chairs and other things and just paint it on there to show them that we've gotten past the past. That we've forgiven each other for all of our past sins towards one another.

"To show that no seal or anything can hold us back from starting this new life where neither of us will ever be lonely again, not that I've been lonely since you showed up. And yes I said 'them'. I'm saying 'them' because I want to invite all of my close friends and yours. I want this to be a public ceremony. It can be big if it has to be although I don't mind it if it's not a HUGE ceremony. Because above all I want people close to us to be there.

"I want to do this because I'm not scared anymore. I'm not scared of you or of anyone else. I want this to be a public ceremony because I'm not afraid to give you hugs and kisses in front of everyone. And I want people to know that. I've been yearning for you all this time and now I finally have you and I'm happy about it. This isn't an act of rebellion and I'm not just with you for the rough foreplay and kinks. I'm lucky to have you and I'm not going to deny anyone, not Kakashi, not Tsunade, not Iruka, not Sasuke or Sakura-chan, not anybody that knowledge anymore. Because I've been denying it to myself by playing it safe with you. We don't have to be 'safe' anymore.

"I'll hold you close when it's over. And I won't let any overprotective teachers, jealous comrades, or nosy friends stop me."

And that's when Naruto finally paused in his talking, giving Kurama a chance to react. He didn't react though because he was speechless. Naruto didn't mean to shock him that bad but once he started talking it was like he couldn't stop. He had to get all of his feelings out. And now that he has there was only one thing left to ask.

"So...what do you say Kurama? Will you marry me?"

Okay two.

With his voice full of passion and zeal and his beautiful blue eyes staring straight into his filled with all the intensity of their relationship there was no way Kurama couldn't believe what Naruto was saying was true. Naruto...really wanted to spend the rest of his life with him,. He was serious about them. He was serious about Kurama and spending the rest of their lives together, loving and caring for one another...Naruto actually felt...

The same way he did.

"I've faced some really hard decisions in my life. And now a little baby-young adult is trying to see how crazy he really is, spending the rest of his life with me," Kurama laughed a little.

"It wasn't easy to get this far. But here we are now and I want to keep going further," the blond said with a small smile.

"Hehe I've faced a lot of hard decisions in my life," Kurama grabbed Naruto's hands. "And this has to be the easiest one yet." He smiled a beautiful smile.

"I say yes."

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So since this was the final chapter I tried to make it special with the references(like a fun game). And at the same time, I was trying to incorporate what I thought the readers want. Some loved the raunchy letters('R' and 'W' for example) others loved the sweeter ones. So I tried to do both and have it wild in the beginning and sweet at the end. Hope I succeed *crosses fingers*.

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The only fun facts I have for this story are the rejected ideas. I dunno if anyone cares but just in case anyone is curious here are all of the letters that had a previously developing idea that was scraped.

G(1)- Grown: A cute little drabble in Kyuubi's POV about how Naruto has grown...both mentally AND physically ;P.

G(2)- Girlfriend: Things are well and good...until Kyuubi introduces Naruto as his girlfriend.

G(3)- Gamble: Tsunade and Naruto discuss how Naruto is making a huge bet on Kyuubi being good.

E- Empathy: Sasuke empathizes with Sakura when it comes to unrequited love.

I- Intoxication: Kyuubi walks home a drunk Naruto. And a drunk Naruto has verrrrry loose lips.

L- Love(yeah lol): Inspired by episode 235. Kyuubi explains how his feelings for Naruto grew from the day they met to present time.

M(1)- Memories: A not very happy one. Naruto questions Kyuubi about his basic info like his age, birthday(and name but that was before we found out it was Kurama) only to find out that he doesn't remember that stuff.

M(2)- Monitor: This became 'S' actually :P.

U(1)- Under...the Influence: The exact same thing as Intoxication. So yeah this idea got rejected twice lol.

U(2)- Umbrella: Obviously the romantic implications of sharing an umbrella are used here. Inspired by a Naruto SD episode. Naruto is out shopping and he gets caught in the rain. Luckily Kyuubi shows up with an umbrella to help keep him dry. I was kind of cross between having Kyuubi show up on purpose or having Naruto wander around wet for a while and then he catches Kyuubi walking with an umbrella by coincidence.

Z- Zen: This was going to be the actual wedding. I was dead set on Z being about a wedding you see. So here Kyuubi and Naruto were getting married and it was a few minutes before the ceremony started and Naruto was freaking out because he forgot to write his vows. I didn't want him to have to use the same words he always says to Kyuubi so that was the conflict. In the end though, everything goes just right and Naruto and Kyuubi feel a sense of inner peace now that they've tied the knot and realized that it would last forever. The biggest difference is in this one the ceremony would've been private.

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