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20 years earlier, New York

After what happened with the Cullens, I felt like I had lost all humanity. I no longer possessed any aspect of a human being, all thoughts of morals disappearing within mere weeks. In half a years' time I was in Manhattan, frequenting night clubs and places that reeked of sex and booze. I watched as all the innocent patrons purchase their liquor, dry humping on the dance floor of some underground coke den, leaving for meaningless one night stands and overdosing.

I soon felt a hand on my shoulder, and looked around to see a depressingly skinny girl smiling at me like I was her next meal.

How ironic.

"Hey handsome, wanna dance?" she asked, already grinding on my leg like a possessed person.

"Thanks, but no thanks." I replied, as courteous as possible. Alcohol and blood was never a good combo.

"Your loss." She scoffed as she sashayed away.

Pity she didn't know I was doing her a favour.

"Wow, you turned that down? Something's wrong with you, man." I heard a bell like voice say from behind.

What I saw brought back memories I tried to repress for months, memories of a certain petite vampire who once welcomed me into her family with open arms. The vision before me was the same height as Alice, with hip-length, dark hair and tan skin. Her eyes were the most alluring shade of brown I ever saw.

"The name's Tatia, hi." She said again, "Oh, and I know what you are, and you don't scare me much."

I looked at her, confused, as she beckoned me over with a wave of her hand. Then, she turned and left. I followed her, feeling compelled to somehow not lose sight of this… whatever she was.

"Oh, and that pull that you're feeling? It's me making sure that you stay with me for a while, we have much to discuss." She said as she turned and stopped.

I realized that we were in the alley, it was empty and private and I began chuckling.

"You do know that I could rip you apart in a second right?" I asked, encircling the girl.

"Pchh, as I said before, you don't scare me much, dude, and I think I could take you if it came to that, Chris." Tatia said again, that same smile on her face.

"How did-" I started

"Psychic…" she continued, "And that's not all. I know your dirty little secret."

"What are you talking about?" I asked

"Oh, just that ache that you have to be human… you know." She said, staring up into my face all innocently.

I stood agape for a while, before I gathered my wits again.

"What are you?" I asked, lightly.

"Tatia, weren't you listening?" she giggled.

I pinched the bridge of my nose in slight frustration as she sweetly and naively stared at me. Then, her face went all serious again and she turned away, pulling her hair away to reveal the smooth skin at her neck.

"Do you know why you're resisting the urge to drink me dry?" she asked.

I remained silent.

"It's because your instincts are screaming at you and telling you that I can help you Chris, and that scares the shit out of you."

"I'll repeat the question; what are you?" I said.

"Quileute. Sort of a witch, and enchantress. And all fun aside, I need you to do something for me, in return for your humanity." She chirped.

"That's not… possible," I breathed out.

"Uh, yep, I think it is." She said "So, ya wanna be human or not?"

I nodded, slightly, still trying to wrap what she just said around my head.

"Okay, let's do this!" she exclaimed, beckoning me to follow her again.

And a part of me hoped that she wasn't just some crazy person with a death wish.

The character Tatia is dedicated to Pace1818…. Thanks, man