Okay so this story was actually gonna be a short one but turned out quite long lol :) since it's christmas thought i'd write you guys a christmas one i hope you enjoy reading it please review if i get enough i'll write another chapter :)

Sara was the first into the lab as always and now she wished she hadn't of bothered, christmas decorations everywhere it just reminded her of how much she hated christmas another year of being alone and trying to act happy around people at work. She walked into the break room and made a coffee waiting for everyone else to arrive, Nick walked in first then Warrick and Catherine last, they were all so cheery and Sara looked as glum as ever.

"I love christmas don't you Cath?" Nick said to Catherine,

"Of course Nicky everyone does, it makes me so happy to be with the family and to see Linds open her present" Catherine replied smiling whilst Warrick agreed by nodding his head.

The three of them were so wrapped up in christmas conversations they didn't even see Sara until Catherine noticed her sat down in the corner,

"Sara are you okay? you seem unhappy about something?"

Sara looked up at Catherine,

"I'm okay thanks"

Catherine just looked at her she could see there was something bothering Sara but she decided to leave it for now, Grissom walked in,

"Just to let everyone know the christmas party is tomorrow and it is fancy dress if you could just let me know if your coming that would be great"

Nick, Warrick and Catherine all said i'm coming at the same time and Sara just sat and said,

"No thanks, i'll pass"

Grissom just nodded and gave out the cases, Nick and Warrick were together and Catherine and Sara which really wasn't the best idea since they have been arguing more recently sometimes there okay with eachother next day there not and Sara could feel that it was one of those days but she followed Catherine to the car.

Catherine decided to drive so Sara got in the passanger seat and they went off to the scene. Halfway there Catherine thought it was time to find out why Sara was so unhappy during christmas,

"Sara, why do you hate christmas?"


"it's not a difficult question Sara, why do you hate christmas?

"What makes you say that anyway Catherine?" Truth be told Sara was starting to get pissed off especially because of the way Catherine spoke to her sometime,

"Your so unhappy every year, you never go to the chrismas parties let alone even talk about christmas, i just want to help you i know we argue alot but i do care about you Sara"

Sara was a bit shocked by Catherine's last words about caring, she actually felt thrilled, well she does have feelings for Catherine which she could never tell anyone.

"Erm, i don't want to say Cath really i'm fine please just leave it?"

Catherine shurgged her shoulders she left it for now...

They arrived at the scene, collected the evidence and returned to the lab, not on of them spoke they were too busy thinking about things, Catherine was worring about Sara and Sara was thinking about what Catherine had said. Both women were now on there way home and Catherine saw Sara in the locker room,

"Hey Sara do you want to have breakfast with me?"

Sara's face lit up, she rarely had breakfast with Catherine it made her happy to be around her even if they do argue she agreed and Sara followed Catherine to the diner.

They sat down and ordered some breakfast,

"So, Sara i don't want to keep asking but you know me i wont stop till i get a good enough answer, please tell me why you hate christmas? all i want to do is help"

Sara just looked at Catherine,

"Didn't i say to leave it?"

"Yeah but i just want to help"

"I don't want your help! fuck sake i said leave it but you can't" Sara stormed out of the diner and into her car, she slammed the door shut and drove back to her apartment leaving a stunned Catherine sat in the diner.

Catherine stood up just as angry as Sara was, payed the bill and drove to Sara's she was not going to be spoke to like that, she got to Sara's and left her car and walked up to te front door and knocked on the door.

"Sara, i know your in there open this door now or so help me i will knock it down"

Sara opened the door and she went to sit back down on her couch, Catherine could see that she was crying and went to sit next to her and put her arm around her,

"Honey, i'm so sorry i didn't know how bad it was, i just wanted to help you"

Sara could feel herself well up again, the tears slowly freeing from her eyes down her cheeks, she took a deep breath,

"You want to know why i don't like christmas then Catherine i'll tell you, it's because i have no family every single year i sit down on my own whilst everyone else has a great time with there family i never had one in fact i never had a christmas, i don't know what it feels like christmas in my home was being abused even more, it just brings back the bad memories i've never had a good christmas" Sara was crying even more now and Catherine was shocked to say the least she really didn't expect that at all she took Sara in her arms and rubbed her back,

"Shh it's okay now Sara, i'm so sorry i didn't know"

The two women sat there for a good 10 minutes and Sara lifted her head to meet Catherine's face, Catherine smiled at Sara which caused Sara to smile,

"That's much better, you've got a lovely smile you know" Catherine said,

Sara could feel herself blush slightly and hoped Catherine hadn't noticed but she had,

"And your very cute when you blush"

This caused Sara to put her head in her hands which made Catherine laugh, Catherine lifted Sara's head up and they gazed in each others eyes, Sara could feel it that warm feeling the one she always gets from Catherine, and Catherine was getting butterflies in her stomach this hadn't happened to her in a long time, sure she dated women one thing not many peope knew about her in fact Sara didn't know but hell Catherine could feel the attraction she felt towards Sara. Catherine pressed her lips against Sara's, she closed her eyes and held her hand up against Sara's cheek, when Catherine let go she realised she probably made a stupid mistake.

"Oh my god Sara i'm so sorry that shouldn't of happened, i took advantage of you, shit i'm so sorry" Catherine finished rambling and flew out of the door and practically ran towards her car, Sara sat in her apartment still trying to get her head around what just happened she thought to herself,

"Did that really happen? Oh my god Catherine Willows kissed me!... why did she leave no way she can't be attracted to me can she? i need to speak to her" At this point Sara was rambling to herself she picked up her phone and dialled Catherines cell number but no answer.

"Shit, Catherine answer your fucking phone" But it was no good Sara had to think of a way to speak to her soon, minutes had passed and Sara suddenly thought about the party...

Catherine was in her car on the way home, she couldn't belive she just kissed Sara,

"Fuck, i can't believe i just kissed Sara i mean i don't regret it but it's plain to see she's not interested in me" Catherine was mumbling to herself, she rejected every phone call of Sara she really couldn't speak to her right now her emotions, feelings were all over the place, Catherine thought about the party and how good of a break it would be.

The next day Catherine was choosing what to wear for the party and she decided to go for one of those naughty santa girl outfits, she knew she could pull it off and loved the attention, she got dressed and was ready to leave.

At Sara's she had an outfit too and this wasn't as eye catching as Catherines it was a simple reindeer outifit, she didn't want to stay at this party anyway let alone dress up but she thought she would make an effort besides if it would give her a chance to talk to Catherine it's worth it, so she got dressed and waited for a bit drinking a couple of beers before going.

Catherine arrived at the club and was greeted by Nick who was dressed up as a snowman, Warrick who was a male elf, Greg who was a kind of pimp santa and Grissom who of course was father christmas she thought the costumes were great,

"Hey guys, your costumes are really good"

Everyone just looked at Catherine,

"Mhmm i really could say the same about yours and more" Greg replied,

Catherine laughed and all five of them headed to the bar to get drinks, everyone was on the dancefloor now apart from Grissom who was happily sat down just watching, there was Nick, Warrick and Greg dancing with some women they had met and Catherine with a man who were all over eachother.

Sara had eventually left for the club and she arrived there and took a deep breath,

"Come on Sara you can do this" she muttered to herself,

She walked in and the first thing she noticed was Catherine kissing this dude, Sara was now pissed off she walked over to Catherine and pulled the guy away from her, Catherine was about to shout at this person then realised it was Sara,

"Sara...what are you doing here?"

"Nice Cath real nice, i actually wanted to talk to you about earlier so i got dressed up and came to this stupid fucking party but hey obviously you've met someone else so i'll just leave"

Grissom had noticed the argument between the two ladies and so had Nick, Warrick and Greg they were about to step in before Catherine replied,

"I'm so sorry Sar..."

"It really doesn't fucking matter anymore" Sara looked at Catherines confused face she went to turn to walk off but turned around and said,

"You have no idea do you Cath?...I fucking love you okay"