Hi! This is my new story! It is about Thorgil, age 11, the year before she met Jack and Lucy! R/R!

Thorgil rushed out of the now burning house, screams emanating from inside of it. Her face, sword and body covered in blood. Not her own, of course. She was surrounded in chaos, screams filling the night air, now a mix of fire, blood and destruction. The smoke filling her nostrils, her eyes gleaming with the glory of death. The death everywhere. Thorgil's shipmates, Olaf One-Brow, Shakki, Sven the Vengeful and many others terrorizing the village they had landed at, killing all of its inhabitants, raiding it's goods, then setting the whole place ablaze. But the shield maiden loved every minute of it. She was a berserker and right now, she was truly berserk. The very air its self smelled of blood and ash, but that just kept her going.

Thorgil rushed around the village, stabbing people with her sword as she went. A man stood in front of her, his arms stretched out and quavering in fear, "Please," the man whispered, "please don't." he cried. But Thorgil took no notice, a mad untamable look in her eyes. She flashed an evil grin and with one, quick movement cut through his chest, piercing his heart. The man screamed but Thorgil only laughed. "Brjostabarn!" she shrieked as the man colapsed to the ground, dead. laughing like a insane person, which she was currently. Her short, ear-length hair now shagged around her head, making her look even more insane. Then out of nowhere, someone knocked Thorgil over the head with a large branch. The force of it made her black out.

Thorgil woke up, her head throbbing. She was on her hammock in her ship. The shield maiden quickly got up and rubbed her head, now a lump protruding it. "Woa, that hurt." Thorgil muttered, still rubbing her head. "Shut up, brjostabarn!" Olaf yelled, as he barged into the sleeping quarters. "How are you ever supposed to get tougher, or even be a proper berserker if you cant handle a kitten's scratch?" the gigantic man yelled. Thorgil stood where she was and Olaf knocked her upside the head, almost making the girl fall over.

That night, all of the berserkers, a part from Thorgil, were on the deck, drinking their fill of beer, swaying on each other singing,

"The oldest of the virgins,

she was a vandal lass.

I showed my mighty weapons,

and she showed me her ass!

Oh we are Beowulf's army,

each a mighty Thane.

We'll pummel your asses,

and ravage your lasses,

and do it all over again!

After many verses of Beowulf's Army, the berserkers finally drifted off to sleep on the deck. "Oh we are Beowul's army," Thorgil quietly sang as she sat on the prow, looking at the sea ahead of her. "Each a mighty thane," she continued to sing. But she straitened up and saw something dark looming over the waters ahead of the ship – land! "We'll pummel your asses and ravage your lasses, and do it all over again!" Thorgil sang, smiling a cruel, yet beautiful smile. A bird landed lightly on the prow beside Thorgil. She tried shoving it away but it just kept coming back, "Don't! Don't! Stop it!" the bird yelled. Thorgil stopped but she did so reluctently. "What? What do you want you stupid feather brain?" she sneered. The bird answered quickly. "You! You! You are going to have an adventure!" it squeaked excitedly. Thorgil rolled her eyes, "How could I not? I'm a berserker!"

Yes, yes! Very short, but what ever! I love Thorgil so I had to start a story about her! Hope you liked it!