Mandy Always Knows

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"Ugh, Mandy! Why do you have to go on that stupid family trip of yours!" whined my best friend Sarah Baker

We were currently at Lorraine's and my older sister Hannah, everyone calls her Nana, graduation party.

"Because unlike you I actually like spending time with my family, plus my sister is leaving for college in two weeks" I said

"Easy for you too say, you don't have eleven siblings" she said "Plus if you stayed it would annoy Jake" she added

Jake and I had this friend/Enemies relationship since I moved here from Mississippi. We were kind of friends, we just loved to annoy each other.

"What would annoy me?" came Jakes voice

We turned our heads to look at him.

"Amanda staying with us the whole summer" said Sarah with the hugest smile on her face.

"A whole summer with Skeeter? That would suck" he said sitting down in the free chair next to me.

"A clip on tie? Very classy Baker" I said pointing to his tie

"Dad said it wasn't noticeable" Jake mumbled under his breath.

"And don't worry, I can't stay here anyway, family trip to some lake. Were sharing the lake house with some family, Mur ... Something" I said forgetting the name

"That's a relief" he sighed

"But when I get back it's on" I added to Jake

"Prank war?" he asked extending his hand

"Bring it" I said shaking it

"Alright, alright, it's time to toast the graduate" came Mr. Baker's voice.

We all turned to the stage to look at him.

"Lorraine, Nana, we are all so proud of you two. For keeping your chin up and charging the mountain. For Lorraine to being a truly unique and wonderful person, and for Hannah to being a great friend and just truly remarkable." Mr. Baker said

"Also to Lorraine for getting that internship at Allure magazine, did you know about that!" he added everyone clapped. The Bakers didn't look to pleased.

"Even though I'm gonna spend the whole summer trying to convince you that staying here in Chicago is a much better choice for your future then moving to dirty, expensive, crime-"

"Ok, ok honey" cut in Mrs. Baker

"Your dads a mess" I commented

"But anyway here's to Lorraine and Hannah" he said raising his glass and everyone did the same. "Ok my daughter Nora and her husband Bud you wanted to say something?" he added as Nora and Bud made their way to the stage.

I liked Bud he was much better then her old boyfriend, I'm glad she found him. Nora was very pregnant.

I had been trying to convince her that if the baby was a girl to name it Amanda, Mr. Baker wanted to name the Dick if it was a boy. That's a horrible name for a boy.

"First of all congratulations Lorraine and Nana, Bud and I hope the our baby will be as cool and accomplished as you two are, and second of all, I don't mean to make this toast about Bud and I but we have some kind of big news" Nora said

"This can't be good" mumbled Sarah

Bud took Nora's place "I've just been offered the vice presidency of a new advertising firm" he said slowly

"Wait for it" Jake mumbled

"In Houston" Bud added quickly "Were moving in September thank you" he said then Nora rushed him off stage

I looked to Mr. Baker making his way over to the drinks.

"Well, he took that very well" I said

"Hey princess, we have to go and pack for our trip tonight" Said Nana coming over to me

She always called me princess. It used to be embarrassing but now I'm lucky if she calls me that.

"Nana!" said shouted Nigel and Kyle

She baby sits them all the time.

"Hey cuties" she said then turning to me "Come on Amanda, I want to do your hair for tomorrow! I herd the family we're staying with has eight kids, maybe there will be a guy your age"

"Oh no" I sighed

"Oh yes!" she added

For Hannah's and I's age difference we sure got along great.

"Good luck my friend" commented Sarah.

"Fine, let me go say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Baker" I said walking over to them

I passed by Bud and Nora "Bye Mandy" said Nora giving me a hug.

"Bye" I said back continuing my walk to them.

Once I got there they were talking to Charlie.

"Well time for me to get my hands dirty" said Charlie giving his mom a hug.

"What about the game? It's a rematch against the cousins" said Mr. Baker

"I got student loans to pay off dad" he said

Tom got a sullen look on his face "Ok, see you"

"Bye, bye Manders" said Charlie giving me a hug and calling me is special nickname for me.

I turned to Tom and Kate.

I looked to see about three whine glasses in front of him.

"Can I have another?" he asked

"Are you sure you just don't want the bottle and a straw?" I asked my thick Mississippi accent coming out.

It always came out when I was mad or I said something sarcastic.

"I'm thinking about it, Amanda" he said

"Are you gonna stay for your first annual Baker family football game?" he added

"Wish I could Mr. Baker, but I got go home and pack for the annual Skeeter family trip" I said

"A family trip huh?" he asked with a distant look on his face

"Yup take it every summer" I said

"Every summer?" he said

I nodded

"Oh don't look so sad, you got ten other kids to draft" said Kate breaking Tom out of his trance.

"Oh, I forget, bye Amanda" he said walking off

"You forgot?" Kate shouted after him.

"Well I must be off Mrs. Baker" I said

"Ok, you guys be safe" she said giving me a hug.

"Will do, bye" I said walking away from the tent a towards Nana's car.

"Took you long enough" she said

I stuck my tongue out and got in.

"You ready to do your hair?" she asked as she started the car.

"I don't know why you want to do this" I said

"So you can meet a cute boy and finally stop annoying me about my crushes, and leave me alone" she said

"Hey" I shouted hitting her on the shoulder.

"I'm kidding, you know I have a feeling that this family trip is gonna be the best one yet" she said

"And why is that?" I asked

"I don't know" she said shrugging her shoulders "But it is, just you wait and see"

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