Mandy Always Knows Chapter 2

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"Wake up" I felt Nana poke my shoulder.

"Go away" I said snuggling into the seat of the car.

"Don't make me tickle you" she threatened

"I'm up!" I said sitting up

"Good we're here" said my mom just as my dad stopped the car

Nana was picking at my hair.

"Nana, I'm fine" I said

I tied my converse back on and stepped out of the car.

Nana got out after me.

"This is nice" I said

And it was, it was amazing. Two stories, a balcony, and a nice big lake. There was a slide, and a trampoline and jet skies and a boat.

Nana and I were to busy ogling at the house to notice the family come out.

"Welcome to the Murtaugh household" said an old man.

"It's nice to finally meet you" said my mom "I'm Tracy Skeeter, this is my husband Todd" they shook hands.

"I'm Jimmy and this is my wife Sarina" Jimmy said pointing to a women that might as well be Hannah's age.

"Hi I'm Nana" she said

"Nana? That's an interesting name" commented Sarina

"Well, my names Hannah, but I couldn't say my H's when I was younger" she said

"Oh! That's cute" she said

"I'm Amanda, but you can call me Mandy" I said

"And these are my kids" Jimmy said pointing to eight kids that were standing on the porch.

"Anne, Calvin, Daniel, Elliot, Kenneth, Becky, Robin and Lisa" he said pointing to them.

"You might not be the only that gets a boy this weekend" she whispered to me as we walked in, referring to Calvin for her and Elliot for me.

"I'm not interested in Elliot" I whispering hoping none of them could hear us, I mean they were right behind us.

Elliot was cute, but he seemed like the type of guy I would want to be friends with.

"Oh that's right, you're interested in Jake" she said

"That was two years ago!" I shouted/whispered

"Whatever" she said

"Mandy, um Nana, I'll have the kids show you to your rooms." said Mr. Murtaugh

"Thank you Mr. Murtaugh, for letting us stay here" she Nana

"You're quite welcome Nana" he said back

"Come on, I'll show you to your room" said Becky, I think.

She grabbed my wrist and dragged me down the hall.

We stopped in front of a door "Here it is" she said opening the door for me.

I walked in. It was amazing, they really went all out.

"I'll leave you to unpack, dinner is at seven." she said walking out of my room.

I was really gonna like it here.

We spent that night getting to know the Murtaughs. They were really awesome and nice. Each over there kids was an over achiever.

Even after everyone went to sleep, Becky and I stayed up gossiping until we finally fell asleep on the couch at like three o'clock In the morning.

I was being roughly shaken awake by a very enthusiastic Elliot.

"May I help you?" I asked

"You wanna go for a walk?" he asked

I looked at my watch "At ten o'clock in the morning?" I asked he only nodded.

I slowly got up "Let me get changed" I said walking to my room.

I got changed in some new shorts and spaghetti strapped shirt, and some flip flops.

I walked out the door to see Elliot.

"So where are we going?" I asked

He shrugged "I don't know, let's just walk" he said walking towards the woods. I followed him.

I don't know how long we walked but by the time we got back, Elliot and I were really close.

We talked about anything and everything. I defiantly wouldn't have a crush him, but we're really close.

"So this one time Becky got sick at the gas station from food poisoning, it was bad" he said as we walked back to the house.

"Well this one time Nana got really sick, it was bad, she had a date that night, that boy never went out with her again" I said laughing.

"This was nice" said Elliot

"Agreed" I said "Hey if Nana tries to set me up with you, it's a reflex, ignore her"

"Am I really that bad?" he asked jokingly

"No, it's just ... I don't know" I said

"So there's another guy right?" he asked

I sighed "I think, I'm not sure" I said

"Who is he?" be asked

"I'll tell you when I find out" I said laughing.

"Deal, hey I'm gonna go inside to get something to drink, you wanna come?" asked Elliot

I shook my head "Nah, I think I'll stay outside"

He nodded and went inside.

I sat down in a porch chair and looked across the lake.

Wait that looks familiar.

I squinted more trying to get a better look at the family that would be staying at the house across from us.

It looks like the Bakers.

"I'm going crazy" I mumbled

I then looked one more time, and saw about ten kids get out of the van, the Bakers van.

"Nana!" I yelled

She came walking out with a glass of pink lemonade.

"Yeah" she asked

"Could you take me to meet the neighbors?" I asked

"Um .. Sure princess, why not. I'll get the keys" she walking back inside.

Once she got her keys, we drove straight down the path to the other house.

We pulled up right next to the house. The family was standing in a row admiring the house. There was really nothing to admire it was a dump.

"Is that the Baker's?" asked Nana

"It is" I said getting out of the car.

I ran and shouted "Sarah!" then I tackled her in a hug.

"Mandy what are you doing here?" she asked

"Are you stalking me?" asked Jake

I hit him in the stomach "I have better things to do the stalk you, and this is the lake my family goes to every summer" I told her.

"What's up Mandy? How do you like this house?" asked Mr. Baker

I then looked to the house "Um ... It's nice" I said

"Where are you guys staying?" asked Mrs. Baker

"Over there" I said pointing to the Murtaugh's house which looked like a castle compared to this.

"Why can't we rent that house?" asked Henry

"That place is new ... But this place is .." started Mr. Baker fumbling with his words

"Older" finished Mrs. Baker "But still nice"

"And ... And that place my have a water slide, but we have ..." said Mr. Baker

"Stairs, those are ... Fun" said Mrs. Baker

"So .. Unload camper dudes!" shouted Mr. Baker "Girls in the north bunk boys in the south, Bud and Nora in the loft."

Nana went to go help Nora and Bud with their stuff, while I went to go help Sarah.

I carried one of her bags.

"Jesus Sarah what is in here bricks" I said putting the bag on the floor of the house.

I bent over trying to catch my breath.

"Nope, just a bunch of athletic things" she said

"Are you ok kiddo?" I herd Nana asked me from the staircase

I gave her a thumbs up.

Just then Kimmy and Jessica screamed. I looked up to see them pointing to a corner to a room.

"Is that?" I herd Sarah ask Henry

"It is" he said

I looked to see a rat.

"Holy shit" I whispered running behind the closest person to me, which was Jake.

"Look, I found something you're scared of" he said

My hands were on his shoulders as if he was gonna protect me.

"At least I'm not afraid of spiders" I commented as I remembered his thirteenth birthday party.

"So your not afraid of spiders but you're afraid of rats?" he asked

"Precisely" I said

Just then Tom and Kate ran in stopping or conversation.

"What's going on?" asked Kate

"Stop" said Henry "The chiseler"

All eyes turned to the rat who had moved to the coffee table and was now chewing on Tom's keys.

"Tell me those aren't my keys" said Tom

"Those aren't your keys" I said slowly still behind Jake

"Nice try Mandy" he said

"Just get him outside ok?" said Kate

Tom took of his hat a grabbed a tennis racket and got into a crouching position.

"I know how to handle this guy" said Tom

"I can't believe he's still alive" commented Nora from the stairs

"You know that thing?" asked Nana

No one moved. Gunner was growling, Mark was holding him back while Tom was making his way to the rat.

The rat got smart and jump off the table making Tom fall to the floor.

It started running towards Jake, Sarah, Jessica, Kim and I.

I was so scared I jumped on Jake's back.

"Crap, Mandy how much do you weigh?" he asked

"I am average weight for a fourteen year old girl, so strap on a pair!" I told him

"Can I borrow yours" he said back

I was about to retort when a loud crash brought us out of our argument.

Gunner had made all of the games on the shelf fall on top of Henry.

I had jumped off of Jake by now. Jessica, Kimmy and I had began to throw pillows at it, which didn't help much.

Jake pulled a fire work out of his pocket and a match.

I grabbed his hands "Do you wanna blow up the whole damn house?" I asked him

He only shrugged me off and threw it at the rat, since Jake had such nice aim -That was Sarcasm- it landed in the fire place next to Niguel and Kyle.

"Nice aim you idiot" I said hitting him on the head as the firework blew up in their faces leaving the covered in ashes.

Tom dive for the rat as it flew into it's little house in the corner.

"Ok what was that?" I asked

"The chiseler? He's a pack rat, he likes to take stuff and hides it in his hole" said Henry

I went down and sat on the couch breathing a sigh of relief, Sarah sat next to me.

"I'm tiered" I said

"At least you didn't have to carry your butt" said Jake sitting across from me

"Like I said I am average weight for a fourteen year old girl! Lift some weights!" I said

"Eat some lettuce!" said Jake

"Yo! Mr. and Mrs. Baker! Shut up!" said Sarah

I hit her in the head "That's disgusting"

"Ok whatever" she said rolling her eyes.

"You know what, I'll get a trap in the morning" said Tom

"A humane trap, right dad?" asked Mark

"Of course, now this first day was awesome, so lets clean up cause be got a clambake to go to!" Tom shouted "Clambake!"

Then he ran out of the room.

"Speaking of Clambake, Amanda and I must go get ready for that." said Nana coming down the stairs

"Nothing could help Amanda look better" said Jake

Kate hit him. "Watch it Baker" I said

"Watch it Skeeter I know what you're scared of!" he said

"Don't you dare try anything Jacob Baker" I said hitting him

"Amanda! Come on" said Nana waiting by the door.

"I mean it!" I said to him before walking out with Nana towards her car.

When we got in she said "Can you believe the Bakers are here?" asked Nana

I shook my head

"I told you this vacation was gonna be awesome! And I know just how to make it amazing for you" she said

"Hannah I see those wheels turning in that evil head of yours what are you thinking?" I asked

"Oh nothing" she said

Hannah's plans are either really good or really evil. I couldn't decide what this one was gonna be. I'm scared, very scared.

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