Inspiration for this chapter came from many sources, obviously the Rizzoli & Isles cast for making it the sexiest heterogay show on the tv.
The primary one for this chapter was Chely Wright and the song 'Let Me In' I heard it playing for the Rizzles part of this chapter, seems to fit them perfectly. You should listen to it, I can wait…. Ok, you're back? Good. That's that lined up.. let's do this.

Ten days had passed in a flurry of activity. Korsak and Frost had been only minutes from finding Hoyt's hideout. It had been too easy, and so perfect. The abandoned building opposite the station had been a streak of genius on his part; no one had even considered it. Cavanaugh had calmed down and settled with a slap on the wrist for both men.

Both Jane and Maura had been forced to take some leave by the department psychiatrist, on full pay as long as they both attended at least one therapy session a week for the month they'd been signed off, the latter being at Cavanaugh's insistence.

After the trip to the ER after escaping Hoyt's prison, Maura had been admitted for a couple of days, to ensure she had no lasting damage from her injuries and while Jane suffered a mild concussion and a hairline fracture to her cheekbone, she refused any sort of treatment until she knew Maura was safe. She didn't want to let her out of her sight ever again.

Sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office, Jane tapped her foot impatiently, her bruises were fading slowly but they were still clear enough to draw stares from patients. She didn't understand why Maura had insisted on having the stitches removed by her doctor, she was more than qualified to do it herself.

"Thank you doctor." She looked up when she heard Maura's voice and smiled as she got to her feet. Wearing a simple, high necked sweater to cover the wound on her chest, Maura looked as stunning as ever. 'How did I not see this?' she wondered as Maura led the way out to the car.

"So?" Jane looked at her expectantly as they settled in the car. "What did he say?"

Maura fussed with her top, the fresh skin across her chest itched. "He said I'm fine." She glanced at Jane for a moment before returning her attention to the top. "Do I still have my overnight bag in the trunk?" she asked.

Jane frowned. "I think so, why?"

Maura smiled sweetly, "Could you get it for me? Please?" she added as Jane rolled her eyes but got out of the car and checked the trunk, returning with a large bag. "Thank you." Jane watched as Maura's smile grew, that dimple melting Jane's heart. She had to do something, say something. For the past ten days she'd been searching for the words, something eloquent and beautiful that would convey what she was coming to learn about herself. That she was head over heels, hopelessly in love with her best friend. And for ten days all she'd managed were the unpolished, ramblings of a 'school of life' student and South Boston native. They were clumsy and haphazard like Jane. They weren't good enough for the woman sitting next to her and she knew it. And so, with one final glance towards Maura, who was rummaging through the bag and sighing heavily, she started the car and headed towards the precinct where Maura was due at an appointment with the psychiatrist.

Traffic clogged the streets and Jane grew more and more impatient with each second. "Oh come on jackass!" she gestured at the driver in front of her who slammed on his breaks again for no apparent reason. "I should just get out and shoot him!" Jane said glancing at Maura who had pulled a top from the bag and was holding up in front of her as best she could.

"Now Jane. He's obviously lost, you could offer him help rather than shooting him." Maura scolded her gently as she squeezed the bag into the back seat. Following the lost driver down the road, Jane lost all concentration on the road ahead of her when Maura peeled her sweater off and tossed it into the back seat before sliding into the simple t shirt she had selected.

The crunch of metal on metal forced Jane's attention ahead of her. The lost driver had apparently decided to test his brakes again and Jane had rear ended him.

"Oh fuck."

"Jane really, it's so uncouth to use such language. You have a much wider vocabulary than that." Maura watched the other driver get out of his car, his arms flailing wildly. "Well sometimes; 'oh no, you big poo poo head' doesn't quite cut it!" Jane quipped as she stepped from the car to speak with the other driver.

For ten minutes Maura watched as Jane tried to calm the man. She could hear him shouting, threatening to call the police. Jane stormed back to the car, ripping the door open and gesturing for Maura to hand her something. "Pass me my ID." It was clear the detective had had more than enough of this guy so Maura opened the glove box and pulled out the wallet within that contained Jane's police issued identification. "I shoulda just shot him." She complained as she slammed the door closed and marched back to man who was still shouting at anyone that would listen.

Maura watched with fascination as Jane eventually calmed him down, her identification striking more than a chord of fear. He went back to his car and started searching for his documents. She watched Jane pace back and forth slowly, the gentle curve of her breasts down to firm and well-formed abs. Her tight fitting jeans that she had picked out for her on a shopping trip one afternoon clung in all the right places, giving Maura an excellent appreciation of Jane's rear end. She smiled devilishly as she imagined how it would feel to caress Jane's lithe body, tasting each delight and kissing every inch of her skin.

"What are you grinning at?" Jane asked as she slid into the car.

"Oh. I was just thinking." Maura replied, hoping she sounded more innocent than she was feeling.

Jane looked at her, one eyebrow raised in question. "Wanna share?" she teased.

Maura laughed. "I'd love to, but I'm already late for my appointment." She pointed to the clock and Jane sighed heavily. "Why did you rear end him anyway?" Maura asked, twisting in her seat to watch Jane. She had her thoughts, or rather hopes, on what had caused the brunettes lack of concentration.

"You're right. You're late!" Jane flustered, flicking the turn signal and speeding past the lost driver before continuing on in silence.
Next to her, Maura grinned. Maybe she wasn't the only one after all.

Jane pulled up in front of Maura's house. Since the Hoyt incident, she'd barely seen her own apartment and despite no longer being on lockdown, she couldn't bring herself to leave. Her mother had been on the phone almost constantly since she'd found out what had happened and even been over and tidied her apartment for her. Being at Maura's was the only thing keeping her mother from wrapping her in cotton and storing her in a protective case.
Angela Rizzoli made no secret of the fact that she adored Maura and was pleased that she was there to 'look after my Janie' as she put it. Maura thought it was sweet.

She stepped into the living room and kicked off her sneakers before opening the back door to let Joe Friday out into the back yard. She had at least an hour before she had to leave again to pick Maura up so she put on some coffee and stared at the antique side table. In the past ten days the journal it contained had occupied her thoughts almost constantly but with Maura in the house, she hadn't been able to find a moment to steal a glimpse. Their therapy sessions were usually consecutively and between doctors, hospitals, well-wishers from the department and various family members appearing here and there, neither woman had really had a moment to themselves.

She pulled open the drawer and smiled. It was still there. She pulled the book from its home and opened the cover, hoping Maura had finished her thoughts. To her delight, she saw the page filled and she slid back onto the sofa and read.

You sit back and grin at me. Your silence is painful as you spread my legs wide and lick your lips hungrily. I reach down, determined to fulfil my own passions, for you to witness the power you hold but you won't allow it. I feel your hands firmly on my wrists and suddenly you're above me again, holding me prisoner within my own desire.

For those few moments I drown in your eyes and beg you silently to take me completely. You finally speak, but only to tell me to behave myself before resuming your lusty silence.

In its way, your silence fuels my passion further and I feel my wetness growing as your gaze returns to my clit, now screaming and begging to be consumed.

I feel a finger caressing my wet lips, the most fleeting of contacts but guiding me closer to the edge of ecstasy.

"Please?" I ask you, my voice a pitiful whimper. I seem to have pleased you as you tease my opening, pressing gently but never really entering me. In my frustration I press up into you, trying to force you inside me.

You shake your head and I wonder how much longer you can play this game. You pull back and sigh, almost sadly as you reach for my hands, slipping your handcuffs on me and leaving me no choice but to do as you desire.

From seemingly out of nowhere, you produce a blindfold and loving cover my eyes.

I wait in the dark, I know you have left the bed and can hear you rustling around nearby. My mind runs with possibilities. What delights lie in store for me? Silence falls over the room and I sense you near my head.

I lick my lips and you place your finger gently over them. I can taste your own juices there and I ache to have you between my legs.

I feel you return to that place on the bed between my legs and I hope your own hunger has grown too great.

Slowly, your hands run along my thighs and I feel your breath on my clit. Suddenly you're there, devouring me, filling me, my body responding totally as your tongue works its magic in me.

As I hover on the brink, you pull away and I growl in frustration and I hear you chuckle softly.

Your lips meet mine and as your tongue forces its way into my mouth, I taste myself there.

"Tell me you want me!" you whisper and I tell you immediately. I can almost hear you smiling.

There is a glancing caress over my soaked core and I gasp. I know what is in store and I beg you unashamedly.

You slowly tease me with the tip of the strap on and I know I need it in me, need you to fuck me like a whore. 'Want' has no place now, I need it, the world is spinning and I need you to fill me with that toy.

Still you tease me, its head glistening in the candlelight.

"So you want it?" You ask, pressing it gently into me but never allowing me more that the head.

When I don't – can't answer, it is torn from me, my wetness left empty and without friend.

"Tell me you want it!" you demand.

I shake my head and try to form words as you slip the head of that toy once more between my lips.

"I need it!" I pant, straining against the confines I'm in.

"Good girl!" you reply, pushing the full length of the dildo into me.

Almost immediately, explosions fill me, flashing behind my eyes. Slowly you move in me, and my breath catches in my throat. You pull off my blindfold and as our eyes meet again we move together, your full length slowly moving in and out of me, filling me totally before leaving me empty and hungry once more.

I need you to fuck me hard and yet I teeter on the orgasmic precipice as we finally make soft, slow love.

I know you will never hold this out and I beg; "fuck me, bitch!"

It seems to push you over the edge; you pound my hot pussy hard, unrelenting, punishing my demand with excruciating pleasure.

I feel you pulling my legs up, allowing your fake cock deeper access and as you pound away, you throw me into orgasmic oblivion, not once but many, many times over.

With my passion and pussy both spent and sore, you place a loving kiss gently on my lips before doing the same on my well fucked pussy.

As the desire burns and dances in your eyes, I grin….

Two can play at this game.

Jane fought to catch her breath, her heart pounded in her ears as she read the words before her. She squirmed against the rising passion and increasing wetness between her legs. She'd had no idea Maura was so fiery, so passionate. Not that she'd spent much time thinking about Maura in a sexual sense, until recently.

Her cell rang suddenly, making Jane jump and drop the journal. Reaching for the device, she grinned when she saw Maura's name on the screen.

"Hello?" her voice was a low purr, exuding sexuality and desire.

"J-Jane?" Maura replied.

Jane cleared her throat, hoping to shake the passion from her tone. "Yeah it's me." She had succeeded in shaking the want from her voice and managed to turn herself into an over-enthusiastic telemarketer, all in one motion. She rolled her eyes and hoped that Maura would get to the point so she wouldn't have to try and speak again.

"I was thinking." Maura said, her own voice having deepened and developed a husky tone to it that Jane couldn't recall having heard before. She smiled, knowing that Maura was probably having a similar physical reaction as her. She reached for the journal, skimming over the entry as Maura stuttered and fell over her words. She could picture Maura laid on the bed, her body bathed in candlelight.

"So would you like to?" Maura finished.

Jane grinned. "Oh yes." Jane replied, the husky purr returning. "I'd love to."

"Good. I'll be home soon." Maura replied before hanging up the phone leaving Jane no idea what she'd just agreed to.

When Maura walked through the front door, she was surprised to see the house empty. Jane had agreed to go and check out a new wine bar with her and some of their colleagues, and she had expected her to be ready when she'd gotten in. Placing the cartons of Chinese on the counter, she bent down and scratched Joe's head absently before fetching plates and serving the meal.

"Jane?" Maura called. "I got dinner."

Jane appeared, wrapped in a lilac towel, her wet hair cascading down her shoulders. The vision before her stopped Maura dead in her tracks, the carton hovering above the plate before falling with a loud 'splop' into her kung po chicken. She ripped her eyes away from Jane and fussed quickly with the meal, her hunger for the oriental feast vanishing faster than her desire was building.

Jane smirked, Maura was clearly flustered and she planned on taking full advantage of it. Reaching out, she brushed Maura's fingers with her own as she took the carton from her hand. "Let me help you." She shook steamed broccoli onto the plates and looked up at Maura, flashing her a brilliant smile.

"Are you ok?" Jane had spent the last half an hour practicing asking that question. It had to be loaded but seemingly innocent at the same time. If Maura liked to be teased, Jane was willing to oblige. She met Maura's eyes and her grin grew wider as her pupils dilated wildly.


Jane fought the giggles as the doctor turned away from her, searching through the drawer for a corkscrew.

"I'm fine. Where's the corkscrew?" Maura replied quickly, her voice shaking as she spoke and forcing Jane to supress more giggles. She licked her lips and crossed to stand behind her, her hand coming to rest in the small of Maura's back as she leant in to her, reaching past her to large pot that held many a wooden spoon as well as the corkscrew.

"Where it always is." Jane whispered, her breath hot on the other woman's ear before she pulled back, casually trailing her hand across Maura's hip before turning smartly and taking a seat. She watched as Maura fumbled with the wine. It took her three or four tries before she released the cork and, with shaking hands poured two glasses.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Jane asked between mouthfuls. Glancing up from her meal and hoping she looked suitably nonchalant. "You're acting kinda weird."

Maura took a deep drink from her glass before settling it carefully; fearful her shaking hands might knock the drink over. 'She knows' Maura thought, watching Jane as she stuffed food into her mouth with her usual voracity. 'She must know.' Her mind ran, punctuated with images of Jane dropping the towel and taking her on the kitchen counter. It was unhygienic but oh so necessary to her right now. 'She's just being Jane' her mind argued, 'she's tactile'.

Jane watched, careful not to draw attention to herself as Maura argued with herself mentally. Her eyes roaming the Maura's body, warm, loving eyes that always managed to increase her heart rate, her gentle but adorable freckles that were often hidden under a fine layer of make-up, smooth creamy skin, now stained forever by Hoyts scalpel but still the most beautiful Jane had ever seen, and her bountiful bosom… Jane grinned, 'with remarkably hard nipples'. She licked her lips hungrily and forced her eyes up to Maura's.


Maura snapped up, forcing her eyes to look only at Jane's. She wanted to unwrap the detective, toss the wet towel aside and drink in the goddess that stood before her, memorising every curve, freckle and scar, before tasting her warm damp skin, feeling every inch of the landscape before her. Instead she cleared her throat; she was the Chief Medical Examiner for Christ's sake, every day of her life she had to deal with situations that to most people were impossible. She could have a conversation with her friend without turning into a lovesick, swooning schoolgirl.

"Sorry Jane. My thoughts were elsewhere."

Jane smiled. 'No shit!' she thought as she stuffed another piece of broccoli into her mouth, chewing silently.

"So, where are we going tonight?" she steered the conversation away from the desire she could almost taste building around them and smiled when Maura let out a huge sigh. 'Probably of relief' she thought.

"Oh, there's a new wine bar opened up. Korsak and Frost wanted us to go with them, as their guests." Maura had never been so pleased to talk about anything other than Jane. "I think they're feeling guilty for suspecting me."

Jane stabbed at her chicken with a chopstick. "So they damn should."

"They were only being thorough."

Jane grinned. "So they're buyin'?" she asked, pushing her plate aside and licking her lips slowly.

Maura gulped, almost choking on her food as she did so. 'I really wish she wouldn't do that.' Instead, she nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

"Well you better get moving then!" Jane flashed her her best roguish grin before getting to her feet and rearranging her towel suggestively. "We don't want to miss their unhappy hour!" With that she turned and swaggered into the bedroom to get dressed, feeling Maura's eyes burn into her as she left.

"Jane?" Maura called after her friend, stopping her in the hall.

"Yeah?" Even though she knew that Maura couldn't see her, she leant against the wall, turning to look in the direction of her voice.

"You didn't happen to do any reading earlier, did you?"

Jane laughed into her hands. 'Busted' she thought, forcing a confused frown onto her face, she hoped she looked the part as she returned to look at Maura.

"No." she said, shaking her head slightly. "Why, should I?" Maura shook her head.

"No. I was just wondering if you'd seen the study in….."

Jane laughed. "I'm going to get dressed." She cut her off quickly when Maura's eyes flashed to the coffee table for a clue. She knew Maura couldn't lie and watching her struggle to find a study to quote was just mean.

Maura's head hurt. She was a composed woman; she only ever drank three glasses of wine. She knew her limits but with the evening's dinner events, she had lost track of herself. Korsak and Frost had overindulged both her and themselves in the wine bar; their raucous laughter had led to the manager asking them politely if they would mind leaving, which only made them laugh harder. Now, sat in the Dirty Robber and half way through her fifth glass of wine, she wondered if this was their best idea.

"Drink up doc!" Frost set yet another glass in front of her as he necked a beer.

"Yeah!" Jane agreed her own bottle almost empty. "Drink up."

Maura sighed. "I think I've had enough." She admitted, pushing the glass away from her and rubbing her temples. Next to her, Jane reached her hand out, rubbing her thigh softly.

"You ok?" she asked, ignoring Korsak and Frost who were now making various jokes. They'd clearly had more than enough.

Maura nodded. She felt her muscles tense and a familiar wetness grow as Jane rubbed her thigh. "I just don't like the feeling of being drunk." She admitted, causing both Korsak and Frost to dissolve into more laughter. "Will you take me home?" Her eyes searched Jane's and she felt her cheeks redden.

"No Jane, c'mon you gotta stay!" Korsak pushed her fresh beer to her. "I'll get a cab for the Doc." He hiccupped as he pulled out his phone. Jane looked to Maura, she was having a great time but it was clear that Maura wasn't enjoying herself as much as she'd hoped.

"Can I finish my beer?" Jane asked, taking a large mouthful of the beverage.

"It's ok Jane." Maura sighed. She was disappointed that Jane wanted to stay, but she couldn't help but notice that Jane's hand had remained on her thigh, very high on her thigh. "You stay and have fun. I don't want to ruin your night."

She slipped from the booth slowly. "Goodnight gentlemen." She smiled warmly at the detectives. "Thank you for your generosity." She headed for the door with Jane staring behind her.

"Here Frost." Jane pushed her beer to the younger detective, "Drink this." She got to her feet and followed Maura.

"Uh oh!" Korsak chuckled. "Looks like Jane ain't getting any tonight." He giggled childishly as Frost spat his mouthful of beer across the booth before joining him in the laughter.

"Maura!" Jane called, jogging down the street after her friend. She never failed to be surprised how fast Maura could walk in high heeled shoes. She pulled her jacket tight around her, protecting her from the icy rain.


The doctor turned and waited, her focus drawn momentarily to the bar behind her as music poured into the street. She knew this song and felt tears building in her eyes. It was everything she wanted to say to Jane.

"Hey." Jane stopped in front of her, "I…" she stopped, looking towards the bar. She'd heard Maura playing this song in the bath when she thought Jane couldn't hear her. Maura noticed the flicker of Jane's eyes and caught her breath as Jane looked at her, rain dripping from her hair.

Jane reached up and wiped the single tear that fell from Maura's eye. Her hot hands caressing her cheek as her fingers wound into her hair. Maura could feel her heart hammering in her chest, she nuzzled into Jane's hand, and she just couldn't fight it anymore. The truth was, she didn't want to.

Jane leant forward, closing the already small gap between them, her heart pounding heavily and drowning out anything other than Maura. She saw Maura swallow heavily, her eyes flicking between Jane's eyes and lips. With a small smile, Jane pulled Maura closer.

"Jane?" Maura breathed, the word tickling Jane's lips.

As her lips tentatively met Maura's, Jane felt her head spin, the heady taste of Maura mixed with wine sent her spinning. She could feel the surprise in Maura's body but pressed herself into her, her tongue teasing Maura's lip hopefully.

Maura relaxed into the embrace, her body melting together with Jane's as the rain hammered down on them. It was everything she had hoped and more, her body humming as she allowed the kiss to deepen momentarily before pulling breathlessly away and staring at the woman before her.

She chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully. "Jane….."

Dark brown eyes stared at her sadly and Jane pouted. "So I did a little reading." Jane admitted with a smile.

Maura smiled. Reaching up, she stroked the back of Jane's neck before capturing the detective's lips once more in an urgent, hungry kiss. She felt Jane moan into the embrace.

"Let's go home." Jane said as she pulled back, resting her forehead on Maura's. "It's time to write a new chapter."