Hello, again!

I can't believe I'm actually saying this….but I finally self-published a book!

It's been a long road since my fanfiction days but I never stopped wanting to write, and this year I finally got myself to really sit down and commit to an idea. I want to thank all of my loyal readers over the years for being so encouraging about my writing and giving me the confidence to put something out.

No pressure at all(literally feel free to ignore this) but if you're interested, my book is called Powerful People (by: Sara Abagail) and it can be found on Amazon for just $0.99 this week only!


If faced with a choice between beauty or power, what would you pick?

Becky Slater chose power, and it has haunted her life ever since.

Now at age 22, Becky is fed up with all the beautiful people in her life. Between her mother, sister Gina, and best friend Louriza, she feels doomed to forever be fading into the background of their successes. It wasn't supposed to be like this. She was a Slater, after all- a member of the most successful demon hunting family on the East Coast. She should have been as good a hunter as her sister by now, but she couldn't be. Not in this world which prefers their women be more beautiful than powerful. Instead, she lives with the burden of hiding her super strength, and wants nothing to do with her family's demon hunting business.

The good news is, the Slaters are in a demon hunting rut. One more year without a catch will have them all kicked out of the Hunters Coalition. For Becky, this could mean freedom at last from a lifetime of always being the strangest girl in the room.

It all seems clear until Raymond Cavell, the charming young CEO of her favorite makeup company, calls with a deal for the hunt of a lifetime. Whisked away to his penthouse in New York City and into his fast-paced, deceitful world of business, Becky embarks on an adventure which forces her to redefine what it means to be powerful.

If you do buy it, please drop a review on Amazon to let me know what you think. Reviews are really important to getting it seen by more people.