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Dance Parties

"I'm bored," said Cornelius Fudge.

"Me too," said Amelina Bones and Ludo Bagman at the same time.

"Let's have a dance party!" suggested Barty Crouch.

"Okay!" said Fudge.

So they threw a very good Ministry Dance Party. Everyone was invited. It was great!

Ron was reading his History of Magic textbook on the duties of the ministry.

He came across the final one and then he blinked. And he blinked. And he blinked.

Then he wrote a letter to Hermione, just to make sure he hadn't misread.

Dear Hermione,

What are the duties of the ministry?


The next day, Hermione sent one back.

Dear Ron,

A whole list of things. They're on page 19839432 of our History textbook. I think one of them is they can "throw dance parties whenever they darn please."