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Premise: The El's had a daughter, Cala El, rather than Cal El. She is sent to earth and her gender drastically changes the universe. How will Lex react to being rescued by a raven haired beauty?

For the sake of the story we arrive in Clara's senior year, she's about to turn 18 and the meteor freaks have not started mounting up yet. Chloe is the only person apart from her parents who knows her secret due to Clara saving her life from a mugger in Metropolis. Lex has only just been banished to Smallville to run the plant.


Clara Kent was flying over the golden fields of Smallville, weightless and powerful she glided and gazed. Past the farm she called home, the red barn standing out against the twilight. Over the pastures for grazing, the scarecrows and barns and finally into the neighbouring farm, that of Lucas Lang. Lucas was muscled yet slender, beautiful laying against his blue bed spread. She hovered above him, watching him breathe, the covers tantalisingly shaped around his form. Suddenly he opened his eyes and stared right at her and stated firmly:

"It's all your fault Clara"

He closed his eyes and in her shock she fell.

She woke up above her own bed, the alarm blazing and then landed gracelessly on the it, causing it to collapse.

Her mother called from downstairs:

"Hurry up Clara, you'll be late for school!"

Alright, thought Clara, the hovering is new.

Hurriedly dressing in some jeans and a plaid shirt she paused to look at herself in the mirror and ran her fingers through her long black curls to give them some form of order.

Upon arriving downstairs she saw her father at the kitchen table wearing an almost identical outfit and it caused her lip to quirk, she really was a daddy's girl. Her mother was firing instructions at them about their time alone this weekend, demanding they not eat pizza as there was food in the fridge. Clara grabbed the milk carton and took a swig, enjoying the cool liquid on her tongue.

"Don't drink from the carton, where did you learn your manners?" Her scarlet haired mother admonished her from the other side of the fridge.

Clara smiled brightly at her mother and stated cheerfully: "On a farm!"

Her mother tutted at her and Clara leaned down, (Martha's 5 ft 5 was lower than Clara's 5 ft 11), in order to kiss her on the cheek. Clara has always been tall, taller in fact than her best male friend Pete and a substantial number of the male populous at Smallville High. Perhaps that was part of the reason she liked Lucas so much, he was 6 ft 5, tall enough to see over her. He was the only boy she knew who made her feel delicate; growing up on a farm had made Clara strong in body, well toned and able to take care of herself. Well that and her other...less usual attributes. She was sure Lucas Lang would think twice before looking at her again if he knew she could run faster than a speeding bullet, not that she'd ever tested that metaphor.

Nevermind her powers, any boy would think twice before even going near her, Jonathan Kent was a respected man, a former football star who adored his daughter. He also owned a double barrel shotgun and was a notoriously good shot.

The need for secrecy due to her abilities was paramount, no one but her closest friend, Chloe, knew about her abilities. That was not entirely intentional on Clara's part, on a trip to Metropolis to look at the University they had gotten lost and accosted by a mugger in a shady part of town. When Chloe refused to hand over her purse he lunged at her with a knife, only to be prevented by Clara. The knife did not penetrate her skin and she disarmed and knocked him out in seconds. Chloe wasn't stupid and Clara could not deny her bestfriend anymore. It was in their freshman year upon returning to Smallville that Chloe had shown her the wall of weird, all minor mutations created by the green meteor rock, the very same that made her ill.

The moment Clara had seen the young tear stained face of Lucas Lang she knew she could never attempt to pursue any form of contact with him, she was the reason he was an orphan. It didn't stop her from liking him, the forbidden was always sweeter for a teenage girl, but it created a boundary she refused to cross. Clara left Lucas alone. If that wasn't enough reason Lucas's ring, that contained a shard of the meteor that killed his parents, acted as a repellent for her. In some ways she thanked it for giving her an excuse other than morality to stay away.

Clara knew she was an alien; her parents had sat her down to explain it to her. It had been precipitated by the absence of her period, she had been 14, in health class every other girl had already had it. She'd gone home in tears, terrified there was something wrong with her, that she was a freak. Her mother had taken her aside into her arms and told her she was the most special girl in the world. They didn't know much about her people, where they were from, what they were called, if they even still existed. They didn't even know how they procreated, although Clara looked human and had very similar anatomy the absence of a period indicated some biological difference. Clara had never been sick, so had never visited a Doctor, it would be too dangerous.

If the wrong people found out her secret they would take her away.

She was distracted by the sound of an engine revving and a horn honking, the school bus was here; they knew of her chronic lateness and on the request of her mother the driver now alerted her to their presence every morning. She grabbed her pack, kissed her parents and got on the bus, seeing Chloe and sitting next to her.

The first day of her final year at Smallville High.

What could possibly happen?


Chloe was in an uproar about the football scarecrow practice. Her interest had been sparked by the mysterious deaths of several former school jocks, all in their 30's now. She was planning a big exposé for The Torch and Clara as one of her star (and only) reporter was researching past instances. The jocks thought it was a great laugh to tie up a freshman guy on the first day of the semester, it was almost a form of pagan right, to welcome in a good year. Clara thought it was completely stupid macho dogma. It was almost as cultish as the cheerleaders, all worshiping their Queen Whitney, Lucas Lang's girlfriend. Openly athletic, blond, attractive, popular, she was the American Beauty. She was fairly smart too, the Queen of the debate club as well as head cheerleader. She was a fitting companion for the star quarterback of the Smallville Crows.

In her younger days Clara had wanted to try out for the cheerleading squad, even made it through, but the direct animosity of Whitney had caused her to lose her temper and she had almost revealed her true strength, throwing another girl a bit too far. She'd stuck to academia after that and working with Chloe gave her a good resume for College as well as knowing the ins and outs of Smallville. If you were the one reporting no one was reporting on you!

Clicking through DailyPlanetOnline, she spotted what she was looking for. Former comatose Scarecrow Jeremy had disappeared from a Metropolis Special Care unit after a lightning storm. That sounded suitably weird for Chloe.

Clicking off the site she pushed away from the desk and headed out to lunch, telling Chloe that she would be back in a little while.

The first day was always slow classes-wise, mostly inductions. The great thing about senior year was they got an extra-long lunch period, almost two hours depending on your class load. When she said two hours, one was meant to be used for studying, that didn't happen and it wasn't enforced.

Unfortunately she bumped into Lucas at the front door which as usual nearly paralysed her, her spill was witnessed by him and Whitney. Whitney did not look happy. Lucas helped her up, which in a way made it worse, and after parting and going on their way Clara had the feeling that that encounter wasn't over for her and Whitney.

Whitney had always been suspicious of Clara, especially when it came to Lucas.

Clara grabbed some pizza and fries and a coke, her metabolism was so high that she'd burn it off in a few hours.

The rest of the day was more inductions, stern lectures about college applications and "the future" as well as the importance of the S.A.T.'s. Clara's quirks gave her an almost photographic memory, she didn't need to study much, but she liked to meet up with Pete and Chloe to do so.

Pete had been conspicuous in his absence for most of the day, Clara had the feeling his parents may be fighting again. Pete always felt the need to act as referee. Pete's Dad's job was on the line, and his mother had been offered a promotion in Metropolis, but it meant leaving Smallville, the town where Pete's Dad had been born. He'd arrive for morning (registration and homeroom), then left after his Mum called his cellphone.

Clara couldn't imagine her parents splitting up; the thought just couldn't be processed. Jonathan Kent the country boy and Martha the daughter of a big-city lawyer, their romance was novel worthy.

Clara resolved to walk to Pete's after school, taking the scenic route via the bridge, she liked to look at the water as it went by, it was relaxing. She found it was a good place to think.


The bridge was deserted as usual, not many people travelled into Smallville this late in the day. Clara leaned against the railing and looked at the light reflecting off of the rippling water. The tinkling sound of it was soothing, rhythmic and almost musical to Clara's sensitive ears. In the distance she could hear a approaching vehicle, some sort of heavy duty truck. As predicted it sped past her, then there was the sound of another, smaller this time, a revving engine, maybe a sports car. This area was good for experimenting with her hearing, learning to identify the size and distance of certain vehicles, her hearing had been increasing lately and she needed to practice.

The car was definitely going above the speed limit; she turned to see it was an expensive sports model. Who around here would have a car like that? Then she spotted a hazard, the roar of the truck had covered the sound of a falling pipe, it was blocking the road, the sports car was heading right for it! Clara ran slightly above normal speed to get out of the way as she couldn't prevent the car swerving and going through the railing and into the water. If she hadn't been using her hearing she would have been hit by the car.

She shucked her backpack and jumped in after it, studying the scene as a bald man in his twenties lay unconscious in the seat, water was filling up the car at speed. Ripping the metal would be overkill, the windshield was partially shattered, one push from her and it was gone and she undid his seat belt and using the car as leverage pushed them to the surface.

The man wasn't breathing when she got him to shore, she started compressions like they said in health class and then tilted his head back and breathed air into him. This was the first time her lips had ever touched a man's, and even though she was frantically giving him CPR the female in her noticed how soft they were. After a minutes work his body shook and water expelled from his mouth, he opened his eyes blearily.

His eyes were blue, deep blue, with thick lashes that were pale, perhaps light brown or strawberry blond.

Lex Luthor stared up at his angel of mercy, an unlikely but beautiful rescuer. Pale white skin was contrasted with wild curly black hair, her eyes were deep blue surrounded by thick lashes and her lips were rosy and plump. This vision of loveliness was dressed in a lumberjack shirt and jeans.

He wasn't religious, but if this was hell he liked it.

"Are you alright?" the angel asked.

Even her voice was lovely.

"What happened?" he asked slowly, his tongue felt numb.

"Your car went off the bridge; you skidded when you saw some debris on the road. I saw you go in and dived in to get you out. Can you move?"

Lex sat up cautiously, he had full use of his faculties and after a personal examination he realised there wasn't a scratch on him.

"I'm good, thanks to you. Can I know the name of my lovely angel of mercy?"

Clara blushed for what felt the first time in her life, Lex thought it was beautiful.

"I'm Clara, Clara Kent."

She extended her hand to him for a handshake; he took it and as his father had taught him kissed the back.

"Lex, Lex Luthor, and it seems I owe you my life Clara."

"It really wasn't anything" she said hastily, then realised she should probably get some help.

"Stay here" she said rising "I've got to go get my backpack from the bridge, I'll call an ambulance to come check you over, you might have a concussion."

Lex watched her confidently stride up the bank with the gait of someone who was used to physical exertion. Definitely a country girl, maybe even a farmer's daughter. She was back in a flash and soon enough they heard sirens as the emergency response teams arrived.

The ambulance fussed over them and addressed Clara by name, it really was a small town. Soon a red pick-up pulled up and out ran a handsome, tall, older blond man wearing plaid and looking distinctly worried. That had to be Clara's father. He hugged her and checked her over while she insisted she was fine before demanding to know who the maniac was who nearly killed his daughter.

Lex extended his hand from the emergency blanket.

"Lex Luthor, you've got a wonderful daughter there, she saved my life, if there's anything I can do to repay you please let me know."

Jonathan Kent balked at his last name, as people often did, and his demeanour stiffened further. He took off his jacket and put it round his daughter, shielding her wet clinging clothes from view before stating:

"Drive slower"

Jonathan led Clara off and Lex's eyes followed them until they were gone.

Clara Kent, his angel of mercy, his Super Woman.

Perhaps exile in Smallville wouldn't be so bad after all.

Lex turned round as a crane pulled out the car that should have been his tomb, the windscreen was completely mashed in and the front had a suspicious dent in it, they looked oddly liked footprints.

Super Woman indeed.

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