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In A Manner of Speaking

Prologue: Exile

I ran. I was exhausted and insanely hungry, but I ran because I had no other option. I could hear the footfalls of my pack behind and that's what drove me to keep running. It felt like I had been running for hours, when in reality I had probably been running for only—nope, it's been hours. I'm not normally one to run from a fight, but I couldn't take on all 8 of them, even if I was better. Call me conceited, but I had trained hard to fulfill my father's expectations, and am officially the best tracker, fighter, and hunter in our pack. Or I was. Until I got exiled. You start one little fight with another pack and all of a sudden the world's after you. The guy was asking for it too. Sheesh. . . ok, maybe it wasn't that simple, but that's basically what happened!


I was taking my time walking back from my hunt when another sabre came from out of nowhere and jumped in front of me and did the unspeakable. He tried to TAKE. MY. KILL. It is an unspoken rule between all sabres that whoever killed the animal gets first dibs on meat and no one, I repeat, NO ONE, gets anything until the killer is done. I hadn't even started eating my kill and he was trying to take it from me. Ass.

Anyways, I did the thing I'm well known for. I fought him. See I have a bit of a temper and everyone in our pack knows not to piss me off. My father, and leader of our pack, happened to be out in the woods and heard our fight. He raced to see what was happening. Of course, he came across me about to rip this guy's throat out. Seeing my father, I froze. My father knew I had a temper and that I was very capable of killing the unlucky sabre right at that moment, even as he wriggled beneath me. Of course, as my father came up so did the leader of this sabers pack. As soon as I saw him, I immediately got off and walked over my father, standing behind his right shoulder as his second-in-command. The other sabre got up and walked over to his leader, standing behind his left shoulder. Ha-ha, THIRD-in-command, not second. Sucker. I heard the rest of my pack some up and take on an arrowhead formation. The other pack did too.

"Soto," my father nodded in respect.

"Raze," Soto nodded back. He looked between the other saber and me. "What seems to be the problem here?"

My father looked to me to explain. I stepped forward. "Your third-in-command over there was trying to take my kill," I explained, trying to keep the growl out of the sentence. It only worked slightly.

"Oscar?" Raze questioned. Oscar, looked at Raze. He knew that if he admitted to it he would be hunted. I sat back on my haunches and smirked, knowing that there was no way out of this. Apparently I was wrong.

"We shared the hunt, but she refused to share the kill," Oscar said. What!

I heard Soto's second-in-command mutter "Why do I not believe that?"

End Of Flashback

So now, as you can imagine, I was running from my pack as I had apparently 'disgraced and dishonoured the entire pack and my father'. Whatever. That wasn't what happened even though everyone except Soto's second agreed on it (although, Soto's pack didn't hold it against me, as most of them appeared to think that Oscar probably did it). Even my own pack, minus my father, had been waiting for a chance to get me out. I was the only female and they despised the fact that I was second-in-command. So, my whole world got turned upside down by that stupid idiot, Oscar . . . and I didn't even get to keep my meat.

If I ever saw that Oscar character again, he's going to wish he had told the truth and that his pack had taken him down by the time I was through with him.

I finally hit a clearing and took the time to actually think about what direction I was running in. I turned left and headed north. My pack generally stuck to their own territory, and considering I knew that my father was hesitant to kill me, I had to trust that he wouldn't leave his territory. The northern border wasn't far from here, but the eastern border (which I had been running towards before) was at least another 2 hours run. After I crossed the northern border I slowed to a speedy trot, waiting to hear whether the pounding of paws would stop or not. It did, thank goodness.

I found a nice little cave to sleep in for the night. And as I closed my eyes, I couldn't help but wonder where I would go next.

For the next few days I wandered aimlessly through the forest, hunting, trying to see if I could find a temporary place to call home, until I happened upon the strangest sight I had ever seen. A mammoth, a sloth, a HUMAN baby, and . . . Soto's second?

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