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Chapter 4: Saving The Day

Diego and I walked up to the pack. "Boys," I greeted them. I got a nice big snarl from Oscar. I just smirked.

"Look who decided to show up," Oscar said, nodding towards Diego. "And he brought trash with him."

"Watch who you're calling trash," I warned. "Last I checked you wouldn't be here if Raze hadn't shown up." That shut him up pretty quickly.

"Diego," Soto greeted. "I was beginning to worry about you. And I see you brought Dakota with you." He nodded to be and I nodded back respectfully. "Her skills will be of excellent use taking down our lovely meal."

"No need to worry," Diego replied smoothly. "In about two minutes you'll be satisfying your taste for revenge."

"Very nice," was Soto's only reply.

"I see the sloth!" Zeke cried anxiously. "And he's got the baby!"

"Don't giveaway your positions until you see the mammoth," Soto cautioned. "He is the one we have to surprise."

I stood beside Soto as everyone else kept look out for Manny. "You do know that was my kill, right?" What can I say, I don't forget stuff like that.

He gave just the smallest of nods. "I stand by my pack."

I nodded, completely understanding. It still felt good to know that even Soto knew Oscar was a meat-taking jerk.

All of a sudden, Zeke took off. Like a flash of lightning. Definitely had to give him credit for speed.

Lenny and Oscar took off after him. "No!" Soto cried in dismay. "I said wait for the mammoth!"

Diego back at him and shrugged. Soto growled and took off after them. Mission accomplished.

I turned to Diego. "I can't even imagine the look on his face when he sees that baby."

Diego started laughing. "That would be something to see!" Then, we made our way back to Manny.

Zeke, Oscar, and Lenny made there way around the cliff face, chasing Sid only to be hit by a tree trunk, thrown by Manny, with a yell of, "Surprise!"

"Ok," Diego said, "follow me. We'll pick up Sid and get out of here while we can."

"Ah, the 'quit-while-you're-ahead' strategy," I said. "Smart."

"Not proud of it," Diego said, "but sometimes it needs to be used."

At least, it would've been used, until we heard a voice. Soto. "Come on, Diego, Dakota, let's bring this mammoth down." Soto started stalking towards Manny. I lost track of what happened after that, though. Before I could jump in and help, I heard the one voice that ruined my day.

"Come on, Dakota," my brother, Mav, said. "Why are you protecting a bunch of idiot vegetarians?" George and Shia came out behind him. I knew those were the only members of the pack that would be with him because my father would still want to protect our territory.

"Get out of here, Mav," I warned. "This isn't your fight."

"Ah, but it is," he growled. My brother and I had always hated each other, so I really wasn't that surprised when he attacked me. Had it just been me and him, I would've killed him no problem, but when Shia and George joined in, I was done for. I left quite a few marks on them though. The fight was kind of a blur. I just acted on instinct and hoped that would get me through. Next thing I knew I was on my side feeling a little dizzy. Diego was near me with a huge gash in his shoulder and Manny and Sid were leaning over us.

"I think she's coming to!" Sid shouted.

I winced. "Sid, bring the volume down, please?"

"Sorry," he whispered. I tried to stand up, but collapsed again with a gasp of pain as I realized my biggest wounds were three deep gashes across my chest, along with several others, from Mav. Some brother.

"We were some team, huh?" Diego forced out.

"Were?" I questioned quietly, finding my voice.

"Come on," Manny said, "we're still a team."

"Sorry I set you up," Diego said.

"You know me," Sid told him, "I'm too lazy to hold a grudge."

Sid set Pinky down and he crawled to Diego, petting his nose. "Hey, knock it off, Squirt," Diego told him. "You've got to be strong. You've got to take care of Manfred and Sid. Especially Sid." Pinky nodded, seeming to understand. I chuckled and he crawled over to me.

"Hey, Kiddo," I said. He curled into my side and I forced myself not to wince. "Diego's right. You'll be just fine. You've got to make it back to your herd. Just don't forget us, got it, kid?" He looked up at me and nodded. "Good." I smiled and nudged him over to Manny and Sid with my nose, though I thought I was going to pass out from pain again.

"Come on," Sid said, "you can lick this. You're a tiger. Look, I'll carry you. Come on, what do you say? Tell 'em they're gonna be ok, Manny."

"Listen, you've got to leave us here," Diego said.

I nodded. "If those humans get through the pass, you'll never catch them."

"You didn't have to do that," he said to us.

"That's what you do in a herd," Diego told him, using his own words. Manny picked up Pinky, and they were gone.

"Sid was right, you know," I told Diego.

He looked shocked. "I never thought I'd hear those words."

"I'm not kidding. You can lick that shoulder wound and it will heal just fine."

"You could lick your wounds, too, and you'd be good to go," Diego retorted.

I shook my head. "The ones on my chest are too deep."

He shifted his head to look at them and winced. "Those look bad."

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," I replied sarcastically.

"Oh, come on, you can't be that badly hurt if you're using sarcasm."

I laughed, but it turned into a cough. Diego managed to stand and limp over to lie next to me. "What are you doing?" I asked him, confused.

"You could at least make an effort to live, you know," he said, before starting to clean my wounds.

"And you should worry about your own damn wound before cleaning mine," I shot back.

It took awhile, but we both managed to get standing and limped our way to where we knew Manny and Sid would be. It was a looonnnnggggg journey. As we crested the hill, we saw Pinky looking over his father's shoulder at us. He covered his eyes and then put his hands out like claws. Diego nearly laughed as he mimicked the action and waved. Pinky waved by to me and I just smiled, and lifted a paw, just enough to wave. I was still insanely sore.

"Bye!" Sid called, his voice choked with tears.

"Save your breath, Sid," Diego told him.

"You know humans can't talk," I finished.

Sid whirled around. "Diego! Dakota! You're OK!"

"9 lives, sucker!" I replied. He ran over and tackled Diego in a hug.

He then ran over to me, but I quickly shook my head and he settled for gently hugging me (as gently as Sid could) and saying, "I could kiss yah!" and planting kisses all over the top of my head (ew!) before wincing and yelling "Yuck!"

"Welcome back," was all we got from Manny, but it was enough. He turned to me, "Want a lift?"

"No thanks," I replied. "My pride's been hurt enough as it is."

"You're hangin' out with us now, buddy," Sid said. "Pride's got nothing to do with it." He turned to Manny, "But I'll take that lift."

"Yeah, climb aboard," Manny told him.

Sid hopped on and promptly yelled, "Mush!" We all looked at him. "Or not mush. Either way." And we started walking. To the constant chatter of Sid of course. "This is going to be the best migration ever! I'm going to show you all my favourite watering holes. You know, I turn brown when the fungus in my fur dries out."

"Lovely, Sid," I commented.

"Sounds very attractive," Manny said.

"You know, this whole 'Ice Age' things getting old," Sid thought aloud. "You know what I could go for? 'Global Warming'!"

"Sure," I said sarcastically.

"Keep dreaming," Diego told him.

"No, really!" Sid persisted.

It was definitely the most interesting migration I've ever been through.

The End

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