Summary: One unfortunate night, the Victorious gang had found them inside of the school after a party in the Asphalt Cafe. They all found themselves in the halls after receiving mysterious text messages. When they were all inside, the doors lock, trapping them inside.

Parings: Bade. Candre (I don't know what that one is) and slight Rina.

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A heavy beat and smooth rhythm filled the air around the dancing students. The ones who weren't bumping and grinding along with the songs bobbed their heads to the bass as they chatted amongst their and dates. Robbie and Trina stood off to the side. Trina was in the middle of a rant, "... and all of the nerve you could have possibly had wouldn't let you get away with this. I can't believe I agreed to go on this stupid date with you. You need to listen better, you dumbass."

"I'm sorry, Trina, but Rex had a date, too, and he couldn't go if I didn't take him." Robbie tried to calm her down. He didn't even have Rex on his lap right now and she was still going off on him. Some girl with rather hot breath was begging him to make out with her. She had taken him off Robbie's hand for a bit, so he was using that towards his advantage. "He's not even here."

As Trina made the subject drag on, Robbie felt his pocket vibrate. He quickly reached into his suit's inner pocket and pulled out his iPear. He just got a text from Rex, which slightly confused him. Normally Rex takes hours when he's making out with a girl. It read, "This girl just left me in sikowitz's class. Come get me Rob, I'm hurtin'."

Without a word, he turned around and began walking towards the school entrance, making Trina even more pissed, "Where the hell do you think you're going!"

She rushed after him and still had a bit of work to do since Robbie was taking quick strides.

This was the first time Tori even noticed that Trina was at the party. Last she heard, her sister was refusing to go without a date. Then it registered, Ewww! Trina was on a date with Robbie.

A shiver went down her spine as she turned her attention back to the party and almost ran right into Andre and Cat, "Hiiiiii, Tori," she said, bubbly as ever.

"What's up, girl?" Andre asked dropping Cat's arm before he hugged Tori. "How's the party so far?"

"So far?" Tori asked, raising an eyebrow to him, "No wonder I haven't seen you guys until now. What took you so long? The party's over."

"We had sex," Cat said quickly. Paying more attention to the crowd around her that was beginning to thin out.

"Cat!" Andre yelled, completely embarrassed. If his skin tone would have been any lighter they would have been turning a bright pink.

"Why are you you yelling at me?" Cat yelled back, looking appalled.

"Because you can't just tell people we have sex like that, especially right after," Andre said, trying to calm himself down. Sometimes his girlfriend could be so socially inept.

"Um... now that this is awkward, I'm gonna change the subject," Tori said as her phone vibrated from within her bra like it was no big deal.

"You keep your phone in your bra?" Andre asked, eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, most girls do," Tori said, punching in her lock code.

"I do," Cat said turning to Andre and pulling out her phone. But to his surprise, she began pulling out more than just that, "I have my wallet, my keys, a few teddy grahams, and a pickle. I had a lizard, but I think he got out."

"Guys, Sikowitz said we should meet him in the classroom for a surprise acting assignment," Tori said with a groan.

"Ahhh, man, I hate these things. I'm tired, I wanna go home," Andre complained throwing his hands up in frustration.

"Hey, I got that text, too," Cat said with a laugh, showing it to Andre, who rolled his eyes in response.

"Okay, Cat, help me get him into the building," Tori said, taking one of Andre's arm as Cat took the other. She happily obliged as she pulled her boyfriend along as he vocally protested instead of trying to get away.

As soon as Tori opened the door, they pushed Andre inside. Cat had to immediately block him from walking out of the other door, "Nope, to class you go!"

"C'mon, you never know how many points this is worth. You know how serious he takes these stupid things," Tori told him. "Remember last time?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't just take off my shirt in public like that..." Andre said, consciously tugging his shirt down more. They had to resume pulling him along because he wasn't moving on his own. When they finally got to Sikowitz's class, they could already hear Robbie and Trina fighting with each other.

"They must have gotten the text, too," Andre said, finally giving in to his inevitable fate.

"Let's just get this over with so I can go home and sleep," Tori said, opening the door. The three of them walked in slowly, opening the door wide enough so that it clicked and stayed open. None of them though about closing it right away. Especially when they would be leaving soon after.

"Stop fighting," Tori yelled over her sister. Then she noticed that only half of the lights were on in the room, "Why're only half the lights on?"

"Who cares?" Trina yelled, "your stupid friend is making this the worst night of my life."

"Oh, just give it up already," Robbie complained as he put Rex back onto his hand. "You didn't have to come with me, you know."

"Yes I did, or else I wouldn't have had a date at all," she said, attempting to make her choice more understandable.

"That's for sure," someone spoke from behind Tori and Andre. Cat had moved more into the room, sitting down in one of the plastic, blue chairs that lined the room. She sat with her feet towards the isle, and her hands on the cool back.

Tori and Andre quickly turned around to see Jade leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed, and Beck had his hands around her waist and his chin was resting against her shoulder. He pushed his girlfriend gently into the room.

"Did you guys get the text, too?" Cat asked, tilting her red head to the side.

"What text?" Beck asked as the two began to dig into their pockets to locate their pear phones.

"Sikowitz wanted us to all meet here for a surprise assignment," Andre explained.

"Ahh, I got it now," Beck stated, deleting the text instantly.

"But that's not why we're here," Jade said with a smirk, shifting her eyes to her boyfriend. He could only smile back at her. "We thought that this was a good place to make out, but turns out we were wrong."

"Ew," Tori said as a shiver of disgust trailed down her back as she pictured it.

Just then, all of the pear phones in the room began to chime in unison. The group of students all exchanged confused glances and began to open their newest text message. Oddly enough, it was from their absent teacher.

Robbie took it upon himself to read the text out loud, "Good to see that we're all here. Now the fun begins..."

"Fun?" Cat asked happily.

Unfortunately, her tone didn't match the situation that caused the happy tone to turn to horrified screams; all of the lights in the room suddenly shut off, leaving all of the students in a pitch dark classroom. Right after, the doors in the room all slammed shut, and an echo of locks clicking into place filled the hallway.

Catching her breath from screaming along with the rest of her friends, Tori spoke frantically, "What the hell is going on?"

Trina rushed to the nearest door to the stage, moving the handle up and down quickly, but all to no avail. The metal lock wouldn't budge. She rushed to the opposite door and tried again, finding the same results. She was five seconds away from having a panic attack. Between the heavy panting of her breathing, she managed to squeak out, "They're both locked..."

"Oh, c'mon," Jade spoke as the lights flickered on again. She didn't seem to be panicking like the other girls, and Robbie, of course. "It's probably just Sikowitz playing a stupid prank on us."

She began to walk towards the stage, her boots clomping down against the wood. She started to look behind the podium, and in the little alcove beside the platform. "He's got to be around here somewhere."

"Hey..." Cat said, slowly rising to her feet. She was staring at a large blanket that was clumped in the far corner of the room. Until all of the lights came on, no one had noticed anything odd about it because it was covered in the darkness. "What's that?"

Jade followed Cat's eyes and rolled her eyes. She stomped over there and didn't think twice before pulling the hemp covers off of the mass. In hindsight, she should have maybe taken a second thought. A scream finally escaped her mouth as she dropped the blanket on the ground and backed up into a row of chairs in utter panic.

Beck rushed to her aid and keeled down at her side before looking at what was laying under that blanket. Sure enough, it was their infamous acting teacher, Mr. Sikowitz, but it wasn't how they picture he would be. Beck saw a puddle of thick, dark, red liquid surrounding the man, with a heavy slash through the man's throat. His eyes were a distant, lifeless, gray.

More screams pierced though the night as they all viewed their favorite educator, lying in a puddle of his own blood... completely cold.

"Sikowitz..." Tori whispered under her breath as her hand clasped over her mouth, and her eyes filled with tears.

Their phones began to chime again, as they all rushed to open their new message.

"Fun, isn't it? Now, who would like to be next?"

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